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Thymele Arts

5481 Santa Monica Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90029

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Psychedelic Preparation Storytelling Workshop

About this event

What role does story play in our struggles? And how can story work prepare us for and help us integrate a psychedelic journey? In this talk & workshop, you'll begin taking inventory of your beliefs, goals, and life's experiences; allowing the conscious mind to bring everything available to the table so you can apply it before, during, and after your journey, empowering you to tell a new story.

Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of the impact our beliefs and stories have on reinforcing our struggles, the role our early experiences have on current circumstances, and tools to help shift those old stories.

This workshop is great for anyone seeking to understand themselves better, those looking to take stock of the wisdom of their lives, and those looking to step into being the heroes of their own journey.


Mareesa Stertz is a filmmaker, storyteller, community organizer, and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is a cofounder at Lucid News and the producer and host of the documentary series, The Healing Powers (of Psychedelics and Other Mindful Practices), currently streaming on Gaia TV.

She has shared her stories of working with psychedelics on stages internationally as well as in education, for the Synthesis Practitioner Training Program, and teaches storytelling workshops in retreats and online for leaders and for psychedelic preparation.

She is passionate about using story to illuminate the powerful transformation that comes from navigating trauma, and her work is heavily informed by her own journey of personal growth, which has taken her all around the world, filming with the curanderos of Peru to the holy men of India. She has a BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, and her films have been featured by Gaia TV, Viceland, Indigenous Films, Merry Jane, and Participant. She is in development on a one-woman play that celebrates the adventure in healing, and is in postproduction on a documentary chronicling her travels in Peru with Ayahuasca, which she thought didn't work for her. You can see her first feature length film on Damanhur, the Spiritual Intentional Community on Gaia TV.



  • Thymele Arts
  • 5481 Santa Monica Blvd (at Western), Los Angeles 90029
  • California Room

Thymele Arts is on the North East corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Western on the Second Floor. The entrance is on Santa Monica Blvd. There is limited parking in a small lot off of Western. There may be a parking fee at this lot. Otherwise there is street parking. We recommend ride-sharing!

  • Doors open at 6:30 pm
  • Event starts at 7:00 pm
  • Ends at approximately 8:30/8:45 pm
  • Social/mingle until 9:30 pm

TICKETS: $26 (general community contribution) or $36 (contribution + non-profit donation). Fees are covered by PsychedeLiA Integration

DM PsychedeLiA Integration if you are in need of contribution flexibility and want to attend.

Space is limited!



MISSION STATEMENT: PsychedeLiA Integration is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides education, community, and support for those seeking mindful and safe ways to work with psychedelics for healing, growth, and spiritual awakening in a nurturing environment. We welcome people from all communities, backgrounds, and financial means.

DONATIONS: In accordance with our mission to provide education, community, emotional support and related services to our community of those who seek healing and growth through entheogenic experiences, 50% of our net ticket sales and 100% of our Integration Fund specific donations funnel into The Integration Fund.

All donations are tax deductible!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed throughout our events and presentations are those of the speakers and are not necessarily shared nor endorsed by our organization. We do not encourage or condone the purchase, sale, transfer, or use of any illegal substances; nor partaking in any unlawful activities. Please do not bring, buy, sell, transfer, or arrive on any illegal substances, or share information on how to acquire them. Should anyone approach you and violate this disclaimer, please remind them of the etiquette and inform us. Psychedelia Integration is not liable for actions in violation of these guidelines that are out of our control. Thank you for respecting our community space.





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