Postdoc or Industry? Choices and opportunites for PhDs in the AI revolution

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You are a PhD or Postdoc wondering what your next move should be?

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You are a PhD or Postdoc wondering what your next move should be? You are looking to better understand what a move to industry would mean for you? You have been internationally mobile and need more insight?

Let's speak for 90 minutes about the following issues.

1. If pursuing a postdoc career, what do I need to watch out for? How do I find out what my chances are of making tenure? When do I get out before it is too late?

2. In considering a switch to industry, what do I need to do to get interviews and find the best job? How do I start the search?

3. If I have been mobile internationally, and perhaps don't speak German (fluently), how do I move forward nevertheless?

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Our guest speaker: Dr. Chris Armbruster is a Max Planck alumnus who is supporting PhD talent in transitioning to new challenges in Data & AI. Earlier, he worked on innovation systems (including postdoc careers), and rolled out digital infrstructures to the MPI. Chris is from Berlin but spent much of his life abroad in Africa, Asia, and Europe. He runs the campaign 10,000 Data Scientists for Europe and would like to hear from you if you are interested in Data & AI.

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