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The Langston Hughes House

20 EAST 127th Street Harlem

New York, New York 10026

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The Langston Hughes House is historically significant as the home of James Langston Hughes (1902-1967), author and poet and one of the foremost figures in the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance was a literary movement of the 1920s-30s that focused on the question of African American identity.

This is a fundraising night of Music and Poetry for the Harlem Development Corp charity which raises money to futher Poerty and Music Programs at The House. All proceeds go to the charity.

From the upcoming Book "Poetry from The House of Langston"

There is a feeling in this election people do not matter and nothing speaks to their feeling, hopes, and dreams. Let the poetry speak for those who can't and have no words...

Political Poetry from the House of Langston


The election a three-act play. Heaven help us is this a vote for better days ahead?

Vote my conscious, I need a vote of no confidence or an act of congress. A movement to change this insanity.

Power of people over government leaders, policy leavers, and the non-believer. Can we self-correct this?

I'm Christian and American until the day I die, but turn the other cheek has not helped.

Taking us to political church, in god or the dollar we trust. Was the word compromised by the focus on wealth.

Separate and not equal is Church and State. Back to the dark age absent light and warmth the word brings.

Father forgive you've been constitutionally sidelines. Blasphemy of corporations that dont want competition.

Praying for my enemy only hurts me. Are we not worthy to defend the values inherit in humanity?

Digital age killed jobs and silence created enormous divides. By turning the other cheek the worse came to light.

Old glory, is the star rising or sunsetting? Shadow stripes chasing light in circles, faded or restored to its old glory.

We need a Third Party the America Party, monument to life, constitution of conscious, a movement to enlighten.

The success of play Hamilton show democracy is inherited. We are all patriots to this great social experiment.

A vote of no confidence is a vote no to indecision, no to coercion, no to corruption on the highest of levels.

Rush to judgements, leads to distorted discussions, and manipulated outcomes, that can be destructive.

Our flag yearns to be free, while some cry tyranny, the sums of all our fears, others appoint our president.

Manipulate, try to relate, back break, say anything, retaliate, lie cheat and steal all for the Oval Office.

Its not about all lives matter, but do our votes matter. When delegates not people decide our elections.

The fourth estate owned by corporate interest. At our expense, how can we expect them to be objective?

No Confidence, is a vote by the majority to reject the destructive designs of the minority to divide our democracy, for the love of money.

Vanity, legacy, false dreams, or supremacy should not play into the outcomes of our elections.

Majority Trumps the minority. No confidence, Institute it right away, democracy feels like it’s in jeopardy.

Hard to support when you tell me choose the lesser of two evils and pass the baton to the American People.

Blinded by the light, in the dark about revelations. When facts scream loudly the system is failing.

Power to people to say who governs No King or Queen. No forced injustice but empower to enforce justice.

Stop and frisk elections, shouldn’t feel like a choke hold, I can’t breathe, hands up, or robbing society its soul.

In our democracy, say no to this insanity. Clearly a tragedy, forever a blemish in American history.

Did we lose our way, or is this the American way, united in campaigning for the demise of democracy?

Hawkish to lead the military and command the free world. Spread freedom and democracy when they want war.

Sophie’s Choice, forced to choose between wrong and flaws. When being flawed and wrong has led to wars.

Give me the right to simply say, “no more”. No right-wing conspiracy we must protect the west wing.

Vote no confidence prevents years of hearing about impeachments, shutdowns, and stalled government.

Most countries have it; citizens should enact it. Do away with the powerful and the special interest.

Feels like the Towers, FEMA, Katina, Deep water, Iraq or the crash, when the system's failing the people.

We need Sully and flight over the Hudson, so many have sacrificed, what do they have to show for it.

Innocence lost, age of the downfall to all we use to own. If an oath been broken, you broke it, own up to it.

People speak, Power has spoken. The truth is denied, millions of lives destroyed, lies spoken, our flag treated line a token.

When the capable do nothing, it compromises the union, and leads to the demise of our system.

The right to say no to broken windows, a failed system, crooked politicians, corruption on the highest of level.

Wasteful spending, wasting time, jeopardizing all the people, when the goal is about only self-enrichment.

Thinking about those who suffering, dying, dreaming. Sending jobs overseas has destroyed our future.

Poverty and housing are real problems, why isn’t Clinton Global, Local. Trump building affordable housing.

Feed the hole, crumble the illusion of whole. Broke back off mountains of debt. Fall of cents and change of sensibility.

Mass incarceration, forced growth of the prisons population. Profit off incarceration is it state sponsored slavery.

Why so many people in jail and criminals in government, cause its where the money is flowing. Feeding time!

The Fed sets a place at the head of the table for the rich to feed, while we the people stare from the window.

Two wars that led too war profiteering. Trojan to the people, special interest, corps, and co-conspiring senators.

Never fails, your betrayal unexpected, when you scream patriotism, All Hail Caesar Inc., elect another dictator?

Coordinated vote, declaration for two wars, that led to the treasuries fall. Same fate as Rome or “Et tu Brutus”.

The weak and meek inherit nothing. Prayers not answered from so called experts, the betrayal of Halliburton.

Our poor gave you everything from Queens, Atlantic City, Harlem, and Haiti waiting for help that never came.


Last days, Last rites, lights out, food for thought its supper time. Cringe at bastille or final days?

Instead of Isley's harvest to the world, it's corporate divesture of all we hold, or is it a hostile takeover.

Chain forever to chads, to Bush, to war, it's all Gore, proves the so-called experts didn’t protect us.

How can we tell the members of the military these are people we choose to be your leader?

Millions already dead, over twenty suicides a day, so many Veteran scar, with injuries that never heal.

Sacredly trusted and valiantly sacrificed. Mistakes should not lead to their loss of life based off lies and failures.

