Radical Honesty Weekend Berlin | Anna Haas & Jura Glo

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Atem Zentrum Berlin

Erkelenzdamm 7

10999 Berlin


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In this Radical Honesty workshop, we will focus on Clearing Up the Past and Creating Deeply Nourishing & Life-Changing Relationships by Telling the Truth.

We are about to face the fact that we often lie to ourselves and other people. We pretend, manipulate, and withhold how we actually feel and what we actually think. This creates stress, dis-ease and more of the same of what we're trying to prevent by telling the lie in the first place.

Would you like to free yourself from constant thinking and anxiety? Would you like to learn how to tell complete truth and support others in doing so? Would you like more deep connections and intimacy in your relationships? Would you like to live in an honest community?

If yes, then Radical Honesty workshop is designed for you!

Register Online or pay directly via www.juraglo.com/contact and send a message about your registration.


360 EUR.


- 3-day Workshop (Friday 19-21:30h, Saturday & Sunday 10-18h)

- Support & Check-In Call with the 2 Trainers (2 weeks after the workshop)

- Lifelong Access to Email Support Group

*For lower transfer fee options, please pay directly via www.juraglo.com/contact/

**Discount tickets are available for low-income folks. Please contact Jura or Anna (info below).


  • learn to be completely honest & support others in telling the truth

  • free yourself in your intimate relationships

  • overcome fear, shame & guilt

  • go beyond blame & solve conflicts creatively

  • experience whole-body forgiveness

  • relieve stress caused by constant worrying and thinking

  • break free in arts and business

  • dare to ask for what you want & receive unconditionally

  • complete the past, live fully in the present & create the future you want


- we will direct your attention so you can take charge of your experience, relax into your body and speak from your heart

- we will guide you with clear direct specific language that supports you to stay grounded in your experience and relate to others honestly, with compassion and complete forgiveness

- we will encourage you to open up completely and share wholeheartedly with the support of your community

- we will conduct paired and group exercises so you can experience it all by yourself and share it with your peers at home

You will leave the workshop with a new set of relating skills that you can apply on your own–with real people in your life–to get out of your mind, in touch with reality, and experience ongoing personal evolution.

After the workshop, you will receive continuous support from the trainers via email. Also, you will get access to the network of Radical Honesty graduates: a fantastic resource for co-hearted living amongst friends.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us: workshops(at)juraglo.com or anna.haas(at)posteo.de


Anna Haas is a Radical Honesty Trainer and Somatic Coach

In workshops and coaching sessions, I accompany people into noticing and being with all that is, showing themselves as they are, asking for what they want, and composting their unresolved business from the past so they can grow something new out of it.

I used to think that I have to somehow give myself up to be able to create connection. In contact with other people I adapted to them. I did it to such an extent that when I happened to be around two or more people who I would normally meet alone, I didn’t know who I was anymore or how to act.

And I used to spend a lot of energy on trying to avoid situations in which I or someone else could eventually feel embarrassed and by that stopped myself from a lot of things I would have actually liked to do.

I’m happy and excited to be more and more open and outspoken about what’s really going on with me, to ask for what I want and to allow and experience all that arises when I do so. I enjoy the intensity of my sensations and keep being amazed by how fast they ebb away when I don’t resist them. Practicing Radical Honesty I’m feeling more alive and much more in touch with myself as well as with others. And I love to inspire people to join me on this journey!

Jura Glo, Radical Honesty Trainer Candidate Berlin/Lithuania

Jura is a trauma-informed workshop leader and personal coach in honesty, intimacy and sexuality. She is the founder of the largest Radical Honesty community in Europe. She leads Radical Honesty in Berlin practice groups since 2014, and is a Radical Honesty trainer candidate since 2017. She worked and learned directly from the master trainer Taber Shadburne, whose work is often called Compassionate Radical Honesty, Dr. Susan Campbell, relationship therapist, Dr. Brad Blanton, the founder of Radical Honesty, and other recently certified trainers. She's studying developmental and attachment trauma and her work is sharp in precision and gentle in nature.

Jura is coming from the therapeutic bodywork, mindfulness, and conscious touch background, thus, her workshops often end up in consensual cuddle puddles and/or massage circles.

She founded a visionary organization TransformWork that aims to create spaces of transformative nature for people in order to establish and export a new culture for living & relating.

People have everything today, but Connection... Join our Community of Conscious Creators ♥

www.JuraGlo.com | TransformWork - Workshops & Retreats | Radical Honesty Berlin | HONEST Dating Coach

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Date and Time


Atem Zentrum Berlin

Erkelenzdamm 7

10999 Berlin


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