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Rhodope Mountains

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Creative Photowalks is all about immersing into digital photography for a week, take lots of pictures while being privately mentored by professional photographers. All this while visiting new places and embracing another culture.

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  • Master choosing the best settings on your camera

  • Take crisp and focused pictures, to capture the moment

  • Master composition and take your best pictures yet

  • Understand and use light to express your artistic side

  • Sprinkle some magic by editing your pictures


Do you ever wonder why your images are never to the level of your friends' or other people pictures? How do they mane such crystal clear, well composed and perfect photographs?

Have you ever lost the perfect moment to capture your kids making silly faces or something adorable? These precious moments are gone forever.

Photography is art, but it also it is a skill that you can learn.

No amount of reading or watching tutorials and videos on YouTube will give you the advantage of actually being at the spot you want to take a picture of, with a professional photographer to guide you each step of the process.

It is one thing to try to remember what you read or saw on your favorite photo channel and to actually be outdoors, on the street or take pictures of somebody while having a professional tell you how to compose the image and set your camera.


We will teach you how to be consistent with your results and finally be able to capture those breathtaking pictures to brag about.

In our private photography classes, we cover landscape, street photography and portraits. In addition, we will take you to places where not many photographers have been. How's that for a unique experience?

There are simple and quick tips and tricks that every photography enthusiast should know. We give you the expert to teach you and then help you add some magic during the editing process.


1. We help you master your camera
Understanding your camera is a must for taking quality pictures. Good tools are always great instruments if used to their full potential.

Expect to cover picture taking techniques in a different environment like street photography, landscape photography, and even taking portraits pictures. This will require for you to feel comfortable with your DSLR camera and we will make sure to help you in every step of your learning process.

2. We teach the steps for taking great pictures
Have you ever felt that you just took an amazing picture, only to discover later that it was out of focus, had bad exposure or simply badly composed?

There is so much more to taking amazing pictures than just having the perfect equipment and clicking the button.

We help you learn composition, lighting, focus, and how to apply that knowledge to bring out the 'wow!' factor in your pictures. All this while visiting new places and embracing another culture.

3. Add magic by applying simple editing techniques
No matter how good your camera is or how cute or amazing your subject is, you need to sprinkle some magic on your pictures to pop up. There is no way around it - you need to use tools like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Using these tools will help emphasize the emotion you wanted to capture when you took that perfect picture.


Each of us has a different understanding of what a good picture is, different ambitions and goals.

If you think of the pictures that you liked, it is easy to realize that it was the place, the scene, the person or the action frozen in the frame, that made you stop and look.

The equipment and the techniques are one thing, but if you shoot the same place, which has already been photographed by other thousand enthusiasts, there isn’t much you can do. Such spots were most likely already photographed from all possible angles, in different light conditions, and already posted on many of the social platforms.

We offer unique spots in a country yet to be discovered by other enthusiast photographers. You will have the unique advantage to be picturing new places, emerge in a remote culture, while being guided and mentored by a professional photographer.

Make sure you check our daily schedule for more details and visit our website for more details. Browse the gallery to get some ideas about the places we plan to go with you.


How many people are in a group?
We want to make sure that our cultural tours and photography classes bring high value to our customers. That is why we limit our groups to no more than 10 photography enthusiasts.

How many days is the tour?
Tours start on Monday. We expect our customers to arrive sometime on a Sunday, before the tour starting day.

You will be accommodated in a hotel in Sofia. Your stay is covered. We will meet you at the airport and transport you to the hotel, so you don’t have to worry about any of this. The cultural tour and private photography classes start on Monday morning. Our first trip is to visit Vitosha Mountain.

The group is going to be back in Sofia on the Sunday same week, around noon.

What is included in the package?
We cover all your needs, while in Bulgaria, so you can focus and dedicate to learning photography. This includes food, hotels, transportation, workshops and your photography mentor.

All of our customers are also insured for the duration of their cultural travel in Bulgaria, to make sure you have a piece of mind and immerse yourself in photography.

Who is going to accompany the group?
Each of our groups includes a host. This is your primary contact person, who will help address any needs you might have during your culture tour. This person will be managing the travel, organizing transportation, hotels, make sure your food is fresh and on time.

The second most important person is the professional photographer. This is the person you will spend the most time of the day with. You should feel comfortable asking questions. Your most important task is to learn photography and improve your skills as a photographer.

Let’s not forget our drivers. Depending on the group size and number of vehicles, each group will include one or more drivers.

All people who support the group speak English.

What equipment can we bring with us? How will it be transported?
Please bring your DSLR camera, set of lenses, filters, flash, and tripod. We may be able to provide tripods for our customers. Please notify us if you prefer not to bring your own tripod. Read “Creative Photowalks Tours” for more details.

We know that photography equipment can be bulky and get heavy. The cars/vans we use are chosen to allow for comfortable rides and have enough room for your luggage.


Get our eBook with detailed information about the Private Classes and Cultural Tours for Enthusiasts Photographers.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our private photography classes.

2042 Valderas Dr.,
Glendale, CA 91208

+1 (626).390 3423




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Rhodope Mountains

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