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PS 349 - The Queens School for Leadership & Excellence

88-08 164th Street

Queens, NY 11432

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Dear Site Supervisors and Summer School Teachers,

Queens South Field Support Center (QSFSC) has planned four (4) days of Professional Learning on June 8th, June 29th, June 30th, AND July 3rd to support you to provide rigorous and engaging summer learning opportunities for all mandated students in grades 2-8.

These training days will allow you to explore the curricular resources you will use to design engaging lessons. Teachers and site supervisors will be exposed to the instructional practices that will support student thinking, talking, and learning across subjects.

Please read below for a thorough description of the Summer in the City mandated curricula and training logistics. We look forward to seeing you at PS 349Q - The Queens School for Leadership and Excellence on on June 8th.


QSFSC- Department of Teaching and Learning


June 8, 2017:

  • LitCamp Training (Grades 2 - 8)

June 29, 2017:

  • Do the Math Training (Grades 2 - 5)

  • Math Navigator Training (Grades 6 - 8)

June 30, 2017:

  • Engineering is Elementary Training (Grades 2 - 5)

  • Engineering is Everywhere (Grades 6- 8)

  • Passport to Social Studies- Unit 2 (Grade 8)

  • Lab Aids Science (Grade 8)

July 3, 2017:

  • NaliniKids Training

Teachers are required to attend all sessions

Each day except for July 3, 2017 will run from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. The training session will end at 11:30 am on July 3rd to allow teachers time to set up their classrooms at their summer school sites.

Registration will take place from 8:00 am to 8:30 am on each day.

Per-session rates will be paid to each participating teacher for all days except for June 8, 2017.

Lunch will be a half-hour each day, so you are encouraged to bring a packed lunch.

All teachers will be required to return to their summer school sites on July 3rd to prepare and plan for the first day of Summer School. Summer School will begin on July 5, 2017 and end on August 10, 2017.


Subways: E, J and Z to Jamaica Center - Parsons /Archer

Parking Garages Nearby:

Moda Garage

89-14 Parsons Blvd., Queens, NY 11432

LAZ Parking

92-25 160th St



Summer in the City 2017 will provide rigorous and engaging summer learning opportunities to both mandated and non-mandated students. The content of Summer in the City is aligned to the Mayoral Equity & Excellence initiatives (in particular 2nd Grade Literacy and Algebra for All).

SITC Goals

  • Every elementary school student has the academic foundation to succeed.
  • Every middle school student is socially, emotionally, and academically ready for high school.

New Characteristics of the Program

  • Longer Day: 8:30 – 2:30
  • Grade 2 expansion to serve 7,000 students
  • Independent 1/2 hour Reading Block
  • NaliniKids to support stretching & mindfulness
  • Schools opt out as opposed to opt in
  • LitCamp for all grades 2-8
  • Do the Math in grades 2-5
  • Lab Aids – Grade 8
  • Community/Renewal and ELL Enrichment programs to use SITC curricula


Lit Camp is a 4-8 week program that combines innovative, research-based curricula with an engaging and interactive summer camp structure. Developed by Scholastic, LitWorld, and renowned literacy expert Pam Allyn, the LitCamp program comes complete with practical, dynamic lesson plans; cross-content texts; and creative group activities for a holistic and effective approach to summer literacy instruction.


Do the Math Grades 2-5

Created by Marilyn Burns, Do The Math offers comprehensive teacher support and high-quality instruction to help students develop the skills they need to compute with accuracy and efficiency, the number sense they need to reason, and the ability to apply their skills and reasoning to solve problems.

  • Grade 2: Addition/Subtraction
  • Grade 3: Multiplication
  • Grade 4: Fractions Level B;
  • Grade 5: Fractions, Level C

Math Navigator Grade 6-8

Math Navigator is designed to help struggling students catch up. Targeted modules get at the root causes or misconceptions that so often prevent student progress. Math Navigator focuses on foundational concepts to prepare students for the deep mathematical understandings needed to meet the Common Core State Standards.

  • Grade 6: Ratios and Rates
  • Grade 7: Rational Numbers
  • Grade 8: Equations & Inequalities

ENGINEERING CURRICULUM: Engineering is Elementary® (EiE)

Grades 2-5:

Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) is a project of the National Center for Technological Literacy® at the Museum of Science, Boston. EiEhas created a research-based, standards-driven, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics. The program develops interesting problems and contexts and invites children to use their knowledge of science and engineering to design, create, and improve solutions. The fun, flexible, and highly engaging units of study are designed to integrate with the science already being taught—while helping students develop essential understandings about engineering and the work that engineers do.

Engineering is Elementary Grades 2-5 : Online access to lesson resources

  • Grade 2: Bubble Bonanza
  • Grade 3: Shake Things Up (Earthquake Kit)
  • Grade 4: To The Rescue (Aid Drop packages)
  • Grade 5: Liftoff – Rockets & Rovers

Grades 6-8:

Engineering is Everywhere empowers youth to tackle real-world engineering problems using the engineering design process, creativity, and collaboration. Units feature topics such as Vertical Farms, Prosthetic Tails, Pandemic Response, Bioinspired Gear and so much more.

  • Grade 6: Here Comes the Sun – Insulated Homes
  • Grade 7: It’s About Time – Timers
  • Grade 8: Don’t Runoff – Urban Landscapes


The Lab Aids module that grade 8 students will experience is Groundwater Contamination: Trouble in Fruitvale.

Students explore earth science concepts such as the water cycle, map making and interpretation, and groundwater pollution. These concepts are used in an investigation of groundwater contamination in the fictional city of Fruitvale. Students design and carry out a plan for testing water from different parts of the city to determine the contamination’s source, severity, extent, and rate of travel. The data is then used to analyze the risk to Fruitvale’s water supply. Finally, the students read about several clean-up options and participate in a role-play of a town meeting to decide which clean-up option to use.


Unit 2: A Changing Society & the Progressive Era

Passports is our new social studies core curriculum for grades K-8 which was developed by the Social Studies team in CIPL in collaboration with NYC teachers. The unit identified (Unit 2) represents significant content and understandings that will set students up for success in grade 9.

Students will focus on the city, state and nation at the turn of the 20th century. They will research topics such as Immigration, Industrialization, the Gilded Age, The Progressive Era, Legislative reforms and labor movements, while exploring the question of, how do people, policies and technology shape our nation and state?

Learning experiences will include analysis of relevant historic primary sources that include maps, images, cartoons, and journals to engage students in understanding an era that helped shaped our city and our nation.


NaliniKIDS teaches students the value of physical well-being and emotional fitness. One of the ways is through an innovative program that combines stretching exercised with a mindfulness- based emotional literacy component.

The NaliniKIDS program is designed to improve studentsfitness, emotional intelligence and self-control through a unique combination of physical and emotional activities.

  • Grades 2-5: Connect Collection
  • Grades 6-8: Connect to Your One


Subways: E, J and Z to Jamaica Center - Parsons /Archer

Parking Garages Nearby:

Moda Garage

89-14 Parsons Blvd., Queens, NY 11432

LAZ Parking

92-25 160th St

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PS 349 - The Queens School for Leadership & Excellence

88-08 164th Street

Queens, NY 11432

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