Pleasure Circle - Facilitated Conscious Touch in Community

Pleasure Circle - Facilitated Conscious Touch in Community

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Lucid Body House

230 Lexington Ave

New York, NY 10016

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Experience 2 or more waves of structured, facilitated giving and receiving of conscious touch in community.

About this event

*Pleasure Circle is ONLY open to members of the Tantra Institute community. You must have either taken a course or event with us, such as Tantra Speed Date®, or have viewed our 1hr Pleasure Circle Orientation Call. Please contact us if you have any questions. You can attend in person or via Zoom. See tickets for options.

In our mission to guide our community in becoming better lovers, we here at the Tantra Institute have created a new lab-like event called Pleasure Circle.

Pleasure Circle is a facilitated guided experience of giving and receiving nourishing and conscious sensual touch in a safe and structured way.

A place to practice asking for what you want and negotiating consent.

A place to do so with guided tantric connection exercises (circuits of connection).

You can do it in-person or virtually.

Single tickets are available, however it is adviseable to bring a partner or pre-arrange one. If you don't have a partner you can sit in meditation.


There will be an opening circle where your facilitator will explain how many waves we'll be doing and how the event is structured--which we're also doing here in writing.

Then you'll find a space to set up with your partner. Partners should be pre-arranged but you can also ask someone at the circle.

You'll both share your Desires and Boundaries and then come to a mutual agreement for what you'll do for your conscious touch activity. This is usually some form of massage, but can be whatever you negotiate.

We will then guide all partners through a connection practice after-which and begin the first of your Waves of touch. Each Wave is 10 minutes of activity, preceded by a Boundaries and Desires conversation and facilitated conscious connection practice.

When the bell rings, you'll have 10 minutes in your negotiated touch activity with your partner. There will be another bell when the 10 minutes are done, and then you will complete by sharing reflections with your partner and closing the connection. Then we'll move on to our next wave, or if all the waves are complete, we'll close the circle.

What kind of touch can you ask for? The most common kind is massage, any kind of sensual touch or stroke, you can ask to be held or cuddled. You'll share your boundaries and desires with your partner and come to mutual agreement. As with all our events (and this greater event called Life) you never have to do anything you don't want to do. This is a place to practice communicating your boundaries and desires and negotiating agreements.

Please note that any kind of inappropriate touch is not allowed in this space.


  • Please bring a nest (yoga mat or blanket, zafu, pillow), massage oil, or anything else you'll want to receive for conscious touch
  • Please arrive on time, we start promptly and lock the doors 15 minutes after the event start. We cannot allow anyone to enter once we begin. We do not offer refunds if you are late.
  • Sliding scale tickets are available for a limited time while we are beta testing. We may also ask you for your feedback after the event.

~ FAQ ~

Q: Who can attend this event?

A: Only those who were on our Pleasure Circle orientation call (or have watched the replay) are able to attend. If you have not seen or attended the call, you can ask for the replay by emailing us:

Q: What if I don't want to do anything?

A: The whole point of Pleasure Circle is to be in your pleasure. And to give you a space to practice asking for the conscious touch you want and negotiating what that is. Maybe you don't want a massage, you just want to be held. Or maybe you just want to do eye gazing. Or maybe you just want to sit and meditate on your own. All is good and well. This is you in your sovereignty exploring what feels right to you in any moment.

Q: What kind of people come to this event?

A: This is an event to experience conscious touch. That means people that want to be present, and in connection with each other, while experiencing the nourishing (and often healing) power of touch. This may seem radical to some folks since our culture is so touch-starved. We think that's sad. And wanted to create a space to practice touch in a safe, clear, and consensual way.


Pleasure Circle - Facilitated Conscious Touch in Community image
Pleasure Circle - Facilitated Conscious Touch in Community image


This event is facilitated by a certified Tantra Institute Facilitator, such as Guy, Lauren, or any of our other certified facilitators.

Pleasure Circle - Facilitated Conscious Touch in Community image

Daka Guy, ACTE, and Lauren Harkness, ACTE are the co-founders of The Tantra Institute. They have collectively explored the realm of sacred seא‎uality for decades, having worked with a broad range of modalities and teachers, such as Charles Muir (Tantra), Steve & Vera Bodansky (EMO), Om Rupani (BDSM), Morehouse (DOing), 0rgasmic Meditation (coaching and instructor certification), Reiki, Quodoushka, ISTA, Shamanism, and others. Add to this a deep well of real-world personal exploration through hundreds of experiences, and it is likely that any question or situation you have, Guy & Lauren have encountered and can likely address. They speak, teach, and coach in New York and in 25+ cities worldwide, and have been featured in: Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Epix Channel, The Sunday Times, New York Magazine, Metro UK, Timeout New York, The Open Center, Burning Man, and others.