Rakugo-Night! 林家染太 上方落語

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St. John Studios

705 West Saint Johns Avenue

Austin, TX 78752

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Laugh out loud with friends in 2020! 新春初笑い

About this Event

AJC is excited to present our 1st Rakugo-show.

Rakugo is the centuries-old Japanese storytelling genre based on comical monologues.

Rakugo master, Someta Hayashiya will be traveling from Osaka, Japan,

especially for Texas audiences!!

Rakugo will be performed in English.

AJC では、日本から人気上方落語家の林家染太師匠をお招きし、新春落語会を開催します。

本公演は、英語での上演ですが、簡単なボキャブラリーを賢く楽しく駆使してのお話なので、英語が苦 手でもノープロブレム!

What is RAKUGO?

Rakugo is traditional Japanese art of comedic storytelling. It dates back to the Edo Period (1603~1868) and remain popular today. It is kind of like a sitcom with one person playing all the parts. It is verbal art and a humorous entertainment at the same time. It’s not just a series of jokes, in discrete segments; it’s a continuous story. Rakugo is all about masterful storytelling with tons of humor!

詳細 Detail

Date/time: Friday, January 17th,2020

Door Open: 6pm

Rakugo starts :7pm

Place: St. John Studios

705 W St Johns Ave, Austin, TX 78752


• 一般 General admission:$25

• 学生 Student admission :$20 *please bring your student ID

• 一般+塩サバ弁当 General admission +Bento Box(shio saba):$40

• 一般+トンカツ弁当 General admission + Bento Box(pork katsu):$40

• 一般+唐揚げ弁当 General admission + Bento Box(karaage):$40

• 一般+豆腐ステーキ弁当 General admission + Bento Box(Tofu Steak):$40

• 学生+塩サバ弁当 Students admission + Bento Box (shio saba) :$35

• 学生+トンカツ弁当 Students admission + Bento Box (pork katsu) :$35

• 学生+唐揚げ弁当 Students admission + Bento Box (karaage) :$35

• 学生+豆腐ステーキ弁当 Students admission + Bento Box (tofu steak) :$35

• 当日券 At the Door :$30

Food: For your convenience, we are taking pre-order Japanese Bento Box from Kome. Please see the menu below and choose from the specified ticket option when you purchase your tickets!

Fancy any Omiyage?

We are selling some Rakugo related items from Japan. Please note these sales will be cash only!

Rakugo Master Someta Hayashiya

was born in Matsuyama City. After graduating from Kansai University, Someta studied

his art under Somemaru Hayashiya IV. Someta is based in Osaka, Japan, where he is in strong demand on nationwide rakugo show, television and radio. Someta’s ever so

popular English, Spanish, French rakugo has been attracting new and old rakugo fans

in North/Central America and Europe. Someta is the Grand Champion at the young rakugo performer’s contest.

【林家染太プロフィール】 愛媛県出身。関西大学卒業後、四代目林家染丸に入門。



Do you want to know more about Rakugo?

Please visit AJC website for Rakugo information.

Contact: yoko@austinjapancommunity.org

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Date and Time


St. John Studios

705 West Saint Johns Avenue

Austin, TX 78752

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