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Primal - The Release Party

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Second Story Studios

222A Johnston Street

Collingwood, VIC 3066


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The purpose of PRIMAL is simple... a journey designed to take you ‘home.’

‘Home’ is that sweet place you end up after you release the resistance. Resistance is the invisible force that blocks you from being yourself. It's the weight that holds you back and keeps you stuck. It's what makes you forget who you really are.

Like a cork being held under water, when you let go, it bobs back up to the surface. You are the same. Without resistance, you are in your natural state - blissful, open and free.


PRIMAL is a guided journey that is designed to reconnect you back to YOU.

Together, we will take our bodies and minds on a fun, active and playful adventure to find our freedom and return 'home.'

During the process, any stagnant energy you’re gripping onto melts away through shaking, jumping and dancing. You open. You soften. You jump back into your body, reconnecting with yourself.

As you move freely, shifts begin to take place - shifts that will transmute blockages into clean, flowing energy. It is here that true creativity and freedom are birthed and deeply felt.

At PRIMAL, you will be immersed in a supportive group energy. It may even feel safe enough to move beyond your edges (this is optional). It's your choice. However, should you find the courage to stretch the limits of your body and mind... you will step out of your comfort zone into expansion, growth and truth.

By intensely focusing yourself into the present moment through movement, everything else disappears. And that's when you know... you've arrived 'home.'

We will release. We will dance. We will celebrate.

Secure your ticket and join us.

Sounds good but want more info? Read below.


Through a range of physical, mental and energetic processes, you will experience a new way of “letting go.”

Together, we’ll move through five stages over two hours. This is an individual practice, done in a group setting.

1st stage - FOCUS - Eyes-open, focused meditation

This initial stage is to release stress, anxiety and tension in your head. Using a specific image, sound and breathing style, we can deeply relax the eyes and face, as well as generate Alpha and Theta brainwaves.

2nd stage - RELEASE - Shaking

When energy becomes stuck, it can build up over time and form blockages. An effective way to release these is through vibration. We shake our bodies to break up any stagnant energy in our body-mind system. The body softens, opens, allowing greater energy flow. Breathing becomes more full, deep and smooth.

3rd stage - ACTIVATE - Jumping

Here, we continuously jump up and down, with arms raised. This creates an energy flow directly up from the legs, through the hips and into the body. As we chant a specific sound each time we land, the force moves from our feet to our heads. We focus on moving the energy inwards and upwards.

4th stage - CELEBRATE - Dancing

The previous stages were to release resistance and clean your energy. Now, we take it to the next level through free movement. With the energy flowing, we can dance ourselves into a state of bliss. Feel the music and move with it, any way you desire.

5th stage - BASK - Relaxed guided meditation, lying down

Relax into bliss. Through sound, you will be guided into exploring whatever is present for you more deeply. If you’ve reached greater openness, embodiment and connection, this is an opportunity to enjoy it.

This is end of the five stage process.



Registration is from 7:00-7:25pm. The event will begin at 7:30pm sharp.


Check in with our team and collect your hot cacao drink (included in your ticket). You may leave your belongings in the designated room, then feel free to relax and socialise in the lounge until the event begins.


Raw cacao is heart opening, uplifting of the spirit and boosts energy. We use organic cacao from Terra Madre. Cacao is dairy free, gluten free, sugar free and vegan. Mixed with filtered water and served warm.

If you have any allergies or concerns about the contents of the drink, please email brett@brett-peters.com.


Active wear / comfortable clothes - expect a lot of physical movement. The room is mostly carpet, so you will be barefoot or in socks. The lighting will be dim. It may be cool when you arrive, but you will warm up shortly after we begin.


If you are able-bodied and injury free, yes. The intensity of your participation is up to you and you are in control of your experience at all times. You can rest or choose not to participate at any time.


Tea will be available, so please join us and keep the good vibes flowing with others from the event.

Got an another question? Email us at brett@brett-peters.com and we will respond to you within 48 hours.

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Date and Time


Second Story Studios

222A Johnston Street

Collingwood, VIC 3066


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