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Priestess Temple Training - Awakening to our Divinity

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Highgate Civic Centre

Croftdown Road



United Kingdom

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This is a Space for Women and those who resonate with Priestess. A Space to Co-Create working together for New Earth Ascension.

Born of Gaia - Hearts birthed from the Sun.
Dancing on the Web of Creation.
We are hearing Gaia's and her children's call for Healing.
Feeling the Shift to live authentic lives truly as Co-Creators.
A Way of Being that holds Joyful Light Shining the way forward.
Sensing Celestial Beings focusing their energies to Mother Earth for Healing.
Remembering past lives when we were Healers Artists Seers Story Keepers.
Now is the time to gather meet in Sacred Space to Shine our Light together.
Awaken. Remember. Celebrate come together for Healing of All.
Being our true selves. Awakened to our Souls Calling.

Working with Birthing New Earth. With Gaia.Calling in the Divine Feminine.

This is a Calling to all who resonate with Priestess. A Space for women and those who resonate with Divine Feminine called to Awaken New Earth Ascension. With Gaia.

Calling in the Divine Feminine. Sacred Heart. Unity Heart. Solar Logos Source.

Being in Sacred Circle Ceremonial Space.

Connecting to being Priestesses Calling.

Healing Womb Sacral Creation Centre.

Co-Creating Ceremony and Ritual.

Divine Feminine Kundalini Remembering.

Shakti Shamanic Awakening.

Devotional Heart Alchemy.

Dragon Mythical Being Avatars.

Grail Magdalene Rose Temple Activation.

Channelling Divine.

Sounding Movement Drumming.

Soul Spirit Guide Retrievals.

Past LIfe Priestress Remembering Recalling

LIght Language Code Activation.

Journeying Multi-Dimensional Embodiment.

I will lead the start of each session and then enable support others to co-create co-lead when called.

I will be drawing on my Time of Priestessing in this lifetime, being guided by my Guides and previous Life Experiences. This will be Co-Creating a Temple. Rituals. Ceremony.

It will be a place to explore expand stretch those Divine Wings. In a Safe Nurturing Space

We will also be exploring these areas:

Meditation - Energy Management - Journey Work. Sound Healing Channelling Light Language. Kundalini Work - Chakra Work - Crystalline Light Body - Flower of Life - Earth Grid working with Archangels Ascended Galactic Guides Avatars. Connecting with Guides (specific for Ascension). Image and Word - We are all Oracles. Past Lives - Lemuria Atlantis Egypt and Galactic Origins/StarSeed Origins.

If you have any questions do contact me via my website - www.elizabethrudwickhealing.com

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Highgate Civic Centre

Croftdown Road



United Kingdom

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