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Psychic Situps - DECEMBER 2020

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$45 – $85

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Improve your psychic and mediumship abilities with consistent PRACTICE SESSIONS. You will be paired with a partner(s) each session.

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This class is to improve your psychic and mediumship abilities.  These are PRACTICE SESSIONS that I run.  You will be paired with a partner and I will give you an exercise to focus on.  It's a fun way to improve your intuition and connection with Spirit!  Every practice reading provides a learning opportunity for you.   

First class begins Monday, December 7th, 2020 (9am-10am Pacific Time)

ALL-ACCESS CLASS PASS (access to 16 practice sessions):  Access all practice sessions for one low rate (attend both Psychic Situps on MONDAYS and Mediumship Workout on TUESDAYS, as many classes as you want during the month).  


  • FOUR SESSIONS = $45 + eventbrite fee
  • EIGHT SESSIONS = $75 + eventbrite fee
  • SIXTEEN SESSIONS = $85 + eventbrite fee



  • Monday December 7th (two sessions):  9am & 5pm Pacific - California
  • Monday, December 14th (two sessions): 9am & 5pm 
  • Monday, December 21st (two sessions)  9am & 5pm 
  • Monday, December 28th  (two sessions) 9am & 5pm               


  • Tuesday, December 8th (two sessions): 9am & 5pm Pacific - California
  •  Tuesday, December 15th (two sessions): 9am & 5pm 
  • Tuesday, December 22nd (two sessions) 9am & 5pm 
  • Tuesday, December 29th  (two sessions) 9am & 5pm 


"Alyson is an excellent mentor, and is willing to share her knowledge and expertise using the class to bring that to you in the form of doing the work. Working with many people with many backgrounds makes it a fun and great learning tool. Alyson's classes are worth joining to broaden both your psychic and mediumship abilities". - Penny


PSYCHIC SITUPS (Mondays):  Improve your accuracy and speed with Psychic Situps!  This four-week practice series will enhance your intuition through psychic exercises.  Each session has a different focus on intuitive and psychic development.  You will be practicing tuning in to people, places and things!  Developing your psychic abilities is helpful for navigating your own intuitive abilities through life, as well as helping others. 

These sessions are relaxed, creative, and imaginative.  All levels welcome.

Psychic Situp Mondays (two session times to choose from or take ALL sessions with the All-Access pass).  All times are PT-California


MEDIUMSHIP WORKOUT (Tuesdays):  Deepen your connection with the Spirit World while gaining confidence in your mediumship readings with my four-week workout.  We will be focusing on various aspects of spirit communication and each session will get your mediumistic muscles pumping and communication flowing. 

With the mediumship workout, we stick to traditional evidential mediumship.  One session may focus on the relationship of the Spirit Communicator, another session may focus on shared memories between Sitter and Communicator.  We focus on developing each Clair, unfolding the evidence, mind journeys, etc. 

Beginners :  If you are a beginner of mediumship (never made a connection to spirit, please email me first before registering for the Mediumship Workout.)  I suggest beginners start with Psychic Situps and/or take one of my foundation classes.

Mediumship Workout Tuesdays (two session times to choose from or take ALL sessions with the All-Access pass).  All times are PT-California


Special Offer!  All-ACCESS PASS for only $85 + eventbrite fee:  Take both Mediumship Workout & Psychic Situps for a discount!  With the all-access pass, you can participate in ALL classes, both daytime and evenings.  Attend as many as you want.

Note:  The majority of each practice session is devoted to PRACTICE to help you improve your intuition, psychic or mediumistic abilities.  You will be doing group and partner exercises during these sessions.   If you are a beginner and have never connected with the Spirit World, you will likely feel overwhelmed with the fast pace of the mediumship exercises. Please email me if you are a very beginner, before registering as there may be a better class option for you.  My email is:  alysongannon@gmail.com



US Daytime:   

9am PT (California) --> 10am MT (Colorado) --> 11pm CT (Illinois) --> 12pm ET (New York) --> 5pm UK -->6pm Central Europe

US Evening

5:00pm PT (California) --> 6:00pm MT --> 7:00pm CT (Illinois) --> 8:00pm ET (New York) --> 9:00am (Perth--following day)-->  12pm Noon Sydney, Australia


What participants say about Psychic Situps/Mediumship Workout:

"Thanks Alyson for keeping the vibe so relaxed & upbeat for us all! You create an energetic environment that is so supportive of learning and growth. The energy & intention of us coming together combined with Alyson's relaxed-holding-center has created quite the beautiful learning environment." Donna B

"As a professional medium, I was wondering if I should sign up for Alyson's class. I am engaged in readings all week. What I found is that the exercises helped to stretch me in new ways. I discovered deeper and more expansive ways to approach my mediumship. I am very grateful and you can bet that I am signing up for the next Psychic Situps"! - Nancy S.

"Practice is the real 'meat' of reading work...to gain confidence and though it took some bravery to jump in to what was new unexplored territory for me and outside my comfort zone, I found support, patience and acceptance among my own tribe of like-minded people! I had both good and bad readings which was to be expected and learned equally from them both. I also had the privilege of walking away with some valuable information I got from fellow talented readers in the group. I highly recommend this as a great practice venue". -Ann C.

"Psychic Sit-ups are so much fun! The exercises are challenging I’ve learned so much and I look forward to each session". - Pauline M.

"Alyson does a great job encouraging us with a positive attitude. She keeps us on our toes with new exercises each class which are fun and challenging. Thank you for elevating the training, conversations, and opportunities in the psychic/medium community". - Gina

"Alyson has created a great practice format for those desiring to increase their psychic and mediumistic abilities. Her on line sessions are well thought out and organized. They're also a lot of fun. If you're looking to expand your skills as a psychic or medium, this is for you." George K.

