REBORN | 21-day online course to reconnect with yourself

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Denver, CO

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Do you love yourself and your life?

  • Are you afraid to speak your truth because of fear of rejection and abandonment?

  • Do you accommodate people at a cost of your own needs and desires?

  • Do you know what you actually desire?

Imagine how it would be to:

  • Connect with yourself and your inner wisdom

  • Feel inspired and creative

  • Know how to manifest anything you desire

If you are ready to reconnect with yourself and build the life you want, I invite you to join my 21-days course “REBORN”. This course is unique in that it gives you the opportunity to work with body, mind and energy so you can shift to the state of being instead of doing. It’s based on tantra principles and other conscious living modalities, such as Kundalini Yoga, Inner Engineering, etc.

During this online course you’ll learn:

  • how to release the stuck emotions through body movement

  • how to be present and establish a sense of self

  • how to open your heart and feel the energy of love

  • how to work with your creative sexual energy

  • how to develop a positive mindset

  • how to uncover your deepest desires

  • breath work

  • meditation & visualization

  • a manifestation ritual

When we live on auto-pilot, we lose ourselves. It’s time to make yourself a PRIORITY again! It’s time to reconnect with your true essence and break free from the survival patterns.

** This is an application. Energy exchange for the course is $166. To complete your registration, please click here.

Our life is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves and our past. All too often, we’re trapped in “still images“ of traumatic events. Our survival responses and patterns are subconsciously running our lives, out of alignment of who we truly are and bringing enormous physical, emotional and energetic tension.

Another “trap” is to look for an escape through outside sources. The truth is there is no coach, mentor, guru or magical three step program that will liberate you. The answer is that you have to take control! YOU are the direct cure to your own “madness”.

I spent decades figuring this out. My pattern has been to fix everything and accommodate everyone. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted and because of that, I sought love, validation and approval from others to define my existence. I ended up abandoning myself. I desperately wanted someone to save me. Anyone. But, life and my guides through experiences and relationships kept bringing me to the same message – “YOU are the answer”. I finally surrendered and found what I was seeking inside of me.

Throughout this 21-days journey, I will share tools and techniques that help you establish a deeper clarity of self and love to yourself and life.

The only requirement is that you are fully committed to yourself;)


There are a total of 3 modules.

Module 1 (week 1) – Body

Module 2 (week 2) – Mind

Module 3 (week 3) – Energy


-On August 25th 12PM – 2PM EST we will have an introductory call via Zoom, where intentions will be shared for the course.

-New learning material will be available online every day. This will include a module description, practices and assignments.

-You will have access to an online community classroom and discussion board.

-We will have a live Zoom call with the entire group every Sundays 12PM -2PM EST for Q&A and to share your experiences throughout the week.

-All materials will be available for your use after we complete the course.

Contact with any questions.

** This is an application. Energy exchange for the course is $166. To complete your registration, please click here.

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Date and Time



Denver, CO

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