Reclaim your Wild Essence - 4 day Journey into Nature

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Jemez Bath House

62 Jemez Springs Plaza

Jemez Springs, NM 87025

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4 day / 3 night Journey into Nature

July 13 - 16, 2017

*Limited to only 9 women

Come explore your edge, unleash your wild woman, reconnect with your primordial self and discover your erotic bliss in nature.

When we are in the wild, some primordial elemental part of us is awakened and we are reminded of our wholeness and what it is like to reclaim this WILD ESSENCE that is endless and timeless.


It is time to become conscious to your own inner roots and access your core radiance not only to yourself but this vast symbiotic relationship that lives and breaths around you.

On the 4 day journey you will be asked to fully surrender, travel into the depths of your soul, and be reborn as an alive, responsive, radiant human that has reclaimed her own innate wild essence.

Do you want to be taken on a journey where your inner and outer worlds meet?

We invite you to come and discover your true natured essence, primoridal self that is mirrored in the earth’s wild beauty.

It is nature's pure erotic innocence that we become fully alive to the unseen and connect to energies that we feel within our own bodies, the living organisms (trees, animals, plants), and the earth energies (air, water, fire) that presence can be felt on an energetic level but one that is personal to us. This is a personal journey of self discovery and reconnection to the WILD that lives inside YOU.

It is time! Overdue? Come awaken your wild essence in the national forest of the Jemez Mountains.

You will experience multiple hot springs, water falls, learn a new sacred stone Jade Egg practice, Kundalini activations, nature hikes and ceremony all designed to provide an unforgettable experience to unleash your inner wild woman.

When we are in the wild, some primordial elemental part of us awakens to this truth that we are in communion with life that moves all around us.

Give yourself permission to really notice, honor, liberate and integrate life energies that have been caught up and deeply entangled in old experiences, emotions, and beliefs.

Brief Overview of Schedule: (a more COMPLETE schedule will be provided upon registration)

Day one: Set-up tents at a secluded camp site at 2:00 pm. Opening ceremony in early eveing, dinner, and ritual. Set intentions and connection. A time to welcome and surrender to the unknown and dancing with it. Gina will be doing a special Despacho ceremony and call in the circle of women. Attendess will be gifted their Jade Egg along with a brief introduction to the practice and teachings.

Day two: Pack a lunch for a full day of nature exploration! You will be taken on a 4.5 mile journey into nature and guided through various embodiment practices. We will be traveling to a remote mountain top hot springs in which you will guided through a water ceremony. This day is designed to be intense, powerful, healing, releasing, and transformative. The symbolic represenstation to the external deeper nature of the forest to connect with lost aspects of your own true wild essence. After this 9 mile round trip journey, we will celebrate the day with a evening fire ceremony.

Day three: A reflective day in which we will walk along a river bed to a waterfall. This is a short 3 mile hike. You can choose to particapate in your own personal and private photo shot in nature. Followed by a dip in the Giggling Springs hot springs where you can shower. In the evening we reflect upon the day in ritual and ceremony.

Day four: Pack up tents. A opportunity to for women to do some solo mediations in nature to tune into their bodies and use new tools learned during their journey. A chance for women to fully embrace and CELEBRATE the beauty that transpired the last three days. A special closing ceremony that will ground your learnings and teachings.

Every participant will receive their own customized nature journal, jade egg, and opportunity for their own private photo shoot in nature to document their own personal experience and journey.

This retreat is appropriate for camping beginners and outdoor adventurer enthusiasts. Price includes two trained facilitators, admission to the hot springs, waterfall excursion, jade egg, customized journal, and other fun surprises.

You must be able to hike 9 miles. We will be camping in the wilderness with no running water. You will be responsible for your gear, food and water. A full camping list will be supplied upon registration. If you are concerned about the gear prior to registration, please don't hesitate to call 303-903-5646.

We will meet at 2:00 pm on July 13, 2017 in Jemez Springs, NM which is 1 hour west of Alburqerque and about 6 hours south of Denver. We will close the circle on July 16, 2017 by 2:00 p.m.

*limited space available. Sign-up early to secure your spot.

Want to know more about Jemez Springs, NM?

The Jemez Valley is thought to have been inhabited for the last 4500 years. Some consider to be sacrad land on geothermal waters amd it is home to over four natural hot springs. Situated in the Jemez Mountains, Jemez Springs is located entirely within the Sante Fe National Forest. The village is sited on the Jemez River in the red rock San Diego Canyon.



Meet your Teachers:

Gina Garris:

Gina Garris is a lover of LOVE and RITUAL. She has infused her life with sharing love as a woman, healer, teacher and mentor. Being in Gina’s presence allows you to relax into more of yourself. Without judgment, Gina naturally creates a sacred space of awareness, acceptance and appreciation of all aspects of you, light and dark. This permission from within calls forth new ways of BE-ing. Lightness, wholeness, juiciness, life without shame - are just some of the ways Gina’s clients describe the results of her work. Whether you encounter Gina while she is in the realm of ritual and ceremony, sensuality and spirituality workshops, intuitive bodywork, sexual healer sessions, or as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, she meets you wherever you are on your journey and just loves you. Unconditionally. She also thrives on facilitating sexuality and sacredness conversations, inviting more playfulness into a seemingly uptight world. For more information: gina@ginagarris.com or playwithgina.com

Danielle Petersen:

Danielle Petersen works as a Clinicial Herbalist, Garden Educator, Young Girls Rite of Passage facilitator, and nature enthusiast. For the past 10 years, she has been developing her true Wild Soul Nature. It is through her journey and studies in gardening, herbs, wildcrafting, sexual healing studies, and women’s ethnobotanical studies that she wants to share the tools and information with you.

Danielle’s passion is with with deep change, the evolution of consciousness and the role women can play in this evolution. Her contribution is to help reconnect with their primordial voice that lives untouched within the soul or true essence. Nature has been a great catalyst of change for her and she wishes to share this erotic connection that is innocent, wild, and free. It is her belief that life is a rhythm, a spiral of connection and re-connection...her greatest teacher has been the wilderness. The center or ‘sweet spot’ is not found by searching but circling in spirals. Her life has been a natural progression with a lifetime of curiosity.

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Jemez Bath House

62 Jemez Springs Plaza

Jemez Springs, NM 87025

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