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Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra Q & A call.

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One of the major themes I feel with this Pisces New Moon is reuniting the natural tendency of Pisces to expand, and sometimes the tendency to remain drifting within your potential, with the rootedness of the Gaia principal. 

This new moon can help you to embrace being well-rooted in the actualization process that moves you from potential to possibility.

When we desire to expand our influence, consciousness or Sankalpa (our sacred intention) to its next level of expression, having the support of deep roots allows a natural “next step” to emerge.  And quite often that “next step” arrives with all the micro-steps, all the details, that contribute to its transformation from potential to possibility.

One of the spiritual assignments I have right now is to help anchor the new blueprint for humanity in my Yoga Nidra recordings, classes and private sessions.  So please trust that you are receiving that benefit each time you listen to your New Moon Yoga Nidra practice.  

This Pisces New Moon will be energetically active from 3/6 to 4/5 so you can work with the Pisces New Moon Yoga Nidra recording during that time period for an extra boost of support.

This month’s Yoga Nidra recording will help you to stop syphoning off energy being used to keep things bound up in your subconscious mind and will begin to root your energy field deeply into the process of exchanging your potential for actual conscious embodiment.  

Our Full Moon call to collectively assess, and consciously recalibrate if necessary, our progress of actualizing our Pisces New Moon intentions will be on  Thursday March 21, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. 

Please feel free to include any questions you may have during the registration process. As always we will have a short yoga nidra practice during the call to assist in your recalibration process.

I’ll look forward to answering all your questions then.

You can view previous calls here.

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