Q2 SDK Certification  Q4-2022

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Q2 SDK Certification Q4-2022

Caliper SDK certification is a three-day class designed to provide expert instruction and hands-on experience to fully prepare you to build

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10355 Pecan Park Blvd 10355 Pecan Park Boulevard Austin, TX 78729

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Q2 generally hosts its Q2 SDK Certification class on a quarterly basis at Q2 Headquarters in Austin, TX. Due to current circumstances, we will be holding this event virtually on Zoom until further notice.

The certification course is three full days of expert instruction and participatory learning and coding.

*** Please note, in order to attend, you must have purchased the certification from your Relationship Manager or Client Experience Manager. You may complete the registration, but it will not be valid until your formal statement of work is executed. ***

Q2 Caliper SDK Certification

Details of the Zoom meeting will be sent out a few days before the event.

We start at 9:00 AM CST, so please arrive before then.

What to do you need?

Please ready your laptop (Windows or Mac) as we will be hands-on for the majority of the training. You must be able to install software on your computer.

We recommend Visual Studio Code as your IDE.


This is a free tool that can be used for many programming languages.

Prior to the start of the class, please verify you can connect to our development server by completing the steps outlined here:

External Developers: https://docs.q2developer.com/setup/remote/index.html

Internal Developers: https://docs.q2developer.com/setup/local/index.html

Bring problems for the Caliper SDK to solve. We will have ample time to work on real projects, with our developers directly assisting. Please have some ideas of what you would like to accomplish-- something reasonable to complete in a relatively short time.

Good Example:

We would like to create a form our users can fill out to notify us when they are travelling, and store that information.

Difficult Example:

We would like to write an international wire form with real-time currency exchange, real-time ABA/routing lookup and real-time integration into a third-party wire system.

Although this can all be done with the Caliper SDK, completing this project in a few days is unlikely.

Working with APIs:

If you would like to integrate with any third-party services, please have relevant documentation and any keys, tokens, or certificates ready.