PhysioEmoEnergetics DANCE Launch & Potluck

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UTC / La Jolla private residence

(details will be provided to registered attendees)

San Diego, CA 92122

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Experience unique form of mind reprogramming. It's beyond ecstatic! It's PhysioEmoEnergetic! Come DANCE and TRANCEform!

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Join PhysioEmoEnergetics DANCE Launch.

Watch the trailer here:

Come to experience a unique form of mind reprogramming, PhysioEmoEnergetics Reconditioning, a method within my PhysioEmoEnergetics System that I have co-created with the Universe and worked on polishing over the last decade.

PhysioEmoEnergetics Reconditioning has not only increased the performance of many entrepreneurs, political leaders, sports and entertainment celebrities but also facilitated "spontaneous remissions" of physical illnesses (paralysis, diabetes, etc.) and has healed individuals with decades-long histories of clinical depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc. This is why I so want you to have a taste of this work! Just imagine what it can do for you! Come to recondition your mind and tap into your unrealized potential.

You will rewire your neuropathways using facilitated high energy moves which will be integrated with EDM music and dance movements, combined with a therapeutically powerful method of neurobiological transformation.

Experience facilitated mind reprogramming to integrate your shadows, reframe your beliefs, and recondition emotional patterns associated with trauma. After transforming your mental reality, you will abandon yourself to the rhythm using freestyle moves as the music takes you and leads you to trance and a feeling of ecstasy.

So, what the night will be like?

5:45 pm. Registration.

6:00 pm. Slow free flow /ecstatic/transcendental dance to settle in.

6:30 pm. Opening circle (door closes at 6:20 sharp).

7:00 pm. PhysioEmoEnergetics Reconditioning segment which will clear your mind's storyline from all self-sabotaging beliefs and little self-lies that rob you of joy, love, and productivity. While dancing, we will recondition your neuropathways, induce new dynamic emotional states and plant seeds for a new perception of reality that will take your life to the next level. Be ready for a lot of cardio, we will do a lot of movements, breathwork, sound, etc.

8:00 pm. High energy ecstatic dance with an ecstatic DJ duo. Unleash yourself on the dance floor, get introduced to your new life and get High on Shakti with:

DJ High on S! (yes, Olga Kostrova, your truly);

DJ Joe Scharnweber (Diamond Entertainment).

9:15 pm. Potluck.

9:45 pm. Closing circle.

What is PhysioEmoEnergetics Reconditioning as a transformational method:

When designing PhysioEmoEnergetic Reconditioning, I utilized the latest discoveries in the fields of brain science, neuroscience, bioenergetics, quantum physics, epigenetics, and other scientific disciplines.

PhysioEmoEnergetics Reconditioning uses foundational principles of various psychotherapeutic methods, transformational modalities such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EMDR, EFT, Hypnosis, Gestalt, Gurgieff dance, and many others synthesized and structured through my knowledge of business practices, performance training, energy work, bodywork, breathwork, and linguistics. All the elements are compiled, blended, and modified in such a unique way that is both fun to practice and truly transformational.

PhysioEmoEnergetics Reconditioning builds upon studies and the scientific analysis of the origins of human behavior. It goes into the inner workings of human neurons, the brain, the autonomic nervous system, and the central nervous system.

My decade of executive performance coaching and energy work has led me to synthesize the discoveries around:

1. How the brain organizes external data which is taken in through our senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) and internal thoughts in hierarchies.

2. How the brain communicates to us via our perceptions and imagination.

3. How we deliver our thoughts via our spoken language, body language, and energy field.

4. How conditioned behavior results from thoughts, imagination, and external events.

I have learned how to rapidly change unwanted behavior, reactions, and thoughts and would love to be of service to YOU by facilitating PhysioEmoEnergetics Dance nights.


- For the potluck, please bring organic food (It doesn't have to be vegan).

- Bring what you love to eat and share. Please don't bring chips, soft drinks, fried food, etc. Bring healthy stuff!

- Mints - we will do a lot of breathing :-)

- Deodorant and essential oil mixes to stay fresh during the night of movement.


Anything comfortable.


Please shower and change your clothing right before the event. If your work hours don't allow you to have a shower within 2 hours before the event, please pack towels and soap with you, so you can take an "express shower" (freshen yourself up with wet towels) at the venue.

Your clothing must be washed before the event.


The address will be provided to all registered via Eventbrite attendees.


Early bird - requested $20 (limited).

Regular - requested $25 (before Sep 8).

Last call Eventbrite and at the door - requested $30.

Please register here now to take advantage of the "Early bird" offer!

If you are struggling financially at the moment, we have no intention to deprive you of love. Just contact me and let me know what exchange you can offer or how you can contribute to the event.

If you can't afford to donate, we welcome volunteers for the space set up as well as registration and clean up (Contact Olga for more details).

So, come DANCE and TRANCEform!

With Love,

Olga Kostrova,

Transformation facilitator,

Creator of PhysioEmoEnergetics System and PhysioEmoEnergetics Dance series

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Date and Time


UTC / La Jolla private residence

(details will be provided to registered attendees)

San Diego, CA 92122

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