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Public Speaking Confidence Practice & Training - SUPPORT, SKILLS & STRUCTUR...

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Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton&

130 Tottenham Court Road



United Kingdom

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PUBLIC SPEAKING: Confidence, Practice & Training - SUPPORT, SKILLS & STRUCTURES.

Relevant in everyday situations. In the work place. Or when dealing with others.


  • Communication
  • Engagement
  • Performance
  • Public Speaking
  • Positive Change


  • Get Your Message Across
  • Address Those Nerves
  • Cope With Change
  • Lead or Motivate Others
  • Manage Your Own Energy or Stress Levels


  • Anxiety or Self-Doubt
  • Lack of Knowledge or Experience
  • Challenging Colleagues or Peers
  • Conflicts of Interests
  • Changes in Circumstance e.g. Growth, Working In Teams or a Promotion


  • Skill Set
  • Self Esteem
  • Delivery
  • Structure
  • Impact



Social Proof - 100% of attendees said the workshop:

  • Left them feeling a lot more confident
  • Exceeded value for money
  • Provided a safe and non-judgmental space in which to practice

See testimonials below.


  • Practice delivery
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop better soft skills
  • Be better at leading, reading and motivating others
  • Improve interview or networking technique


  • Results
  • Soft skills
  • Meetings or calls
  • Presentations or talks
  • Comfort or contentment


  • Useful TIPS
  • Physical PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE under your belt!
  • Valuable FEEDBACK


  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • Best ways to structure
  • Ways to address the monkey-mind
  • You have improved


  • More confidence (or your money back)
  • Better communications skills
  • More ideas under your belt
  • A sense of achievement
  • An edge over your peers



Anyone ………………

  • Lacking in confidence, skills or know-how

  • Seeking to self-develop, improve or change any POSITIVE ‘C’ word you can think of! Confidence, Communication, Change, Courage, Connection, Control, Calm etc.

  • Wanting to receive constructive feedback, tips and ideas

Past attendees have included:

  • Office Workers and Team Leaders
  • Corporate Tech, IT and Senior Managers
  • HR Partners, Programme Leaders
  • Media, TV or Film Industry
  • Graduates or Interns
  • Life Coaches and other Service Providers such as Osteopaths



Do you want to STOP worrying about what others think of you? Beating yourself up? Procrastinating?

Instead START feeling less anxious? More motivated? Confident? Clear?Assertive?

Gabi Glover has a successful, solid track record. Including more than ten years experience:

- Developing self-esteem and worth

- Sharing creative ideas and adding value

- Changing habits and strengthening resilience

- Positively impacting performance and results

- Accelerating progress and positive change

See testimonials below.

What Is Different?

She shares her own simple, powerful models and techniques: EASY to TAKE IN, REMEMBER and USE.

They are proven to work and quite a lot of fun too!

Gabi provides practical, relevant, useful examples - drawing on her experience from the strategy and transformation space, learning and development, recruitment, IT and events. As well as her own private consulting practice experience.



A non-Judgmental, confidential and supportive safe space.

Where you will receive input and support from an experienced, certified and professional Mentor, Facilitator and Trainer, Gabi Glover. Who also has firsthand corporate and sole trader experience.

Not only can she relate to those things that bother you, she can also share solutions to overcome.

Your Day Will Involve

  • Simple theory
  • Lots of practice
  • Written handouts
  • Verbal and written feedback from both Gabi and peers
  • Suggestions and ideas

The session is mostly interactive.

You will spend the day with people who are a lot like you.

You may get involved as much or as little as you like.

Just come along. Bring your problems. See what happens …….

Certified, compassionate and creative help is at hand!

You will even be able to answer questions on the spot, if needs be. No prep required!

You may wish to try out some new material. You may not know what to speak about. Or you just feel a bit unsure. Gabi Glover can assist you. She does so in a non- intrusive yet personalised way.

She will show you how to improve or create your own material. Easily and effectively.

BONUS GIFT - a 15 minute, complimentary 1 2 1 call with Gabi before the event.



" The workshops are crammed with expert, tailored tips from Gabi’s extensive corporate experience.

She is truly committed to improving her client’s individual way of thinking and feeling and behaving”.

Gary Crosby - IT Specialist Project Manager


“I recommend Gabi to anyone looking to build their confidence in public speaking”.

James Patterson - Founder of Start-Up Direct


“The workshop was incredible. Very Safe environment. I needed to improve my public speaking. I often feel nervous. The exercises were fantastic. Lots of practice. Which was brilliant. Very real scenarios. Including timings and getting the structure right.

Gabi is an excellent facilitator. There’s no ego there. Her workshops are all about helping people learn the best way for them.

I now feel so much more comfortable and confident in front of people. My recommendation is to get involved. I cannot express enough how good it is. You won’t regret it!”.

Steve Cole – Incredible Referrals


“I felt everything was really nicely done at the workshop. I really enjoyed working with Gabi as a person. She is very attentive. She ensured every participant received what they wanted from the workshop.

Gabi helped us work on our personality skills and gave us a lot of techniques that moved us out of our comfort zone in a way that made us leave feeling more confident with our public speaking.

Olga Frankow – HSBC Finance Project Manager


“I can’t recommend Gabi Glover highly enough.

She is one of the best-accelerated learning transformation consultants that I have ever met. Her manners are great. She puts you at ease and is very genuine. Whatever the problem she’ll listen to you and take you through some steps that are useful to you and specific to your business.

Gabi gave me some good tips that I was able to implement straight away that have made positive changes to my life and business already. WOW. This is so valuable!”.

Ron Mookerjee – Cashflow Sustainability Consultant


“I am effortlessly attracting more of my ideal clients thanks to Gabi's expertise.

Gabi has helped educate me about tools and techniques to stay more focused and concentrate on building my business."

Erica McGinniskin – Osteopath Business Owner and Practioner


“I wanted my businesses to grow by reaching customers and new business through dynamic and effective communication.

In practicing and delivering presentations that are engaging, fun and have impact, Gabi has already moved me beyond my initial goals.”

Nick Moore, Company Director, Ropeworks Ltd


" Sessions have been very useful. On my own I kept failing to move forward, despite having the theoretical knowledge. This has changed since I started working with Gabi.

I now approach tasks from a very different angle - much more efficient and yields much more empowering results.”

Mirjam Genetay - Retail Manager


"I am forever grateful to Gabi for helping me to 'get out of my own way' and have the confidence to let my message shine through. Gabi provided encouragement, support and gave me clarity.

In her supportive and encouraging manner she enabled me to believe in myself and stretch myself even further than I thought possible. Thanks Gabi!

Donna Powell, London, General Manager, Shift Speaker Training

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Date and Time


Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton&

130 Tottenham Court Road



United Kingdom

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