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Agmashenebeli Ave 61



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Product Savvy Consulting Georgia and WolfPack Systems Inc are happy to partner with GITA (Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency) to run our first Hackathon in Georgia. It will take place the evening of 7 December through 9 December at ProductSavvy (Agmashenebeli Ave 61).

Product Savvy has operated in Georgia for the last 3 years (see our official kick-off in the country here), getting more involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Georgia, and the Hackathon is yet another step in that direction.

The event will be organised with the help of GITA. GITA’s mission is to form an ecosystem which improves all kinds of innovations and technologies in Georgia and to create an environment for the growth of innovations and high-tech products.


The hackathon is focused on Travel Tech - solutions to improve and better understand how people travel what there needs are and how technology can address those needs. Specifically, the hackathon will focus on solving problems that involve travelers, tourists whether they travel on foot, plane, cars, bicycles or motorcycles. To allow for a quicker implementation of ideas, WolfPack Systems offers access to its servers and API to address many of the needs travelers and tourists face.


Participants are encouraged to register as teams, but individuals may also attend and join a group at the event itself. Participants with diverse skills are welcomed, but teams must have developers in order to put together solutions during the event.

While creativity is the main goal, demos at the end of the event will be judged to select first second and third places (cash prizes will be given to each).


First place will be rewarded with $1000 USD.

Anticipated Schedule

Day 1: Friday 7 December

  • 20:00: Registration and Introductions

  • 21:00: Idea Pitching

  • Participants may decide to start their work Friday or Saturday at their own discretion.

Day 2: Saturday 8 December

  • Group work all day

Day 3: Sunday 9 December

  • Continued Group Work

  • 16:00: Wrap up group work, finalize prototypes and demo prep

  • 17:00: Demos

  • 18:00: Judging, Dinner, Networking

  • 19:00: Winners Announced

  • 21:00: End of Event

Preparing for the hackathon:

  1. Put together a group of 3-5 people to work on a project (if you do not have a team, that is fine, move to #2).

  2. Register for free on this site. Register for free on this site - you will be asked for the other people in your group.

  3. Connect with your group and begin brainstorming ideas. Come to the hackathon with a concept that you can present for comments.

The hackathon will begin Friday night, 7 December, at 20:00. Please arrive on time so we can ensure check in completes on time.

What to bring:

  • Lots of energy!

  • Laptop

  • Mobile phone

  • All chargers you need

  • Sleeping bag if you plan to stay overnight

During the event:

Idea Pitch

To start the event, each group will make an "elevator-pitch" of their idea, 2 minutes. There will be a brief amount of time for questions/suggestions from the audience.

Suggested outline for idea pitch:

  • Briefly, describe how you came up with the idea

  • What's the idea all about?

  • What is the problem your idea solves?

  • Target user count and description

During the pitch, people will be allowed to join / apply to the groups pitching the solutions. Final presentations will happen between the teams that were selected at the pitch stage.

Food and Drinks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on Saturday and Sunday. There will be snacks/drinks/coffee available throughout the event as well.

Demo Presentations

As note in the agenda, development will end on Sunday to allow groups times to prepare their demos for presentations. Demos must be in English. Note - focus on a demo of your product, not creating a Powerpoint presentation. A few slides are okay, but we want to mostly see the idea you came up with, not presentation!

There will be a brief amount of time after each demo for questions from the audience. After each group has presented, judges will convene to score and select winners.

Date and Time



Agmashenebeli Ave 61



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