PureBioenergy® Pop - Up Healing Event - St Petersburg, FL

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Hampton Inn & Suites St. Petersburg/Downtown

80 Beach Drive NE

St. Petersburg, FL 33701, Florida 33701

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Need Healing and looking for a therapy that is trusted, safe and will bring you phenomenal results?

Come experience a truly life-changing four-evening Donation based Healing event that benefits everyBODY of any age.

December 6 - 9 from 6 pm to 8 pm each evening.

Called the "Powerhouse of Energy Healing" by families and health professionals alike, PureBioenergy helps improve all health conditions from simple to deemed " incurable' (PTSD, MS, Arthritis, autism etc) along with boosting peak performance and elevating wellness and when performed in a group, provides yet another dimension in the healing process.

Led by Zoran Hochstatter and his certified therapists the healing witnessed in our events (besides the awesome results) is described here

" The energy in the room becomes nurturing and stable. People talk to each other, exchange impressions and compliment each other‘s signs of improvement. The lack of privacy of the treatment space becomes a huge benefit. Emotionally, we participate in each other‘s healing. We become an inseparable part of this energy field that supports and unites us. "

Whether it is a serious illness, a sports injury, or general wellness, Purebioenergy has a protocol for it.

"I am in awe of the effects we were witnessing. We could see how all of them went through a visible change in their eyes, faces, their outlook from day 1 to day 4 of treatment, their conditions improved or healed, the energy of the group changing from separate individuals coming for treatment into friends smiling to each other, delighted to share all and everyone's progress, the woman with MS able to move her legs and go from the wheelchair to sit on a chair, the young suicidal woman apathetic and totally depressed coming alive, smiling, her outlook transformed into hope, another woman with a breast tumor shrinking...a young man getting rid of his back pains.” I feel very privileged…"

How the event works

During the event, each person receives an individual treatment within the supportive and relaxed environment of a group.

A complete therapy is always four sessions on four consecutive days thus each Healing event is four days long.

Four days in a row allows the physical body to “catch up” with the energy body and a repetition of the same process magnifies the abilities of the body’s self-healing potential.

Every day during the event, practitioners work with each person individually for a session of 15 – 30 minutes, depending on the protocol needed.

About PureBioenergy® - Healing using Life itself

PureBioenergy is a non-medical modality that works with the Biofield and rolls into one treatment the healing effects found in acupuncture, massage, reiki, craniosacral, hypnosis, physical therapy, chiropractic, psychology, homeopathy, herbal and traditional allopathic medicine.

Thus as an “all in one” therapy, PureBioenergy often works when nothing else can, helping everybody of any age, as it addresses the “information/frequency ” of health, rather than the illness.

It is safe, trusted, and gentle.

With PureBioenergy there are no pills, no needles, no manipulation of bones, no symbols, no special breathing, no attuning or reconnecting, no religious, or political dogmas, no cultural conditioning, no visualizations, no side effects, no DOUBTS… just pure and simple healing.

About Zoran

Zoran Hochstätter is an author, speaker, filmmaker, innovator, and expert in Biofield therapy and is the key educator behind PureBioenergy® Training.

His passion, integrity and straightforward, no-nonsense approach to teaching and healing with PureBioenergy therapy makes this method accessible to everyone, regardless of background, experience or history as a healer.

Along with having taught thousands of students in the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand, Zoran’s other mission is bringing PureBioenergy Pop - Up Healing Events to local communities.

Zoran has been documenting the effects of Bioenergy healing for over a decade - beginning in 2004 when he co-produced the first documentary about the effects of bioenergy therapy on health called Think About It, which is still considered groundbreaking today.

Since then Zoran has organized the “Bioenergy Life Project” group healing events in Los Angeles, New York, and Sarasota, FL to document the successful results of Bioenergy healing on clients with a variety of deemed “incurable” health issues, concentrating on MS, Parkinson’s and stroke victims.

His recent book “Every Healing has a Story” is another documentation of how PureBioenergy, as an innovated biofield therapy, is a real option for sustainable, safe, inexpensive and highly effective natural healthcare.

To show the true healing potential of PureBioenergy® below is a link to read this heartfelt book of real healing stories from clients and students and healing event participants.

Read "Every Healing has a Story" here.

Children are welcome.

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Date and Time


Hampton Inn & Suites St. Petersburg/Downtown

80 Beach Drive NE

St. Petersburg, FL 33701, Florida 33701

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