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Progress to Jhana

An online workshop and in-person retreat on developing jhana by gradual practice

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Jhana meditation usually involves a lot of intense meditation on longer retreats, with a lot of effort and discipline. But it doesn't have to be like that. Gradual practice is a bottom-up method based on first principles, as described in the old Buddhist suttas.

Gradual Practice will take you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Designed to be accessible to all, it sets out a gradual path to freedom that will lead you on a contemplative and practical journey of ethics, sense restraint, moderation in consumption, dedication to wakefulness, and awareness training, before starting you on working with hindrances and jhana meditation.

We will explore these subjects in the light of both early Buddhist teaching and modern maps like TMI.

The first part of the workshop will be held online on Saturdays, exploring topics of ethics, sense restraint, moderation in consumption, and wakefulness in daily life.

In November we will (optionally) meet in person at Dharma Treasure in Cochise Stronghold for an intensive retreat and practice mindfulness meditation, the five hindrances and jhana.

The retreat will be a bring-your-own food retreat.

It is possible to participate in the online course or/ and the retreat respectively


A daily meditation practice, understanding of the core Buddhist principles. A rudimentary understanding of pali is helpful but not required.


You are expected to attend all the classes, and optionally the retreat. In addition, we expect you to spend a couple of hours preparing before each class and do the practice exercise. This is considered an intense program for dedicated practitioners.


$160 + retreat costs. Retreats are booked separately.

Example retreat costs:

  • $210 for one week of camping
  • $2100 for two weeks in an apartment
  • + bring-your-own food.

If you need a ride from/to the airport, it will cost an additional $100, but it can be split between multiple people.

Henrik will be teaching for free but does appreciate dana in the form of gifts or gift cards for things like shoes, clothing, food, and other practical goods.

Study material


Samannaphala Sutta


Example online class structure

10 check in

20 min intro on subject of the day

1 hour meditation

1 hour group discussion

Time and Dates

Saturdays 9 am Pacific time

Oct 1st Intro

Oct 8th Sila

Oct 15th Guarding the sense doors

Oct 22nd Moderation in consumption

Oct 29th Dedicated to wakefulness

Nov 5th Awareness of context

- Optional Pre Retreat ->

Nov 12th Five Hindrances Retreat

Nov 19th Jhana Retreat

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Henrik A. Norberg has meditated in the mountains of Sri Lanka, the jungle of Thailand, and led forest monks on Tudong in the Mountains of Norway. He is a cave yogi, wanderer and mind explorer interested in early Buddhism and samadhi practices , and is a certified TMI/ Mind Illuminated instructor.