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Price Setting for Independent Consultants

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This online Pricing Workshop is designed for anyone who is running an Independent Consultancy or Coaching business and who needs to be able to confidently set the prices for their services.

You will learn,

  1. How to confidently set, amend and assess your prices to attract your ideal clients and make sales.
  2. How you can use pricing to position yourself and your business in the market place.
  3. How setting your prices by using a day rate or hourly rate will keep you broke and prevent you from growing your business
  4. How to set your prices based on the value your clients get from the work they do with you.
  5. Why you don't need to set your prices based on what other people are charging - even if their service is very similar to yours.
  6. Why asking people what they would be prepared to pay for the types of services you offer will never give you accurate results.
  7. What you need to know about your business and your income goals in order to be able to set your prices.
  8. Why a low end pricing model can actually be putting off your prospective clients
  9. How to set the right price for your services and programmes

This programme is ideal for you if,

  • You feel like you don’t know what you are doing when you are setting your prices
  • You are nervous about getting your prices wrong and putting off potential clients
  • You are regularly discounting and reducing your prices
  • When you don’t get the business your first thought is that it must be because your prices are too high
  • You have set your prices as low as you possibly can and you still find it quite difficult to make sales so you don’t see how you could ever increase them.
  • All the confidence you have when you are talking about the service you provide seems to disappear as soon as the conversation turns to the price.
  • Talking about prices makes you feel really uncomfortable.
  • You don’t know what information you should be using when you are setting your prices so you fall back on things like
    • What other people are charging
    • What you used to earn as an Employee
    • The figure you have succeeded at making sales at in the past
    • What someone once told you they would be prepared to pay for Consultancy work.
  • You want to be able to state your prices confidently and stick to them but you regularly get challenged on the price and you feel like you have no choice other than reducing it if you want to get the business.
  • You are having to work far more hours than you would ideally like to in order to keep your head above water financially.

Invest three hours of your time from the comfort of your own home or office - no travelling, no trying to find a parking space, no worrying about getting struck in traffic or making it home or to your afternoon meetings. All the benefts of an offline workshop - except that you are going to have to provide your own tea and coffee.

Having a pricing strategy that doesn't work can have a detrimental impact on your entire business - for a very long time. Lacking in confidence with pricing can seriously impact your income generation potential.

So slay those pricing dragons once and for all!


  1. I have already set my prices but I’m not sure if I have got them right - will you be covering this? - Yes we will be getting you to assess your current pricing structure.
  2. I have been charging the same prices for a few years and I would like to change them but I’m not sure where to start - will this be covered? - Yes, you need to be able to increase your prices over time so we will be looking at the best way to approach this.
  3. Is this Workshop only for Independent Consultants? - No. Anyone who has a business where they need to put a price tag on knowledge based services will benefit from this. It’s not designed for a product based business though.
  4. Will you be running more of these in the future? - Yes, every 2 months throughout 2018. This is the only one that will be at this price though.
  5. Will you be covering how to talk to current clients about price increases - Yes, this is one of the biggest concerns for most people considering price increases so we will certainly be covering it.

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