Product Management Essentials
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Product Management Essentials

Product Management Essentials

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32 Pannónia utca

1136 Budapest


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This 3 day long workshop is designed to guide entrepreneurs in creating products that delight their customers.

Today it is no great achievement to build new products. Ideas are plenty and the cost of development is constantly decreasing. What remains challenging is to build Great Products that are technically feasible, desired by the customers and at the same time viable businesses. This three day workshop provides hands-on experience with tested methods and skills used by entrepreneurs to take a product from idea to profitable business.


  • Practicing Product Managers
  • Engineers, User Researchers, Marketers who want to evolve into Product Management
  • Entrepreneurs, startup founders
  • Intrapreneurs

Business model innovation at Mosaik


Product management fundamentals

The Big Picture of Product Management and the various approaches to developing new products. You will become capable of managing the risky process from idea to business.

  • How to describe the tasks and importance of product managers
  • What are the key phases in the product lifecycle? Address them respectively with the use of appropriate tools and methods.
  • Learn how to recognise risks and assumptions inherent to developing a new Product.
  • Learn how to present the Benefits of Solving the Problem you identified. And the learnings You’ve acquired while doing so in a clear and concise way. Convey the message faster and more impactfully.

Building Products Customers Love

Through effective customer development you will learn to create products that solve real problems for your customers.

  • How to utilize user research to understand customers’ problems and needs
  • How to employ Design Thinking to create easy to use solutions.
  • How to create prototypes, MVPs and other experiments in order to maximise learning and reduce failure rate
  • Learn the tools of the trade. Personas, Journey Mapping, Story-Boards and managing the process of building a product.

Building viable businesses

To create a sustainable business it is not enough to create a loveable product. You need to figure out who is willing to pay for it for Your business to be sustainable. You will learn to explore and create business models to generate revenue.

  • Explore how to validate whether users are willing to become Customers who pay for Your solution
  • Learn what it takes to convert Visitors into Customers and Customers into Advocates
  • How to specify key metrics enabling you to learn from growth
  • How to set pricing and how it influences your business

Building products that are feasible

You will learn to envision what is possible to create and how product choices determines opportunities in the overall product roadmap.

  • How to engage with key stakeholders and align every member of the cross-functional team
  • How to prioritise between features according to the product roadmap
  • How to manage agile development teams

Note taking at Mosaik


I’m managing non-digital products, can I learn from this course?

Yes. We’re exploring different approaches and how to apply them to a range of products and situations. We’ll be adapting our examples to your needs.

I’m working on a service not a product. Can I learn from this experience?

Sure. If people are going to pay for your services, then they are products in the sense that we’re using the term here.

What are we going to learn here?

We’re going through the basics of the dual track approach to product management. We’ll look at the approach and do some exercises relating to your fields, products and curiosity.

Hands on workshop at Mosaik


Day #1: Friday

Arrival 08.30 - 9.00

Introduction and overview of the process
We’ll get an overview of the upcoming modules and learning goals, and an introduction to Product Management.

Coffee Break

Hands-on: Opportunity Discovery
What do we need to know in order to formulate the problem statement that a good product can solve? In what ways can we attain this information? What questions do we need to answer?

Session includes mentor deep-dives.


Intro: Opportunity Validation
How can we be sure that the problem we’ve discovered is really important enough for people to pay for a solution?

Hands-on: Opportunity Validation
We’ll exercise devising experiments to validate your problem.

Session includes mentor deep-dives.

Wrap-up and Q&A
Summary of the learnings from the day and time for addressing your questions

Day #2: Saturday

Welcome back & recap time-slot
We go through main learnings from yesterday and identify learning goals for the day

Solution Discovery
What is the right solution for my problem statement? How can we be sure? How can we iterate as fast as possible?

Mentor deep-dives


Solution Validation - We will also be serving lunch during this module.
Once we have a solution how can we be sure that it’s really worth the investment to build it? We’ll be exploring the answer to this questions through the examples that you are bringing.

Wrap-up and Q&A
Summary of the learnings from the day and time for addressing your questions

Day #3: Sunday

Welcome back & recap time-slot
We go through main learnings from yesterday and identify learning goals for the last day

Delivery and execution
Techniques to polish and fine tune your products. We’ll be answering questions like what is the right quality, and when is good, good enough?


Managing processes
How to manage the process of delivering the on time. We will focus on meetings, communication tools and tricks, and the topic of leading without authority

Wrap-up and Q&A
We are wrapping up the whole workshop, sharing learnings and providing tips for how to develop your product manager ability further

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32 Pannónia utca

1136 Budapest


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