LeBron victimized for the decision, OJ trial and Michael Vick trials of the century or distraction from a world in turmoil.

Where the outrage millions displaced, thousands died, woman and children victimized.

Slaughtered on video, not covered by the media. While the news is worried about evening ratings.

A call to action, we need a vote of no confidence. Is there anyone else, any new ideas, is Bush or Clinton the saviors and the only answer.

You took an oath to honor the flag, this election betrays the people it represents, a campaign lost on jeopardy.

Woman and children, no help, they are just a back drop. Treat veterans and cops as only a photo opp.

We can see the issues don’t mean a thing, you put party above us all, throw two parties into turmoil.

Divide a nation, lying to the races, all to put a country on the edge of rebellion.

Up Hill battle, then play the Trump card. Manipulate the game to over throw the race card.

Feel the burn, toss over the throne. American people lose the game against team Hill and Trump.

I can hear the play by play from the announcer. Bill passes to Trump, who takes the ball and runs.

He takes out Bush the prodigal son, and everyone, clears the lane for Hillary, bounce pass for the slam dunk.

Game over we are not the only losers Two Wars, Savings and Loan, Tech Bubble, Markets tumble, and Twin Towers Fall.

Hill gets Presidency makes history, Trump more money and now has grown an army he can lead with a tweet.

USA get nothing but grid lock, special committees, and investigation. Screams annually of impeachment.

Isn’t it President Trump anyway no matter the game? Looks are deceiving. Win lose or draw, he too big to fail.

Did he Trump Hill knowing there’s a Trump in power in every corporate office, and most of us answer to them.

Outraged please! Interesting times summoned the national guard, a police state with soldiers on every corner, and declared curfews.

Are we one bad election away from declaring martial law, suspension of the constitution the people lose trust.

Where's the outrage when a father loses his job, mothers under paid, or a kid with a toy dies shot in the street.

A senseless shooting that lead to no prosecution. Student can’t afford their tuition, Rich get even more richer,

Our children Inherit the pains of our broken dreams. Hope is dying slowly, change never lived up to its potential.

I grew up in a world, when damn was a bad word, Mom and pop stores on every corner, be home before dark.

Martial law has been declared in Cities, Police have military grade weapons. Parents cursing out their kids.

The N-words is an affectionate term used by white kids to say hello. Is this progress, then take me home?

Who created this, the power to disseminate it? Digital sent it out, corporate consolidate it, now no correcting it?

It takes a village in denial to be the architect of its demise. On a soap box preaching about, "in my time".

National blow horn to scream fire in theaters, or fire blindly into crowds and hide behind a digital character.

No backbone. We didn’t start the fire, but lit the match. Violence is taught, must have been collaborative effort.

An angry nation was taught to be divided, enemy amongst us. Billy Joel’s a prophet, prophecy foretold in music.

Text books taught it, special interest reinforced it, corporate endorsed it, and we the people bought it.

Hollywood keeps the fire burning through divisive imagery. News and media fans the flames ignites the people.

Brain wash another generation, as the good stay silent, the bad benefit, and the helplessly fall as a statistic.

Sacrificing the good, chasing the perfect. Stoking the flames by screaming fire and shooting in crowded theater.

What we do for ratings has constitutional consequences. Millions have died, billions stolen, and trillions wasted.

Didn't we say never ever again? As we watch a Holocaust in our time, before our eyes, asleep at the wheel, during primetime.

Is our will broke, our dreams wasted, voice denied, goals defeated, and rights deferred all in the name of this election?


The one out weights the many, the fall of the mighty, we thought Goliath was defeated, and sins repented.

It was the illusion of David. Last supper, of a king, we all know who's at the table, good, bad, and indifferent.

It will all be revealed, let the real games begin. Closing time and last call. Served our last meal with no choice.

On election night, vote no matter what. Take the plunge, walk the plank, vote or die, lunacy has arrived?

Election more like the execution, or walk the plank. Its proves the powerless like people, do votes count?

Last meal on the menu, our special tonight political deception, washed down with email intervention.

A mix of Wall Street’s deception and for dessert Hollywood portrayal. Are we the Will in Enemies of the State?

Too late, setting us up and putting us to sleep on the MIC, democracy seems to be MIA, or taken by MIB.

Left in haste the lost can’t be found or seen. Independence Day two is such a such a waste without our Will.

Will to fight and without stars, this election is destined to be a franchise that fails.

Growing up you use to feel you could make it. Playing in the park listening to music bought from Tower Records.

The feelings gone watched the Twin Towers fall. You can get a criminal record or shot for playing in park.

Innocence is gone. Others are minding your business, with all this surveillance. Arrest just to fill the prisons.

Is it Fight the power, why they already won. Or Lift every voice in protest, like do all lives really-matter?

The effects of games like cowboys and enemies, teach kids at a young age to learn who the enemy is and leaves impressions of hate.

Portraying the poor as enemy for over four centuries. Using them as recruiting tool to fool the mases, it’s tragic.

This can't be real, I'm in the majority, sanity is a friend of mine, I love my country, hell we are all now minorities.

Our vote seems worthless, choose the lesser of two evils. Minority report, I’m asking where's my majority vote.

The right to vote no to the process and candidates. My President served a feast only two items on the menu.

Chicken or beef, no other alternative. The American dream wasting away, are we being served our last meal?

Mess hall, so where the beef? Devils in the details. Americas majority tired of being served unhealthy meals.

Sick to their stomach of lies, deceit, and no progress. Each election a referendum on hope and change.

How about we end the nonsense and just try to make progress. Trying to be historic is starting to cost us.

Heed the warnings and read the writing on the wall. It starts with giving people the right to say no.

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Date and Time



The Langston Hughes House

20 EAST 127th Street Harlem

New York, New York 10026

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