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Are you ready to take your mediumship to the next level, step outside your comfort zone, and learn mediumship in a new way?

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Are you ready to take your mediumship to the next level, step outside your comfort zone, and learn mediumship in a new way? If you said yes to any of these, then look no more! This 4-night class is designed for the intermediate to advanced student. You must be able to connect with the spirit world fairly easily.

This is a platform/gallery demonstration class however: we will do partner work to build upon our strengths as a medium to bring to the platform. So you will have some partner work to do, small group work, and working in front of the whole class. There's also the possibility of inviting guests on the last day for you to do a mini demonstration. Of course that will be voluntary on your part.

What can you expect?

Blending on a deeper level

Dealing with the difficult client

Mind journeys psychic and mediumistic

Lessons on platform/gallery demonstrating

Practical exercises to deepen the connection

Practical exercises to expand on the clairs

Practical exercises to work on platform

And so much more!


This past weekend I was very fortunate to have been able to participate in Kay and Jason’s workshop “Empower your Mediumship” It was their first workshop they offered (with more to follow) so none of us students really knew what to expect. I will share with you, that I have only been taking classes for approx 12 mths-some online, some in private mentoring. I’ve trained with some great mediums, and I’ve trained with some top notch mediums. This workshop I just participated in, hands down, is amongst the best. It was productive, informative and kept me on toes to keep me working at my best, and then climb even higher. When I had run into a few road blocks in my practice readings I was AMAZINGLY guided by Jason right up and over the hurdle and I was on my way again. And the few dreaded “no’s” (and they were true no’s, no doubt about it!) I got during my practice, I was quickly guided off them to allow me to keep my momentum. Kay is very warm, kind, knowledgeable, organized with the way the class flow went and shares real stories of her days during her training and how she grew passed the challenging parts of training. Both Kay and Jason are absolutely amazing and they balance each other out perfectly to have the workshop productive, supportive and, fun! I look forward to more. 💜

Leanne M

I just want to take a moment to say how wonderful the workshop Empower Your Mediumship I attended today was! Jason Goldsworthy and Kay Reynolds are marvelous teachers, very supportive and innovative! They know how to motivate you to go beyond your comfort zone. I highly recommend anything they do!

Pam B

I attended a workshop today with Kay and Jason It was amazing. Such wonderful knowledgeable teachers...would recommend anyone that missed it to look for future will not be disappointed!

Bridget W.

Thanks so much again for the workshop. It was awesome! The psychic and soul was quite different from the mediumship and I appreciated it all. The difference was evident.

Jae H

I recently took "Empower your Mediumship" workshop with Kay Reynolds and Jason Goldsworthy , both graduates form Arthur Findlay College. The workshop was amazing. The gentle, knowledgeable and insightful tutoring of Kay and Jason made me much more confident in psychic / mediumship readings. I finally understood the difference between these 2 readings. I was very amazed to find out there is also a Power of the Soul reading, which we had practiced during this workshop. I highly recommend Kay and Jason to beginners and anyone who wants to take their psychic / mediumship skills to the next level.

Victoria P

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