PUR:502 7-Day  Small Business or Nonprofit Incubator

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PUR:502 7-Day Small Business or Nonprofit Incubator

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Find your purpose in life and build a business or nonprofit around your purpose in 24 Hours * *Actually 24 hours of coursework, homework, and reading but that doesn't sound as snazzy :-)

The Purpose University Online Incubator Boot Camp

PUR: 501.1 Business Start-Up and PUR:501.2 Nonprofit Start-Up


Step 1 Finding Your Purpose (Estimated 1-2 hours reading)

Required Readings:

Finding Your Purpose in 15 Minutes, (read entire book)

Inclusion the Art of Story-Listening (Chapter 9 Grounded Theory on the Process of Finding Purpose)

Coaching (30-60 Minutes)

Learning Objectives:

( ) Develop a Personal Purpose Proposition statement

( ) Develop an entity mission statement

( ) Complete post-course survey (www.learpurpose.org)

Step 2 Your Vision (2-3 hours reading)

Required Readings:

Inclusion the Art of Story-Listening (entire book)

Coaching (30-60 minutes)

Learning Objectives

( ) Create a new or existing gmail account for your new entity

( ) Build your free website using a template and add your mission statement

( ) Add your backstory and self-narrative that will connect to readers

( ) Publish your 1 page website and do a little happy dance!

Step 3: Get Legal (1-2 hours reading)

Required Readings

PUR 501.1 (Business) Starting Your Business From the Unemployment Line

PUR 501.2 (Nonprofit) Fundraising for Nonprofits: What the Bible Says

Coaching (0-15 Minutes)

Learning Objectives

( ) Complete sf4 form online to obtain Employer Identification Number (EIN) at IRS.gov (sole proprietor or new nonprofit organization). For additional help call the IRS and file over the phone 1 800-829-4933

Step 4: Banking

Coaching (0-15 Minutes)

Learning objectives

( ) Open a business bank account

( ) Connect new bank account to e-commerce (i.e. square, stripe, paypal, eventbrite, youcanbook.me, createspace, lulu, etc.)

( ) Connect e-commerce weblink or embedded code to new website as a service offering or product

Step 5: Business Model

Coaching (30-minutes to 90 minutes)

Learning Objectives

( ) Complete 1-page business model

( ) Update price points, products and services to website

( ) Sell or donate a minimum of 3 services or products and list 3 recommendations/quotes/pictures on your websi( ) Create an accountability calendar to plan and track consistent work hours

( ) Complete Purpose University Final Participation Certificate Exam Survey

( ) Sign-up for the Purpose University Graduates closed networking group on linked-in

Ongoing Learning Objectives

( ) Update website and create marketing tools to push traffic i.e. blog

( ) Call, mass mail, email, or properly solicit to obtain at least 100 direct asks through meetings or live calls to potential targets

( )Track these 100 direct asks, evaluate your win percentage and feedback from NOs, stay positive and don’t burn bridges. If possible gain more insight from these 100 direct asks and go back to your business model and make edits from your new information

( ) Book a Purpose University online-coaching consultation at least once per month to serve as an accountability partner to provide great advice, networks, and follow-up homework

( ) Sign up for discounted CPA tax services at www.learnpurpose.com

*Nonprofit Creation Students will also receive:

a) Board of Directors Recruitment Letter, and b). State Articles of Incorporation Application Assistance (course does not include filing fees)