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Play Labs Online Demo Day @ MIT

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Come join us for the first demo day of Play Labs accelerator at MIT, a playful tech accelerator hosted by the MIT Game Lab.

This RSVP is for those who will join us online - URL to be provided. (If you are joining us in person @ MIT - use this RVSP)

Online Agenda:

6:15-6:30 introductory remarks

6:30-8:00 Batch 1 Company Pitches

8:00-9:00 Networking and Hands On Demos

Batch 1 consists of 13 companies who are buiding playful products built on VR/AR/AI.

Summary of Startups:

Batch1 consists of 13 startups working with playful tech, including VR/AR/AR/esports for entertainment, gaming, and business applicaitons. The first batch spans a wide breadth of categories, including:

  • VR pets & games (3 startups)

  • VR business applications (2 startups)

  • AR/MR Applications/Tools (2 startups)

  • VR/VRWeb/360 development tech (2 startups)

  • eSports (2 startups)

  • Machine Vision and Deep Learning (3 startups)

  • Online Games (2 startups)

The following is a list of the startups in the first batch (in alphabetical order, presentation order will vary):

  • Coresights: Coresights measures and reduces stress to improve wellness. The platform combines virtual reality with wearable devices to make training engaging and track progress through real-time data. (

  • Datavized: Datavized brings another dimension to enterprise and big data with 3D visualization. Combining the immersive power of virtual reality with the seamless delivery of the mobile web, the software enables cross platform collaboration and enhanced decision making. (

  • Empathy Box: Empathy Box creates story-driven interactive experiences that move you, challenge you, and transform the way you see the world. We combine over 10 years of interactive storytelling expertise with proprietary story-creation technology to achieve the unforgettable. ( )

  • Escape Labs: EscapeLabs uses Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (AR/MR) to create holographic experiences for escape-rooms, team-building exercises and room scale puzzle games. Our goal is to transform ordinary physical spaces into high quality 4D experiences using holographic content.

  • Esports One: Esports One is a revolutionary esports company, comprised of esportspedia, one of the largest esports information resources in the world, and providing an advanced computer vision and real time data analysis platform for esports.

  • Hidden Switch: Hidden Switch created an AI-powered content generator for competitive video games. Based on research from the MIT Media Lab, this technology exponentially increases the amount of content in a game and personalizes it to each player. Our demo game, Spellsource, is the first of many applications towards our mission: to make an unlimited video game.

  • Minda Labs: Minda is using virtual reality and AI to build the next generation of corporate learning tools to address sexism and bias. Our training simulations allow employees to practice principles like empathy, active listening, and empowerment, with feedback from an AI that's trained by professionals. It's empathy coaching, at scale. (

  • RidgeLine Labs: Ridgeline Labs is creating an AI architecture to bring VR and AR characters to life. We create emotionally significant VR/AR experiences by creating artificially intelligent virtual characters. We are currently using our proprietary AI technology to build RoVR, an adorable VR dog simulator where players can raise, explore, and build an emotionally significant bond with their own VR dog. Using our modular AI, we are creating immersive experiences with virtual companions whose friendships will be truly cherished. (

  • SavvyStat: SavvyStat is a game analytics platform utilizing cutting edge machine learning and econometrics for virtual economy management. For example, relevant factors (i.e., item pricing) for maximizing revenue and player retention can be seamlessly optimized using our simulation and prediction tools. (

  • Team Future: Typically, playing in VR means isolation. Team Future brings asymmetric gameplay beyond the headset to engage people around the VR user . We shipped Black Hat Cooperative last year on PC, are launching a new title on Playstation VR this fall, and will be building additional properties with our cooperative hacker-heist mechanics. (

  • Total Respawn: Total Respawn uses augmented reality to create real-life first person shooter games for action sports arenas. Our product lineup will feature experiences ranging from gunning your way out of the zombie apocalypse to a real life version of Call of Duty on Steroids. (

  • VRemedy: VRemedy Labs is creating a VR experience designed to give you the opportunity to live your childhood superhero movement fantasies without nausea! Their proprietary adjustable comfort level system developed at MIT helps mitigate nausea through carefully designed locomotion systems and customized training sequences. (

  • Wonda VR: Wonda VR develops intuitive tools to turn 360° videos into engaging VR experiences. It provides a simple drag & drop interface and a one-click publishing solution that puts the power of experiential storytelling in the hands of every video creator. (

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