SF+Acumen is excited to host another Salon in our monthly Salon + Dinner series for 2013!

This Salon series has an open discussion format with special guests in the field to share their experiences. There is no right or wrong answers and we’re not trying to solve problems by the end of each night. The purpose of the Salon is simply to have a great conversation with really interesting people. SF+Acumen chapter members will be at the table to help guide the conversation.

This month’s topic: “Real Life Challenges in the Execution of a Social Entrepreneurial Business”

-How did you get started in this area?

-What were the initial challenges in setting up the business?

-How do you create a self-sustaining model?

-What do you hope to achieve?

This month’s salon topic looks at how social businesses address real challenges once their product, plan or service hits the field. When we take those ideas from planning to execution, what do we encounter and how do we overcome those barriers, iterate to make it work.

Speakers & Bios:

Sachi Decou, Director of Connectivity at Juabar.  She is a designer, researcher and social entrepreneur with a focus on energy and transportation.  Juabar is a solar-powered phone charging kiosk in rural Tanzania. www.juabar.com  “We are more than a product, more than a service.  We facilitate connectivity.”

- Sandeep Giri, President of Gham Power Nepal.  He is a veteran entrepreneur who has a successful track record building innovative technology companies.  He was born and raised in Nepal, and has successfully founded a software business in Nepal.  Gham Power provides solar microgrids for business and the community. www.ghampower.com  “Cut diesel usage. Reduce backup costs. Power remote sites. Go Solar!"

- Heather Cochran, Board Member of Hub-Accra.  As an advocate of gender equality, Heather organizes events and projects to promote female entrepreneurship in Africa.  She is a Kairos Global Fellow, and has been named Top 50 People to know involved with Africa.   Hub Accra is the center of an exciting and growing startup ecosystem in rising Ghana. Located in one of Africa’s most stable political systems and fastest growing economies, Hub Accra offers everything needed for dynamic startups to grow and scale.  www.hubaccra.com

- Dwalu Khasu, CEO of Feykena. He is purely a visionary technologist, software architect and entrepreneur.  Feykena’s goal in emerging nations is to equip a high percentage of their youth with reliable low-cost access to on-demand information to aid their educational efforts and enhance their lives.  Currently in Beta* mode, their products provide reliable and inexpensive access to educational, informational, health, and commerce resources via SMS, MMS, USSD (text messaging), GPRS and other mobile interfaces as available. "Practical Access to Education – A Hope For a Better Future" www.feykena.com

Pre-read Materials for Conversation to be sent for confirmed attendees.

We hope to see you there to learn about your passions and interests as well.

The event is limited to 36 attendees, first come, first serve. Look forward to seeing you there!


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