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Radical Intimacy: From Hiding to Honesty to Deep, Transformational Connecti...

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Jakob's Retreat House

Woddow 28

17326 Brüssow


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My Dear Alumni of European Radical Honesty workshops... Please read this event description thouroughly.

Now you've learned the concepts, done the exercises, acquired the tools, maybe even dared to take it out into the world a little...

But as you've probably figured out by now, this work isn't a quick fix... and *understanding* it is a far cry from really *doing* it... It takes a lot of practice! (Ideally, with expert *supervision* from an experienced and highly skilled guide ;-) ) It takes practice to actually INTEGRATE & EMBODY this way of being together...

AND... the deeper you go with this work, the more you realize that it's not just about handling particular problems or troublesome breakdowns in communication that arise in the course of your daily life... It also becomes like a powerful out-loud, interpersonal meditation practice... one that actually TRANSFORMS you as you engage in it...(and those engaging in it *with* you)... It fuels the fire of an almost magical, mystical kind of EVOLUTION that wants to take place *in* you, and *through* you, and *between* us...

This workshop will support just that kind of practice... It won't be about structured exercises, and I will keep my teaching to a minimum... I will, instead, be facilitating you in the experiential practice of really BEING together, fully present in the moment, with whatever is arising within and between us...

In this way, we will create a temporary (but timeless) conscious community dedicated to exploring the magic of mutual presence... and to EMBODYING the transformational truth comes out of our shared, deep connection...

Love & (R)Evolutionary Intimacy,



Sign-up for the retreat, then look around & look inside, and ask yourself: With whom would you like to retreat? With whom would you like to spend your time? With what kind of people (what kind of "yourselves") would you like to discover/develop connections? Find those people and invite them, so you can support each other in getting what you want with clear direct communication. If they haven't done any RH, get them to attend one of the many workshops that Taber will be leading this summer. That way, if they aren't RH alumni already, by the time of the retreat, they WILL be! All of this encourages you to start consciously custom designing your own environment, taking charge of creating your life and relationships the way you want them.


Transparency and co-creating our own playground starts with the way the pricing for the retreat is set up. Our goal is to collect 12-14K EUR to cover all the costs for this retreat to happen and, if you join our community of loving mutual support, you are encouraged to help us do that by recruiting your friends to also join us. And if you do, you will be rewarded!!

The price for the 5-day all inclusive retreat, if 10 or less attend, is 1.200 EUR/person. AND here's where it starts to get interesting...The more people WE ALL bring, the LESS everyone pays: if there are 14 people, the price drops to 900 EUR each. The max capacity is 20 people, and if we gather that many, the price for the retreat per person, is only 700 EUR!

So our communal goal is to have 20 people in the retreat and for everyone to save 500 EUR! (Taber will also be promoting our retreat to groovy humans all over Europe at 11 different workshops this summer.) Juicy deal, isn't it?... AND, remember, this is not just an all inclusive 5-day retreat... This will be a co-created conscious community of mutual inspiration and support, that will live on for as long as we all keep it alive. It is real as long as you keep it real.

WHAT TO BRING (besides your stuff)

Your community building practice doesn't end with recruiting your own people. You are also encouraged to bring and share all of your gifts, and receive those of others. Give/get feedback, offer/ask for support, start a new band or a business, get hired, form loving relationships -- whatever floats your boat! Bring your musical instruments, totems, books you want to read-share, drawings, mathematical equations that arouse you, songs to sing, exciting board games and everything you have inside of you, all your potential, all of yourself that you'd like to share and use and develop in this honest environment.

Taber will, of course, be leading us through his Radical Intimacy and R/evolutionary R/elating, transformational counseling, hot-seat work, facilitating deep conversations, and playing music. Jura will be sharing workshops on Tantra, Conscious Touch & Sensuality, Dance Meditations, etc. Edgar Vossen, longtime Radical Honesty veteran, will carries new business ideas, knowledge and practice of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, somatic healing, and male ejaculation control & multiple orgasms for women. With more people joining in, still more gifts will be revealed. And, of course, no one needs to do anything they don't want to do, and you are always invited to ask for what you DO want!

Are you Ready to start your practice?

Sign-up now! You reserve your spot in the retreat and show your commitment by purchasing the REGISTRATION ticket of 700 EUR and the rest will be calculated before the retreat, depending on how many of OUR people joined, the rest you can pay in cash the day of the arrival.


Beautiful old and rustic retreat house in Woddow 28, 17326 Brüssow, Germany.

We organize pick-ups with a car from Prenzlau train station. Check-in the house after 5 pm.

Berlin - Prenzlau - train direction Ostseebad Binz ride 1h 30min. More info when you register.

The retreat is ALL INCLUSSIVE - teachings, workshops, food, accommodation and pick-ups from Prenzlau.

If you have questions, concerns, requests please don't hesitate to contact the organizer Jura via email workshops(at)juraglo.com

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Jakob's Retreat House

Woddow 28

17326 Brüssow


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