Reclaiming Inner Authority In An Authoritarian World

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An online retreat for cultivating our deepest humanity and acting from the authentic authority within us, with Carolyn Baker

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Authoritarianism doesn’t always look like a dictator in a military uniform who creates a police state which devises massive surveillance systems, house-to-house searches, fills so many prisons with dissidents that new ones have to be built, and passes laws by executive order that fiercely oppress ethnicities, women, the disabled, and LGBTQ individuals.

The most fundamental meaning of authority is “the power to enforce obedience.” It is related to the word author which is someone who makes or creates something. Authoritarian means going beyond the power to create, into the domination and control of others.

Michael Meade writes that, “When people draw from the root of their deeper self, they become authentic and able to act with true originality; for the deep self is secretly connected to the origins of life. Authenticity involves acting from one’s deepest essence, so that the “uniqueness” of one’s soul awakens and can be “brought to life.” Such an inner awakening is the deeper purpose of initiation; a self-revelation that allows a person to be truly authentic and act with first-hand knowledge and inherent creative force. When in touch with the authentic essence of the soul, a person can draw on the threads of being that can alter the darker aspects of fate. Authentic authority is rooted, not in the common world, but in something deeper that is both more creative and original.”

In an era when authoritarianism is spreading throughout the globe and is threatening to end democracy as we know it in our own country, how do we reclaim and revitalize our inner authority on all levels, particularly as we face the climate and many other crises? How do we more deeply appreciate the precious nobility of our own souls and the souls of so many undervalued living beings in our world?

Facilitated by Carolyn Baker and sponsored by the Guild for Spiritual Guidance.

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