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Plant-Based Cooking Series

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7700 Carroll Ave

7700 Carroll Avenue

Takoma Park, MD 20912

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This is a FREE Six-Week Program to Jump-Start Your Path to Health!
(Registration is required!)

What To Expect:
Watch Plant-Based Cooking Demos and Taste Samples
Learn How to Cook Delicious Plant-Based Meals
Listen to Presentations by Doctors and Professional Coaches
Review Favorite Plant Based Cookbooks
Evaluate Inspiring Life Changing Stories
Learn How to Order Plant-Based Foods from Restaurants
Enjoy Free Recipes
Ask Questions

Detailed Description of Entire Program Below:

**Tuesday, September 3**
Plant Based Eating: Moving towards Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease
Dr. John Wilbur, MD and Bonnie Wilbur, have taught courses about how to ease into plant-based eating. Dr. Wilbur will tell you how to prevent and reverse heart disease, while Bonnie will demonstrate plant-based recipes and answer your questions about the process of improving your life style.
Topics Covered:
• I want a plant-based diet but my family does not. What do I do?
• How do I get started with a Plant-Based diet?
• What protein can I eat?
• Can Heart Disease be prevented? Reversed?

**Tuesday, September 10**
The Art of Flavoring with Fresh Herbs
Jennifer Thomas is Cornell University certified in Plant-Based Nutrition Studies, she will be joined by Keri Tomenko.
Topics Covered:
• I've decided to try a Plant-Based diet? How do I do I make my food really delicious with organic herbs and spices?
• I'm under high stress. Would a Plant-Based diet help me sleep better?

Jennifer and Keri will teach us how to make inexpensive foods delicious, highlighting foods such as pinto beans, brown rice, tofu, and a variety of vegetables.

**Tuesday, September 17**
Plant-Based Cooking Filipino, Chinese, Korean, and Indian Style
Dr. and Mrs. Berillo Bacud and Flor Balay, all exceptional cooks, will show us how to answer the following questions.
Topics Covered:
• Asian food is my favorite, but every recipe I love has meat.
• Can these delicious recipes be made as plant-based AND equally delicious?

Many recipes are known to contain meat and can often be high sodium. Many regions of Asia have a high mortality rate due to heart and kidney disease, yet these diseases can be prevented through dietary changes.

**Tuesday, September 24**
How to Beat Cancer: Eight Pillars for Restoring Health
Troy Campbell, currently in remission from cancer, and his wife Geri Ann adopted a life-changing eating plan when Troy was diagnosed with cancer. Troy will share with us his life before cancer and his life now on a Plant-Based eating program. What made the difference? Both Troy and Geri Ann are Professional Trainers and took a cruise that changed their life - listening to a series of Plant-Based lectures and eating food prepared by professional chefs. Geri Ann will demonstrate and talk about these lectures and the foods and principles of health that have changed their life.
Topics Covered:
• Will changing my life-style take all my time and energy to accomplish?
• Is Troy's story really applicable to my health problems?

**Tuesday October 1**
Feed Your Muscles: The Best Food to Eat Before and After Strength Training will be co-hosted by Louvina Joseph and Helen Espenida.

Louvina, a professional Lifestyle Coach, is passionate about teaching exercise routines for all ages. Come at 6:15 PM to get an exercise lesson and an opportunity to ask questions. Wear your workout clothes!

At 7 PM Helen Espenida, RD and RDN, will teach us how to read labels to avoid some of the common tricks advertisers use to disguise the true problems with some “health foods.”

Louvina will teach us how to make food that will partner well with strength-training exercise, and June Germain will teach us how to make a great energy bar that is perfect for long strenuous hikes.

**Tuesday, October 8**
Long Term Plan for Plant-Based Living
Pastor Gerry, wife Eunice Lopez and their two daughters are in their third year of Whole Food- Plant-Based living. Why did they make this change? How has it affected their health? Pastor Gerry will share some first-hand experience on his Plant-Based journey.

Eunice will demonstrate how to make delicious Mexican food – yes, all plant based!

This evening will be your chance to ask final questions!

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7700 Carroll Ave

7700 Carroll Avenue

Takoma Park, MD 20912

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