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Practical Magic Tarot Series: Special Topics for Tarot Divination

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Practical Magic Tarot Series:

Special Topics for Tarot Divination

We are excited to be offering this new advanced class series in Practical Magic Tarot!

Join us for these magical and cosmic workshops with Expert Tarot Readers Marcela Veron, High Priestess and Casey Zabala, Creatrix of #WanderersTarot deck and guide.

Dive into your intuition and deepen your inner guidance with the Tarot. These workshops were created to continue your study of Practical Magic Tarot, enhance your tarot mastery and deepen your relationship to the power of Tarot.

Tuesday, 11/13 - Decoding Tarot Reversals - 6:30 to 8:30 pm Pacific

Saturday, 12/1 - Magical Numerology of Tarot

Saturday, 1/12 - Mystical Astrology for Tarot

Saturday, 2/16 - Tarot for Reading Relationships

All the workshops held online on Saturdays will be from 11 am - 1 pm Pacific (2 pm - 4 pm Eastern time)

Practical Magic Tarot Divination Series altar

Advanced Study in Tarot Syllabuses:

11/13: Decoding Tarot Reversals

Curious about reading and interpreting tarot reversals? Join us for a demystifying workshop on reading reversed cards.

- Learn the basic philosophy of reading reversed cards
- Tap into the energetics of your tarot readings
- Work with the Shadow aspects of each tarot archetype for deeper soul work

12/1: Magical Numerology of Tarot

Numerology is the ancient art of tuning into the energetic significance of numbers. It can be a foundational tool for any reader and will enrich your tarot interpretations.

- Learn the basics of numerology
- Understand how to synthesize numerology into your tarot journey
- Enrich your experience of everyday numerals

1/12: Mystical Astrology in Tarot Practice

The Tarot is an ancient amalgamation of many mystical arts & sciences. Knowing astrology basics can help hone your magical vocabulary and enhance your tarot insights. Join us for a dive into the world of astrology, and see how it informs our tarot decks.

- Learn basic astrology vocabulary and philosophy
- Make connections between astrology and tarot archetypes
- Discover where your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs intersect with your personal tarot archetypes

2/16: Tarot for Reading Relationships

Not only is tarot an incredible tool for self-discovery, it also opens up a pathway towards self-love. This workshop will invoke the magic of The Lover’s, and deepen your sense of how to use divination to draw in and cultivate love in your life.

- Learn the wisdom of The Lover’s archetype
- Discuss the power of self-love and knowing thyself
- Work with love and relationship tarot spreads to gain intuitive insights

All workshops will be recorded for future access.

Option to sign up per workshop or receive a $30 special discount for signing up for the full series (click on next date to access special ticket! You may purchase ticket and have access to live workshops and recorded if you are registering after initial class) (Space is limited, so sign up early!

Visit our Facebook Event to connect with us!

Magical blessings,

Casey + Marcela



You can also find Casey @wandererstarot and Marcela @sacredfemmedicine

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