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The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board invites you to the annual PROCEDE conference, highlighthig Adult Education and Vocational Training.

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Manoir Saint-Sauveur 246 Chemin du Lac-Millette Saint-Sauveur, QC J0R 1R3 Canada

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PROCEDE CONFERENCE Vision 2020 image

Welcome to the PROCEDE 2022 Conference - 2020/22 Vision - No Limits!

As the proud Chairperson of this year’s conference, it is an honor and a privilege to officially welcome you to beautiful Manoir Saint-Sauveur and to the PROCEDE 2022 conference.

This year will be extra special, as we have the occasion to be together in person after two years of virtual get togethers. This is a wonderful opportunity for our PROCEDE colleagues to celebrate our successes in public education and to renew connections.

Saint-Sauveur is a city in the Laurentians known for its wonderful restaurants, exceptional and picturesque scenery and old-world charm. I cannot think of a better location to offer a conference and to highlight one of the jewels in our territory.

One of the most important aspects of our conference is the level of professional development opportunities available. Whether it’s principles of leadership, virtual learning, student and staff engagement, healthy learning and teaching environments or building positive and sustainable relationships, you will find what you are looking for at this conference. This conference is the annual professional development opportunity for directors, assistant directors, coordinators and professionals as well as a time for sharing, collaborating and networking.

This year, our conference team at the Sir Wilfrid Laurier has put together a program which will engage your professional interests, give you opportunities to connect with nature and nurture your physical self as well as encourage you to celebrate and have fun.

Our conferences are known for delivering world-class speakers. This year’s conference is no different. We have invited Jean-Francois Ménard and Isabelle Fontaine to offer you sessions rich in inspiration and insights. As you meet new friends and renew acquaintances, we hope that the strategies and practices exchanged during our time together will serve you in the best possible way.

Thank you for choosing our conference this year, and we wish you the best experience ever!

Heather Halman, PROCEDE 2022 Conference Chairperson

À propos de nos présentateurs

Ouverture de la conférence à 16 h - 12 octobre

Jean-François Ménard est reconnu pour sa contribution dans le domaine de la psychologie de la performance. Alors qu’il poursuit ses études doctorales, âgé de 25 ans, il est embauché par le Cirque du Soleil, à titre de spécialiste en psychologie de la performance, où, pendant 5 ans, il préparera les meilleurs artistes au monde à gérer la pression et à livrer plus de 450 performances par année. En 2013, il fonde Kambio Performance et est depuis l’un des spécialistes en préparation mentale les plus convoités au pays. Parmi ses multiples accomplissements, Jean François a accompagné des athlètes à monter sur le podium à 11 reprises pendant les Jeux Olympiques de 2016/2018/2020: 5x or, 2x argent et 4x bronze. Auteur bestseller et conférencier éminent, il a donné plus de 750 conférences à des organisations réputées telles que le FBI, la NASA, PepsiCo, SunLife, et RedBull. Il compte parmi ses clients des médaillés olympiques, champions du SuperBowl et des X-Games, athlètes professionnels, chirurgiens, artistes de scène et homme/femme d’affaires. Il réside à Montréal, Canada.

Fermeture de la conférence à 9 h15 - 14 octobre

Isabelle Fontaine est une conférencière qui vulgarise avec intelligence, doigté et émotion, les dernières avancées en matière de neurosciences et de psychologie de la performance. Comme elle a pour intention de faire découvrir aux gens comment accéder à des ressources personnelles souvent jusque-là inexploitées, voire même ignorées, Isabelle a développé des conférences qui proposent un éventail d'outils concrets permettant des accès plus directs au courage, à la performance, au leadership et, par voie de conséquence, au succès! Via ses conférences, ses livres et son boot camp Courage, elle présente des leviers et des distinctions toutes simples pour propulser notre vie personnelle et professionnelle à un autre niveau, à une hauteur où nous sommes enclins à nous sentir plus libres, plus puissants, plus heureux. Auteure des best-sellers « Empower » et « Le Courage : Comment l'activer ? », elle est aussi invitée à titre de chroniqueuse à des émissions de télévision. Plus de 1OOO organisations ont eu recours à Isabelle pour faire émerger le plein potentiel de leurs employés!

About our Keynote speakers

Opening keynote at 4 PM - October 12th

Jean-François Ménard is widely recognized for his contributions to the field of performance psychology. At the age of 25 and fresh out of graduate school, he joined the world-famous entertainment company Cirque du Soleil, where he coached circus artists to deal with pressure and perform at their best, on demand, up to 450 times a year. Five years later, he founded Kambio Performance and has since become one of the most sought-after mental performance specialists in the country. During the 2016/2018/2020 Olympic Games, his clients stepped on the podium eleven times: 5x gold, 2x silver and 4x bronze. He is a bestselling book author, a radio personality and professional speaker with over 750 keynote speeches delivered to organizations such as the FBI, PepsiCo, RedBull, SunLife Financial, and NASA. His private clients are proven winners: Olympic gold medalists, SuperBowl and X-Games champions, professional athletes, surgeons, pop stars, and corporate leaders. He is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Closing keynote at 9:15 AM - October 14th

Isabelle Fontaine is a speaker who communicates the latest advances in neuroscience and performance psychology with intelligence, skill and emotion. She helps people discover how to access personal resources that have often been untapped or even ignored. Isabelle has developed conferences that offer a range of concrete tools that allow more direct access to courage, performance, leadership and, as a result, success! Through her presentations, her books and her boot camp "Courage", she presents simple tools to propel our personal and professional life to a new level, where we are inclined to feel liberated, empowered and happier. Author of the best-sellers "Empower" and "Le Courage : Comment l'activer ?" , she is also a guest columnist on television programs. More than 1OOO organizations have used Isabelle to bring out the full potential of their employees!


