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Practice Showing Up: Toward a Spiritual White Anti-Racism (with Wednesday C...

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White People: We are being called to show up, and to show up differently.

We are in crisis. Daily human rights are threatened, white supremacists are emboldened under a Trump presidency, and Black and Brown bodies continue to be murdered at the hands of the police without any legal ramifications. Then, there is the ever-present crisis of implicit, systemic racism. Racism is operating on multiple levels, some easily seen and some not and is deeply embedded in the fabric of our nation.

We are in a time when more and more people are joining and seeking to join movements for racial justice. From the powerful visions and leadership of the Movement for Black Lives, Standing Rock, Mijente, the Moral Monday Movement, and the long standing anti-racism work of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond and the Racial Equity Institute.

Everyday, demonstrations, gatherings and actions are blossoming all over the world, long standing organizing campaigns to end policing and move towards restorative justice are stronger than ever, and more and more white people are coming into consciousness and breaking white silence to end this violence.

There is beauty in our budding movements in this era of reconstruction.

And, yet our movements are also full of intense burn out, infighting, confusion, depression, anxiety, disconnected strategy, reactionary responses and focus on reacting to every crisis with little space for visioning and imagining a different world.

The data reveals that despite all of our hard work to undo racism, the racial gaps of inequity are widening. People’s lives are at stake. Our lives are at stake.

Much of this can be contributed to the intense spiritual and cultural voids white people in this country experience.

Systemic racism has disconnected us white folks from our cultures, our spiritualities, and therefore: Systemic racism has disconnected and disconnects us from our humanity. That’s what this whole anti-racism thing is - a fight for our humanity, and the humanity of people of color.

We must be equipped for the work.

It is a time for us all to show up, our freedom depends on it.

In order for white people to show up, we need spiritual practices of wellness, healing and shared culture to ground us and support us. The journey of liberation is a spiritual journey.


Do you desire:

-Deeper connection and trust

-Deeper skills for multiracial alliance building and relationship building

-An exploration of antiracism as a spiritual journey

-Transparency and vulnerability with other white people working for change in the world

-Generative space where healing needs is centered

Then you are invited to: Practice Showing Up: Towards a Spiritual White Antiracism

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are interested in how anti-racism is a healing and spiritual journey

  • You are ready to open your heart, soul and mind and dive into your history as a white person

  • You want to show up for racial justice but don’t feel like you are contributing enough

  • You experience anxiety and feelings of discomfort in your work for change

  • You believe there needs to be greater liberation in the world

  • You want to move beyond good intentions

  • You have made mistakes as an ally and want to understand how to be a better one

  • You yearn for a community of connection

In this workshop and practice circle you will learn:

  • To examine - What is spirituality? What is anti-racism? How do the two connect?

  • How to address internalized white supremacy and how it shows up in our understanding and practices of spirituality

  • The power of healing and spiritual practice to build our resilience

  • How white supremacy and other systems of oppression sabotage our ability to connect with one another

  • The role of love in dismantling the system of white supremacy to hold each other in pain and in hope, imperfection and liberation

  • How to work towards building the communities of love and resistance that we desire


How we will gather

We will open with a framing workshop that explores deeper how anti-racism is spiritual work for white folks

All online. We will open with al framing workshop that explores deeper how anti-racism is spiritual work for white folks.

Opening Workshop, Tuesday, September 19th-7:30-9:30pm
with special guest Chris Crass and Kelly and Jardana

9/19 - Spiritual Interconnectivity: White supremacy tells us that we are individuals and keeps us focused on our individual and nuclear family realities, rather than the opening us up to the truth that we are spiritually bound together. In this opening workshop, we will talk about the spiritual significance of interconnectivity, as well as how particular faith and spiritual traditions root themselves in interconnection.

Contemplative and Healing Sessions, with Jardana and Kelly
Wednesdays, between 2-4pm ET/1-3pm CT/11am-1pm PT.

Kelly and Jardana will host four healing sessions, centered around practice and action. Together, we will explore how to show up for racial justice for the long haul, spiritual practices to sustain you, and the spiritual imperative for white folks in this political moment. We will be focusing in on:

9/27 - Spiritual Bypassing: "If we are to walk past the fires of racism, sexism and so on because illusions of separation exist within them, we may as well be walking past one of the widest gateways to enlightenment." --Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

10/4 - The Spiritual Pratice of Getting to Action: Our culture keeps us swimming in a state of urgency, that results in us moving straight from new moments of awareness around the problem of racism to jumping quickly into action. During this session we will explore the spiritual imperative of connecting to Spirit, one another, and to deeper learning as a part of our process for moving toward action. Whether you are new to organizing or a long-term organizer, we will delve into the blocks around maintaining spiritual practices and how to move through them.

10/11 - The Spiritual Practice of Action: On the flip side, we often let perfectionism, overwhelm, and fear keep us paralyzed and far away from action-able steps toward justice. Here, we will tap into the spiritual resources and frameworks we need in order to understand action for liberation not just as a 'good thing to do' but as a spiritual practice.

10/18 - The Spiritual Practice of Rest: Our final session will focus in on the often neglected spiritual discipline of rest. Capitalism keeps us stuck in the belief that we are only as valuable as our labor. What if we created rhythms and space to just BE? What do spiritual teachings have to tell us about the importance of rest in the midst of labouring for liberation?

Hosted by Liberatory Leadership Project, in relationship with Freedom Beyond Whiteness and Liberation School

Who this is for: This workshop sits at the intersection of social justice, healing and spirituality. It will serve a diverse group of organizers, activists, healers, wellness practitioners, and newer activists ready to dive into the work of inner and outer change. The workshop space strives to be inclusive and supportive of all gender expressions, sexual orientations, dis/abilities, class backgrounds, and learning styles - come as you are!

While this workshop is geared for white people, all racial identities are welcome.

Cost & Scholarships: $97. We can also offer a payment plan in two installments. If the price is a barrier, please contact us and we will work to connect you with a scholarship. Likewise, if you can, pay it forward, to make this accessible to folks regardless of financial means.

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