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Programme Your Own

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DIY: Programme Your Own Symposium

This is a call to action!

If there’s an action you want to see arise from Freelance : Futures and you would like to bring together a group of people to make it happen, this is a session for you.

Please note: this does not mean that you want to be ‘the boss’ or have ‘a plan’, just that you have an idea and would like to spend some time trying to figure out how to make it happen with peers.

How It Works - Quick Explanation:

To propose an action, you add it to our open access Spreadsheet of Actions.

By doing this you are committing to being the initial host of a space at the Programme Your Own session

You can also arrange local meetings if your actions are geographically specific and if you have capacity to arrange a space, access provision and, if you can, cups of tea!

People who want to get involved in each action turn up to the meeting that interests them. Those who are interested in many sessions are welcome to join the virtual meeting and float between!

We meet on Wednesday 29 June at 1.00pm!

Those who proposed the actions are not ‘in charge’, instead each group decides how best to work together, influenced by the action they are driving and what is needed for them to do their best work.

Afterwards each group adds their next steps to our Spreadsheet of Actions so that others can send them resources, contacts or information, and so others know how to get involved.

We all continue to update the Spreadsheet of Actions so everyone can track and stay connected to the brilliant work being done.


There are many ways to participate, and we want to celebrate them all:

- Hosting: Hosts propose the session, and take responsibility for the initial facilitation of the gathering. This could include asking if anyone in the room wishes to facilitate! We have provided a guide to meeting facilitation below.

- Speaking and Doing: Some people like to get involved by contributing in tangible ways such as contributing verbally, taking notes, or taking on tasks (proofreading, setting up doodle polls, making contact with someone). We like to think that those who take on actions do this because they have the capacity to do so. We encourage people to try things they wouldn’t usually try and support each other to do so, remembering that there is not one ‘right’ way to do things and that exploring different approaches can make our work more accessible.

- Observing: Some people contribute by watching and listening. Think of them like dramaturgs, they may not say a lot but they are crucial to the process and often can ask the question that drives everything forward.

- Floating: Some people like to get an overview of everything before committing to an action, or because they like to act as a connector by knowing what is happening so they can encourage others to get involved.

For those who cannot attend the session, the Spreadsheet of Actions will be open access so you can see what has happened, who has hosted it and then contact them to get involved in the future.

Follow Up Actions:

After the event we ask that each group adds more information to the Spreadsheet so others can send them resources, contacts or information, and so others know how to get involved. We also hope we will all continue to update this spreadsheet so everyone can track the brilliant work being done.

What Do I Do Now?:

1. Decide how you might like to participate.

2. Add any action you would like to drive to our spreadsheet (please only add one idea so we know that someone will be present to drive the action) and decide if you would like to meet virtually or locally in person. If in person, arrange a venue to meet. OR, check out the action database to decide where you might like to get involved.

3. Send any access requirements to, so that best efforts can be made to meet them.

4. Turn up!

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