OCTOBER 12th 2022

  • 1:00 pm Registration
  • 3:30 pm Opening and Welcome
  • 4:00-5:30 pm Jean-Francois Ménard, Keynote speaker
  • 5:30 pm Dinner on your own
  • 8:00 pm Karaoke - Chamonix

OCTOBER 13th 2022

  • 6:45 am Walk/run - meet in the hotel lobby
  • 7:00-8:15 am Breakfast - Everest A
  • 8:20 - 9:35 am Breakout Sessions (Block A)
  1. Melissa Leggitt: Mini LEAN Projects - Empowering your staff to be part of the solution
  2. Mark Newton: CERAC - RAC Essentials
  3. Barbara Flowers: Building Bridges: Indigenous Cultural Safety in Healthcare Programs & Beyond
  4. Morgan Gagnon and Nick Salter PERT : English-language Vocational and Technical Training in Québec: Mobilizing the Data
  5. Avi Spector: Guidelines for ensuring consistent and effective support for adult learners with special needs in AGE
  6. Micheline Ammar and Rawda Harb: Know your market
  • 9:45 - 11:00 am Breakout Sessions (Block B)
  1. Mark Newton: CERAC - RAC Essentials
  2. Barbara Flowers: Building Bridges: Indigenous Cultural Safety in Healthcare Programs & Beyond
  3. Emilie Bowles & Frank Furfaro: Supporting Blended Learning
  4. Sonya Fiocco & and Nicole Lalonde: Implementing a Mentorship Program in the Adult and Vocational Sector
  5. James Burn with co-animator Avi Spector : RECIT 101- Who are we? Diverse PD workshops, trainings and offerings for Adult and Voc Ed.
  6. Gerard Breton: How to implement an individualized teaching program
  • 11:00 -11:15 am Health Break
  • 11:15 - 12:30 pm Breakout Sessions (Block C)
  1. Robin Long: CEN: Trade Up-skilling and Reinvestment into Vocational Education
  2. Natasha MacDonald: WOMbound Marketing: How to Intentionally Inspire Positive Word of Mouth
  3. Jean-Sébastien Legros: New Pedagogical Resources in Vocational Training
  4. Micheline Ammar and Rawda Harb: Know your market
  5. Avi Spector & Guests: Guidelines for ensuring consistent and effective support for adult learners with special needs in AGE.
  6. Meltem Kilicaslan YES: Conflict Resolution Coach/ Project Manager for ELLEvate Women Entrepreneurs Program
  • 12:30 -2:00 pm Lunch/Awards Presentations - Everest A
  • 2:10 - 3:25 pm Breakout Sessions (Block D)
  1. Genevieve Ducharme M.Ed.: Passing the Torch: Supporting students through key times of transitioning to the Adult Education Sector
  2. Charbel Mourad: Service to Business; A School Board approach to building community ties while meeting labor market shortages
  3. Natasha MacDonald: WOMbound Marketing: How to Intentionally Inspire Positive Word of Mouth
  4. James Burn with co animator Avi Spector: RECIT 101: Who are we? Diverse PD workshops, trainings and offerings for Adult and Voc. Ed
  5. Morgan Gagnon and Nick Salter PERT : English-language Vocational and Technical Training in Québec: Mobilizing the Data
  6. Services Québec: Services and measures offered by Services Québec (in French only)
  • 3:45 - 4:30 pm Zumba - Everest B
  • 6:00 - 7:00 pm Cocktail
  • 7:00 pm Black & White Masquerade Ball

OCTOBER 14th 2022

  • 8:00 - 9:00 am Breakfast - Everest A
  • 9:00 - 9:15 am Brian Seltmann - PROCEDE service offers
  • 9:15 -11:30 am Isabelle Fontaine, Keynote speaaker
  • 11:30 -12:00 pm Passing of the Banner

Social activities & preparation guidelines:

  • Wednesday, October 12th - 8:00 pm : Karaoke
  • Thursday, October 13th - 6:45 am - 7:15 am : Walk or Run in the vicinity of the Manoir Saint-Sauveur (please bring running shoes and exercise apparel)
  • Thursday, October 13th - 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm - Zumba class (please bring running shoes and exercise apparel)
  • Thursday October 13th - 6:00 pm – Black & White Masquerade Ball. We ask that each school board come prepared as a team, with creative masks and dressed in black or white apparel (or a combination thereof). Masks can be any color and as flamboyant as you desire. Kindly come prepared as we will be holding a Black & White Masquerade School Board wide competition during dinner. The winning team will be judged based upon their creativity!

*The theme for the masquerade competition is BLACK & WHITE Masquerade Ball.

Option for BLACK & WHITE Masquerade Ball dinner only

Thursday October 13th 2022: $85.00 taxes included. Alcohol beverages are at your own expense. Note that the Masquerade Ball dinner is also included in a general admission ticket.