"Alyson, you are wonderful as a guide, so generous and gracious with each and every person in the online classroom. You have a lovely sense of humor and you have a way of saying something positive about everything. I really admire your teaching ability. Thank you so much for these practice classes". - Magdelena M.

"I have been sharing this group with everyone I know. I loved it in so many ways. Alyson, you are a person that it was easy to feel safe with. It was a great first experience. Big hearted & kind people. Thank you. This was a fun way to work out". - JoAnne E.

"No matter how much experience you have - or don't have - this is the place for you to either spread your wings or stretch your limits. Alyson's Psychic Situps classes are both welcoming and relaxed but also challenging and insightful at the same time. In short, there's magic to be experienced here! Come join us! New faces are always welcome! See you next time, and the time after that... By the way, I have been doing readings for almost 30 years and this practice time has made me a better intuitive and medium". - Julia M.

This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a consistent Practice Time/Spirit Circle in a warm, welcoming group with a variety of levels that allow you to grow your abilities and meet like minded people! This is not a class in which you will fall behind if you miss a class. Jump in anytime! - Susan S.

"Practice in a safe and non judge mental space!! What could be more helpful!!?? - Ed

"I'm loving this class. Each time I attend, I surprise myself." - Chole M.

"The partner practice is so good for me, I like the different exercises given to add a focus." Keira N.

"Awesome classes! Great opportunities for practice and development ... and great fun"! - Michael

"I think this platform is wonderful for people with busy lives and the crowd you have here is lovely and eclectic"! - Wendella

"I appreciate all that you do make mediumship education and practice available to so many aspiring mediums". - Nita

"I greatly enjoyed the session. I appreciated the format & structure. The reading trade-off sessions were fun & the practice readings were really helpful for me in understanding how Spirit presents with me. I am grateful for the experience, thank you." Kristi S.

"My greatest joy was that you provided a safe, supportive environment where I could practice - free of competition and social cliques - the classroom space was always wonderful. The guidelines you gave us were helpful - especially point 10 (be supportive) and your verbal reminders about acceptance of all." T.E.

"If you are looking for a way to explore and enhance your psychic development, then Psychic Situps is the class for you! Connect with others and learn in a safe, fun and meaningful environment!" Elizabeth E.

"Thanks Alyson for the lessons to focus on during readings. I feel like a lot of the elements have helped me in my readings and with clients. I'm grateful for this experience as well. Yay, for Psychic Situps!" Nicole L.

Zoom online classes has allowed me to evolve and open up and share with others . I have such a busy home and the morning classes worked perfect. Thank you Alyson for having a safe environment to Grow with ❤️ Love Grateful

I love psychic sit-ups! I love the set up of how it’s conducted.. it challenges me in a very comfortable way!! "I recommend Psychic situps as a great, no-pressure way to practice and test yourself. Alyson's instructions are easy to follow and the format works really well. You'll notice a definite improvement in your abilities and confidence by the end of the month. "Being able to practice the craft with others who are on the same path is so helpful.  It is a place where the sessions are done for the betterment of everyone. There is no judging or grandstanding.  It is a safe place to practice.  We get to know one another and enjoy the time we spend together.

Psychic Situps allowed me to reach new levels in my own practice and discover new talents. I am definitely more confident in my abilities. We did exercises that I hadn't even consider doing before. It was so much fun. What an amazing group to work with. Thank you Alyson and my fellow classmates, I can't wait for the next session!I think we can all feel the heart connection and the acceptance of diversity. It's a beautiful community and very much appreciated!

I've been involved in 3 lots of psychic sit-ups and they're great fun as well as a space to practise your mediumship and psychic skills (whatever level you are at), in a nonthreatening environment.  Alyson is such a lovely kind person and she's full of knowledge, as well as being very encouraging.  You won't be disappointed if you join. Recommend highly.

As above the speed reading forced me to not edit the information I was receiving/channeling and likely kept the reading free of my personal interpretation.  The way the psychic and mediumship sessions are structured is fun, with no pressure to perform, which is not always the case when studying these topics. This approach is an excellent way to learn to channel psychic information and do mediumship readings. Thank you Alyson!!!!!

I have been a practice partner for others wanting to develop their psychic abilities through other websites. Alyson's class provides the most consistent and structured practice of any I have had! I had plenty of opportunities with a variety of partners and a wide diversity of exercises. These experiences strengthened my skill level and my confidence. Highly recommended!

This is such a non threatening way to practice.  Such kind people taking the class who remember what it is like to be a beginner.  That support makes it easy for me to sign up for another class. The psychic sit-ups class is such a great place to practice and share with other amazing people who are also looking to develop their abilities. I felt safe and supported each with each session and would highly recommend this to anyone looking for practice. If you take both classes each week you really get a good chance to practice throughout the month. 

I enjoyed your psychic Situps a lot. It gave me a chance to practice with  different people and lots of different exercises to get to know myself better when I’m the reader and get verification from the sitter. I feel that Psychic Situps pushes me outside my box and gives me a place to practice with people who are at all different levels in their spiritual journey.

" Thanks Alyson for keeping the vibe so relaxed & upbeat for us all! You create an energetic environment that is so supportive of learning and growth. The energy & intention of us coming together combined with Alyson's relaxed-holding-center has created quite the beautiful learning environment."  Donna B

"This is so much fun! Thanks everyone for the fun speed reading exercises tonight!"  Colleen A

"I’m loving this class. Each time I attend I surprise myself."  Chole M.

"The exercises allowed me to stretch my abilities and discover new ways" "The break out session allows us to get in at least two practice readings per session. It is very efficiently organized."  George K. 

"The partner practice is so good for me, I like the different exercises given to add a focus "  Keira N.

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