Product Management Essentials Training Workshop - New York

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The Lofts at Prince

177 Prince Street

Suite 3000, 3rd floor

New York, NY 10012

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Increasing your strategic impact as a product manager

Training Workshop Overview

As product managers develop in their role, and have confidence in their ability to deliver value to their customers, they must start focusing on how they can align their organisation around that value. In a survey conducted by Mind the Product of 1200 product managers, the top challenges that product managers reported were organisation misalignment and a lack of clear vision. Yet, the product manager role often has no authority, so how does a product manager begin to wield influence, critical to success? How can product managers ensure that their organisation will support the delivery of product value?

Essentials is a survey course that helps product managers understand the skill of utilizing a user-driven practice, not just to deliver a product, but to deliver alignment. Product managers are responsible so much more than product delivery, and at its heart, the role is a strategic one. Essentials builds on Foundations by outlining further tactical product skills and adds an additional layer of strategic communication and alignment to the discourse.

What we’ll cover on the day

Product Management Essentials is a full-day workshop comprised of six modules. Each module includes a lecture component on theory and practice, interspersed with up to three hands-on activities. This ensures that you have an opportunity to apply and work with concepts in a setting that will answer questions and facilitate critical thinking. The following modules will be covered:

  • Evaluating opportunity: Understanding how to unpack product assumptions and line up macro data to establish product viability and the foundations for product/market fit
  • Research techniques: Reviewing a range of research methodologies, beyond the classic interview, that help product teams validate problem and solution
  • Synthesis: Distilling insights from research and how to collaborate with stakeholders to deepen user understanding and influence
  • Prioritisation: Covering a range of techniques and their uses for alignment at points of product development lifecycle
  • Stakeholder management: A deep-dive into organisational relationships and understanding how to build a communication strategy

Things to reflect on before the workshop

Before your training workshop we ask that you take some time to consider the following questions. The more time you take to consider your current situation, and the issues and challenges you face, the more you’ll gain from your training:

  • How much effort do you feel you have invested in stakeholder relationships?
  • How often do you make an effort to make your process more collaborative?
  • How do new projects or changes to features happen at your company?
  • How do you currently collect evidence to support decisions?

Key Takeaways

You will leave this workshop with the skills you need in order to build a strategic layer onto your core product practices. You will understand how to evaluate a potential product idea/change for value, and how to use process as an alignment tool within your company. You’ll go back to work with a firm grasp of where you should include your stakeholders as collaborators, understanding how to build effective relationships with said stakeholders, and with the ability to create a communication strategy with your organisation.

Mind the Product Trainers

Every Mind the Product trainer is a working product manager who has worked with multiple products and domains. Your trainer’s product management experience enriches the curriculum by delivering diverse perspectives on best practice in different scenarios. You will hear about the products they have worked on in the past, what went well, what didn’t go so well, and how they tried to make improvements. Our trainers’ main goal is not to provide participants with all of the answers, but help facilitate them in asking the right questions.

About your Trainers

Cassidy Fein, Senior Product Manager

Cassidy is a Senior Product Manager at Echo360, a lecture capture and behavioral analytics platform for higher learning institutions and continuing education. She cut her teeth growing into a PM position as employee #7 of a future 250+ content marketing B2B platform. With over 7 years in product management, she loves making things users love and shaming products that succumb to dark patterns.

Cassidy is based in Wilmington, NC but her second home is a plane. She regularly works out of Echo’s London, Perth, DC, Atlanta, and NYC offices.

Steven Benario, Senior Product Manager

Steven is a Senior Product Manager for Data Science at Tenable, an industry-leading Cybersecurity provider. In his 10+ years in Product, he has worked with a broad swath of companies including Microsoft, AOL, Pivotal, and sub-10-person startups. He is also a seasoned product management instructor.

For the past several years, he has specifically focused on accelerating enterprises’ best practices and their ability to drive value for users. His #1 approach for getting user feedback? “Can we just ask them?”

Steven lives in New York and travels voraciously. If you can’t find him there, you’ll likely run into him on the ski slopes or biking, hiking, and eating his way around the world.


  • Registration will begin at 9.00

  • Class will start at 9.30 sharp and end at 17.00

We'll also provide a light breakfast, buffet lunch, and plenty of tea and coffee to fuel you through the day.

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Date and Time


The Lofts at Prince

177 Prince Street

Suite 3000, 3rd floor

New York, NY 10012

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