PROSPERITY SUMMIT : 2 Day Investing and Wealth Training

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Mountain America Expo Center

9575 State St

Sandy, UT 84070

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A financial revolution is brewing in this country right now. The old way of earning, investing and thinking about money is dying, and a brand new way is opening up. The markets are changing. Entire industries are being destroyed and new ones born. Cryptocurrency is changing the way that money is viewed and handled. The way people earn, spend and invest money continues to change at a startling rate.

If you prepare yourself now you can be at the forefront of this revolution and capitalize on the tidal wave of opportunity that is coming… If you do nothing, you could get crushed by it.

Over the next several years, those who ADAPT will thrive, those who cling to the past way will become obsolete.

The question is, where will you be?

The great news is that for those that are ready, you have a ONCE in a LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to position yourself for a level of financial abundance that in the past, most could never have imagined.

No longer is wealth and investing limited to the elite. An entirely NEW GENERATION of RICH is emerging, and anyone can be part of it.

People are no longer buying into the illusion of “job security” and the story that previous generations bought into that you needed to go to college, get a job at a company working 40-60 hours per week for the next 40 years before you can retire.

What if we could show you a step by step blueprint for earning and investing your money that allows average everyday people to retire completely financially free in less than 3 years.

For those who are stuck in the old way of thinking, will think that isn’t possible, or that it’s just hype or BS… This ISN’T FOR YOU.

THIS IS FOR YOU IF you are OPEN to new possibilities and READY TO MAKE A CHANGE in your life.

If so, we want to introduce you to real people, just like you that have ALREADY created massive PROSPERITY in their life, and show you how you can too.

For those who are ready to be at the forefront of this FINANCIAL REVOLUTION, we have decided to put on this special event we call the PROSPERITY SUMMIT where we having leading financial and business experts coming to give you the inside scoop on the changes that are happening now, and to mentor you on how to take advantages of the opportunities so you don’t miss out.

During this special 2-day event you will learn:

  • The MINDSET and INTERNAL GAME that is required to be one of the NEW RICH.
  • 12 PROSPERITY PILLARS that if you learn and master will guarantee your success
  • Why most people will struggle their whole life to earn money, only to end up old and broke
  • Why your current financial plan may be totally broken and how to upgrade it
  • Understand the POWER of FOREX, CRYPTOCURRENCY and other investing trends that you need to know to be a savvy investor
  • The simplest and easiest way to start INVESTING LIKE A PRO within weeks, even if you know nothing right now.
  • The fastest proven way to create completely RESIDUAL INCOME to help you retire within just 1-3 years.
  • How to become a CENTER of INFLUENCE so that you can lead and inspire others


With your paid registration, you’ll receive these incredible bonuses and training

  • Special AUDIO training: Crypto Foundations: Understanding Bitcoin, the blockchain and crypto-currency and how to profit on the changing economy
  • Millionaire Mindset Training: How to Think, Act and Create like a Millionaire


GERALD ROGERS: Gerald has been a professional business and wealth mentor for over 10 years, leading seminars, workshops and coaching programs for thousands nationwide to help them Discover More PASSION, Unlock Greater PERSONAL POWER and Learn how to make their PURPOSE DRIVEN businesses PROFITABLE.

BRANDON BOYD: Brandon is a self-made millionaire that has helped empower tens of thousands of individuals nationwide to become smarter investors and wealthier business owners. He has incredible ability to train, empower and enroll people to get real results in their life.

GEORGE WRIGHT: George has built numerous successful businesses around marketing and wealth training, and has worked with some of the greatest wealth mentors of our generation including Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins and others.

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Date and Time


Mountain America Expo Center

9575 State St

Sandy, UT 84070

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