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Policy Round Table

An EU Policy Round Table on the topic of Art and Culture

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We would like to invite all stakeholders from the arts and cultural sector, policy makers, practitioners, arts and cultural workers, educators, researchers, institutional leaders, professionals, community members and interested parties to a Policy Round Table that will be hosted by the AMASS Project.

The aim of the event will be to create an opportunity to engage with the preliminary policy findings of several research consortia working in the arts: ForwART, CreaTures, Artformations and AMASS. We seek to embrace the many voices within Europe, both supportive and dissident.

A policy white paper developed by the AMASS consortium will be presented during the latter part of the programme. AMASS will seek constructive and critical feedback on the draft white paper from all participants during the workshop.


11.00 | 13:00 CET EU funded art based project, presentation and open discussion on Art and Culture policy: ForwART, CreaTures, Artformations, AMASS

15.00 | 17:00 CET Workshop on the EU Art and Culture policy whitepaper developed by AMASS

Registrations for the event are required.