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Polarity Foundations +PLUS

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Boulder, CO

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Polarity Foundations +PLUS is for leaders, change agents, consultants, and coaches who are looking for a better way to work with complex issues, difficult dilemmas, or ongoing tensions... because there are no easy answers or quick-fix technical solutions.

In addition to organizational leaders and advisors, this course is also highly recommended for practitioners of Gestalt, Integral Theory, and Spiritual Intelligence, all of which are deeply inter-connected with polarity theory.

By leveraging the energy in polarities, we can more effectively generate, accelerate and sustain positive change.

In our complex and increasingly polarized world, Polarity Thinking is critically needed to help us understand and effectively intervene in organizational, political, societal, economic and cultural systems. It is equally important for personal and spiritual growth.

In this course, you will learn the fundamental principles underpinning how all polarities work—and apply this learning to your “live” issues and projects (organizational or personal). Be sure to bring a current change project, leadership challenge, or thorny issue with you. This course is not just about theory; you will be working with a real challenge in your life.

+PLUS Bonus topics include:

  • Polarities as an essential element of Integral theory & practice
  • Polarities in the spiritual dimensions
  • The “master” polarity – Masculine/Feminine

What are Polarities?

Polarities are interdependent pairs of values that create an unresolvable tension and a generative synergy that can be leveraged for positive results. Polarities are also dynamic energy systems that flow in, around, and through all of Life.

A few examples of polarities include:

  • continuity and change
  • clear and flexible
  • individual responsibility and collective responsibility
  • directive decision-making and participative decision-making
  • action and reflection
  • doing and being
  • theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge

Why learn to work with Polarities?

Polarities are a key to effectiveness in and success in leadership, and in life. Leaders, teams, and organizations that leverage polarities well outperform those that don’t, according to the business literature. The same is true for individuals.

With the world more polarized than ever, it’s clear that we need to leverage polarities to create a better future. But knowing how can be difficult. Flavor-of-the-month fads and quick fixes do not work because polarities cannot be solved; they must be managed over time.

When we learn to tap the energy in polarities, we are working with (rather than against) this natural energy flow.

Consciously working with polarities helps us to:

  • create positive, sustainable change
  • find our way out of destructive/vicious cycles
  • get unstuck in times of difficulty
  • work with the wisdom of resistance
  • expand our perspectives and complexity of thought
  • see others more completely, with less judgment
  • generate more peace, love, wisdom & compassion

Learning objectives

  • Clearly describe what polarities are, how they work in human systems, and how they are distinguished from problems to solve.
  • Apply a five-step process for seeing, measuring, and leveraging polarities
  • Understand how we get stuck in polarity tensions and apply the "getting unstuck" process
  • Appy the polarity approach to a real, live challenge in your own work or life

I hope you'll join me for this deeply meaningful and interactive/experiential workshop!

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Boulder, CO

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