Reciprocities: Critical Climate Conversations

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Reciprocities: Critical Climate Conversations

Reciprocity is a back and forth, across time and space, between people and planet. How should we live with the reality of global warming?

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In collaboration with the Case Western Reserve University Climate Action Network (CAN), the Beamer-Schneider Professorship in Ethics hosts a series of discussions in the spirit of the Ethics Table. The method is emergent: community-based discussion in a respectful and non-argumentative environment leads to greater insights, disagreements that remain in relationships, and focus about how to live with the great changes brought onto our environment through industrial, fossil-fuel based civilization and its political and economic landscapes.

The opening discussion on February 26th will take up the moral problem of our relationship with future generations. Many folks think that the idea is non-sense. There can be no relationship with future generations and so no reciprocity with them. But consider this: they give us hope; can we give them hope? We will take up the idea of what it is to have a reciprocal relationship with future people.

Later discussions will evolve from the opening discussion. But they may include questions such as these:

* Can we have reciprocal relationships with non-human forms of life? Many Indigenous peoples think so. But Western philosophy for the most part does not.

* What is reciprocity in conditions of great power imbalance, such as between the global rich and the global poor?

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