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Are you on your first quest? Are you ready for your next quest? Are you longing to build deeper relationships with your Leadership tribe? Would you like to forge connections across the broader Co-Active Leadership community?

If that sounds like you, JOIN US for Questacy 1.0, a virtual Leadership conference on May the Fourth and let the force of connection and creativity move you forth!

What is Questacy?

Questacy is an "open space" for Co-Active Leaders (CTI Leadership program alums) to connect, create and rekindle the flames of Leadership for the sake of sharing a quest and building a legacy together.

Why Questacy?

Simply put. Leaders Quest Every Day. During Leadership, you felt connected, motivated and mesmerized. You might have left Leadership ready to take on your quest head on. You felt supported by your Leadership tribe. You left Leadership wanting to make a bigger impact in your world.

Questacy is about creating an open space to cultivate engagement and connection among CTI Leadership tribes, where leaders can share their quests, lead enriching co-active discussions, learn and grow with each other and have a greater impact together. Imagine the possibilities!

How did it spark?

Questacy was sparked co-actively by Salah Elleithy and Jennifer Daniels on their way to R4 in January 2019, sourced with their fellow members of the Gorilla Tribe and nurtured by L.A. Reding, Helen House, Dany Nassif and Roya Ferdows. It’s also been supported by Jim Lovelace and others from the Mandrill Tribe.

How does it work?

Questacy is drawing upon an exciting collaborative concept called Open Space. It’s a method for organizing and running a meeting or multi-day conference, where participants have been invited in order to focus on a specific, important task or purpose. Open Space is a participant-driven process whose agenda is created by people attending and the outcomes emerge organically from the experience.

On Saturday, May 4th at 10am EDT, we will open the Questacy virtual space by sharing Open Space's four core principles and one law. We’ll then build the conference agenda (aka marketplace) by sourcing quest topics from participants who desire to lead session discussions around those topics. The space for Questacy 1.0 has the potential to hold up to a total of 18 quest topic sessions... three virtual conference rooms each with six 30-minute sessions. Participants can choose to lead 0, 1 or more topic sessions, then participate in as many of the others as they wish. Participants may also opt to attend sessions but not lead any of the topics. It's all up to the participants and it's all good!

And, it’s that simple!

Our hope is that this Questacy (1.0) is the first of many, and possibly evolves into a mix of virtual and in-person CTI Leadership open space style conferences in the future.

You are invited to experiment, create and lead with us!

Share Your Quest. Build Your Legacy.

JOIN US for Questacy 1.0 on Saturday, May 4th 2019, 10am-2pm EDT

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