Photoshop: Mastering Masks - WRK 240

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MPEX Learning Studio

2887 Silver Drive

Columbus, OH 43211

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Adobe Photoshop - Mastering Masks - WRK 240

Instructor: Tim Neumann

Mastering Masks

Requirements and Prerequisites: Students participating in this class are encouraged to bring their own laptop, with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher installed. While this is not an absolute requirement, students will be provided with sample images to follow along with the classroom presentation. Attendees are expected to have a foundation knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, including, but not strictly limited to; knowledge of the Photoshop interface, ability to successfully open and save image files, as well as being able to navigate an open image. Attendees are also expected to have an operational knowledge of the Windows or Mac computer that they will be using. This operational knowledge should include, but is not strictly limited to; ability to navigate to folders on the system’s hard drive, ability to copy files between drive locations, working knowledge of system cut / copy / paste / undo functions, as well as an understanding of system provided file / object selection tools (e.g. select all, select range, add to selection, remove from selection).

As you become more proficient with editing images in Photoshop, it is inevitable that you will want more control over specific areas and elements within your images. The key to this control is to learn Photoshop’s Selection tools and how those selections can be controlled with Masks.

Photoshop’s Selection tools are invaluable aids in the creation of effective Masks, and the better your Selections are, the better your Masks will be. Once you have mastered these two concepts, and their interaction in Photoshop, a whole new world of image manipulation will be available to you. In this class, we will those tools, and the ways in which they can dramatically impact an image. Students participating in this course will leave with a thorough understanding of advanced Selection, Masking, and Compositing techniques. Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to Photoshop Masks

    • How Masks work

    • Checking you Color Settings

    • Creating the power workspace

  • Masks and Channels

    • The Masks and Channels Panel

    • An overview of Color Channels

    • RGB Channels

    • Color modes

  • Masking magic

    • Alpha Channels and Masks

    • Creating Alpha Channels

    • Creating a selection from an Alpha Channel

    • Creating a selection from a Layer

    • Creating a selection from another image

  • Masks and Compositing

    • How Masks and Composites work together

    • Mask Overlay colors

    • Painting inside a Mask

    • Blending image elements

    • Fixing layer problems

    • Using Masks to hide Layer Effects

    • Clipping Masks

  • Selection essentials

    • Photoshop’s seven Selection tools

    • Marquee Selection tools

    • Single-pixel tools and tricks

    • Lasso tools

    • Quick Selection tools

    • Magic Wand tool

  • Transformation and Combinations

    • Selections and Transparency Masks

    • Blending textures in skin

    • Combining Layers, Masks, Channels, and Paths

    • Transforming

    • Warping

    • Pasting into a Selection

    • Volumetric Shadows and Highlights

  • The power of Color Range

    • The Color Range command

    • Primary Color and Luminance Ranges

    • Smoothing Masks and refining corners

    • Integrating foregrounds and backgrounds

  • Everyday Masking operations and automation

    • Mask

    • Composite

    • Refine

    • Blend


How do I know if this class is the right class for my level of interest and/or expertise?

This class is part of the Photoshop series, designed to be taken in sequence, although if you have Photoshop experience you may choose to take these calsses in any sequence.

The Suggested Photoshop sequence is:

  1. Files, Interface, and Tools
  2. Basic Image Editing
  3. Mastering Masks
  4. Learning Layers
  5. Layer Tricks and Blend Modes
  6. Presets, Plug-ins, and Production

How do I know if this class is the right class for my level of interest and/or expertise?
It is recommended to have skills with both Masking and Layers in Photoshop for this class. It is recommended to take the previous Photoshop classes if you are to the program.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

It is highly recommended that each attendee brings their own laptop computer to get full use of this class. If you do not have a laptop, some bring their All-in-one desktop computer. Please contact us with any questions regarding computer issues.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

You may request a refund up to two days before the class. For example, your class is on a Saturday, you have until the Thursday before to ask for a refund. Refunds requested the day before or day of the class, will be on a case by case basis, and are subject to processing fees.

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Date and Time


MPEX Learning Studio

2887 Silver Drive

Columbus, OH 43211

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