Real Lights: TouchDesigner + GrandMA Online Course

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Intensive 3 Days workshop about light programming and design using profits of both GrandMa and TouchDesigner

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We have 3 Online Sessions and Chat room. After the session videorecordings and Project files will be uploaded for the students.

For Berlin based student we offer to participate our Workshop at Wipperstraße 13, 12055 Berlin, Deutschland.

Amount of places is Limited


Day 1:

  • A general introduction to working with light.
  • An overview of the different light fixtures, their features, and control systems.
  • Lighting control protocols and standards.
  • Pros and cons of TouchDesigner and MA Lighting’s control systems. Several powerful reasons why you need to use them both right now.
  • A bit more about the general logic of MA Lightning.
  • The first run of MA onPC: Denial, Anger,Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.
  • Patching fixtures in MA. The use of Lighting fixture Library.
  • How to run your 1000-fixture set, How to deal with touring etc
  • The way to control: Parameter counting in MA and DMX channels in TD.

Day 2:

  • Peculiarities of construction and operation of the system.
  • Previews, presets, sequences, cues, effects, control panels, cuelists, fixture properties and more.
  • Networking in MA. Network addresses in MA onPC and Lighting desks.
  • How (and when) to connect up to 15 consoles in one network?
  • Master and Backup systems. Sessions, permissions, worlds.
  • Setting up a Loopback adapter and Connecting MA onPC to MA3D.
  • Patching the test scene with 100+ fixtures. Import of 3D models to MA.
  • Exporting tables and coordinates of the fixtures from MA into TouchDesigner to create a pixel mapping engine.
  • Setting up incoming and outgoing data streams, using ArtNet Inputs.

Day 3:

  • Additional opportunities to expand the functionality of MA, using TouchDesigner and Ableton:
  • Advanced MIDI control. Configuring MIDI and DMX Remote inputs to connect to external control devices.
  • OSC integration.
  • The use of Ableton as an external timeline with MIDI notes and envelopes.
  • Two techniques for tracking moving heads with TouchDesigner and MA.
  • Light Control and Pixel Mapping
  • Optimization and acceleration. Two approaches: for working with complex devices and for working with simple arrays of RGB pixels.
  • Baking up the Laser and DMX Data
  • Controlling GrandMa from TD
  • Pan-tilt calculation based on 3D coordinates
  • Creation fast and dynamic DMX mapping in TouchDesigner
  • Creating Laser Graphics in TouchDesigner
  • Understanding of Laser mechanics - or how avoid the scanner burning

About Tutors:

Pavel Zmunchila ( )

Stanislav Glazov ( Licht.Pfad )

Additional Offer:

If you have not enough TouchDesigner expirience, we offer you the our TouchDesigner Basic Videocourse downloable now for the reduced price ( 235 Euro instead of 330/ +19% Tax) which you can learn yourself before the AV workshop starts.

Course include 7 Parts ~4 Hours each:

Part I - Basic Concept

Part II - Sound Reactivity and Basics of UI

Part III - Movie Playback and Animation

Part IV & V- Geometry & Procedural Modeling

Part VI - Rendering

Part VII - Interactivity and Interoperability

Full program:

The example of works by Setup and Licht.Pfad:

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