Real Estate Investing Learning Event

Real Estate Investing Learning Event

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Learn how to invest in real estate the right way with the least possible risk for the most possible profit

About this event

For real estate rookies:

We don’t just train you on every conceivable real estate strategy known to man, we also support you with peer group led conversations, local meetups, local leadership you can turn to for support, one on one coaching, and mastermind calls daily.

We’ll sit down with you and help you focus in on the strategy that will help you reach your goals, and then turn you lose and let you run with it.

For network marketers:

You don’t have to waste years building a down line of thousands of people before you start making real money, you can start making money with us in the form of thousands of dollars per sale, in just days.

Your commissions are paid out with direct deposit weekly, and you can build a team of marketing and sales people who are proud to sell the product they represent because the product they represent teaches people real world skills so that they can succeed building long term wealth, not just a few hundred dollar month paychecks.

For real estate agents:

You’re no longer limited to just representing your buyer and seller clients and getting paid measly 2 or 3% fees, having to work with dozens or hundreds of leads who may never buy or sell, or forced to cold call, instead we show you how you can negotiate several different ways and even buy the assets that you seek to sell, then turn around and sell them, without ever having to spend a dime out of your own pocket.

If your brokerage doesn’t support you in your investing pursuits then come join us and learn how you can build wealth through acquisition of real assets that pay, even if you don’t sell houses or property for other people.

Come learn how to effectively market in your local market so that you can stand above the rest of the crowd of realtors and be the go to agent for your specific niche strategy.

For corporate refugees, or execs looking to escape the rat race

Come learn how to build a real business, acquire a stack of cash flowing assets, and leverage other peoples time to escape the rat race without having to bother your friends and family, sell products, potions and lotions to your friends, burn relationships, or spend the rest of your life building someone else’s business and dreams.

You’ll learn how to structure your business, how to market for deals, how to close and negotiate favorable terms, how to run a business, do pay roll, and how to scale a business so that you can escape the rat race, all while providing for your family, your lifestyle goals and becoming job “optional” in a matter of a few years, not a few decades.

For real estate investors:

We teach you how to land more deals, how to engineer deals so that you’re no longer throwing out deals due to not knowing how to close them or creatively fund them, how to escape the guru trap and the constant need for “more education”.

We show you how to be more effective with your marketing and advertising to help you slash your ad spend into pieces so that you can generate more off market deals, squeeze every last drop out of your marketing efforts, and make more profit per deal than any of your peer group.

We give you every conceivable resource you need to be successful, the tools, the training, support groups, coaching one-on-one, masterminds, daily discussions, sales training, and additional revenue streams that can help you accelerate your investing to reach financial stability and income independence faster, so that you can live your life on your terms.

We also teach you how to build a business, and not just another job, so that you’re not pigeon holed into working for yourself and working more hours than you would at your normal 9-5.

So if you’re interested in learning how we can help you design the life you want, on your terms, and tell your boss to F off then come learn from our group, leave the credit card at home, and come see how our mastermind and success school can help you accelerate your growth to achieve your goals on your terms.

Who we are:

We're a nation wide real estate investing group focused on helping 1,000,000 people become financially independent, job optional, and create a legacy for their families to last generations. We're dedicated to supporting you reach your goals and dreams and not have to sacrifice lifestyle and living to try and "save" your way to wealth.

Come join us and learn why 32,000 other smart and savvy investors have ditched the "social media" learning, podcasts, and guru seminars in favor of a faster, more succinct, and sure way of learning.

We build real estate investors, smart marketers, and savvy business owners so that you can go on to succeed in what you wish to do in life.

So if you're ready to escape the rat race and start living life on your terms then come join us for this free info session and learn how our group can support you in your goals and dreams.

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