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Photo & Rope Recognizance Weekend ~ With BlueRisk, SiRoberto, JDSilver, Cur...

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Ev-Ry Place Estate

1333 Hainesport Rd

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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This is an idea which has been incubating for a very long time. To have a photo intensive that deals with photography as it relates to kink. Shooting exciting rope images, or erotica, or highly creative and unusual lifestyle photos. Doing it with flair, creativity and style just like the pros do it. Well this is our year. And yours!

We've put together something quite special that deals strictly with how to be a better photographer with particular emphasis on rope. Or a better rigger with particular emphasis on on your photo skills.

Your skill set or photo gear won't matter, we'll show you how to think more visually and viscerally and to create exactly how you want. New and creative rope techniques and the skills to capture your unique creations.

In addition we'll be teaching something which is rarely seen at kinky photo classes or seminars. Post production! Yeah that little thing that takes a good image and propels it to the stratosphere of extraordinary. We will have a session that deals with the intricacies and mysteries of post production, and will make you the DominantOfYourPixels :)

Did I mention this will be a comprehensive intensive? Hold on, we're not done yet.

For those of you selfie inclined, we also have a tract that will show you innovative ways of creating an artistic selfie. Yeah I know you're fond of the one you took in your car from the perspective of the sun visor. That's all good, but we're going to teach you how you can take sensual, erotic, artistic selfies.


We've chosen what promises to be a beautiful fall weekend at the breathtaking location shown above and gathered some of the most outstanding presenters to bring you this crazy extravaganza.

  • BlueRisk - "The Blue" Murph to his good friends, is quite literally the energizer bunny of rope. He's a self-claimed "American Rigger", Murphy tries to focus not just on the hows of tying, but the frequently forgotten whys. He's also an accomplished photographer that's refined the art of the rope bomb and how to capture it.

  • JDSilver - International rigger with mad rope skills and the knack for finding crazy places and spaces to do his unique thing. He'll be fresh back from Europe with those crazy German ideas.

  • Curious-one - Herself a rigger, a professional photographer, and rope bottom. She knows everything we'll be teaching from each and every angle. She’s just a kinky Swiss Army knife.

  • SiRoberto - Professional photographer and just a nice guy who got sucked into this mess at too young an age.

  • Helen-Alexandria - Lovely and talented at both ends of the camera, and quite possible the princess of artful selfies on Fet.


    Topics to date:

    * The art of photographic self gratification ~ Helen-Alexandria (The Michelangela of the selfie) Will demonstrate how she comes up with ideas and executes some of the most artful erotic selfies as she works both sides of the camera.

    * BlueRisk - Murphy will be demonstrating his crazy rope skills which he's been refining for years. He's a master of the interplay with people and energy through the use of rope and gestures and creativity. Something that should be passed along, and Murphy does his best to leave his mark and a lasting impression.

    * Inspiration from that which surrounds us ~ JDSilver and Curious-one will be demonstrating how they've achieved their pictorial rope artistry and what inspires and drives them to constantly create and instill that wow factor into their rope creations. They'll find locations around the property, indoors or out and rope bomb to their little heart's desire.

    * McGyver meets Helmut Newton ~ SiRoberto will demonstrate how to create something from nothing. Or at least very little. Uniquely resourceful thinking with techniques which will make you the envy of your photo peers. Yeah just give him a table lamp, some tape, aluminum foil, paper towels, and a flashlight and he'll make some kinky photo magic happen. We'll be paying particular attention to one of the most crucial elements of all, Lighting!

    * From raw pixels to raw erotica ~ SiRoberto Will be demonstrating what to do once you've imported that raw data into your computer and how to go about polishing that image into a gem of which you can be proud.

    * Three riggers and a shooter ~ JDSilver, BlueRisk, Curious-one and SiRoberto - A wild shootout demo of how we work together. Murphy, JDSilver and curious one will be tying as SiRoberto shoots his little heart out. Please bring energy drinks for him, and maybe some heart meds.

    * Open photo/rope shoot - On Sunday at the end of the intensive you'll have some unique opportunities. Murphy will be holding a rope bomb clinic and you'll be able to use designated areas of the property to do your own thing. Run amuck, use your newfound skills and be as creative as your artistic heart desires. We will be leaving plenty of time through the day for your spontaneous burst of rope and photography. Feel free to use your own rope model/bottom or we can coordinate and arrange for someone you can work with, even a professional rope model for a fee.. Conversely if you're a rope bottom who wishes to come and be photographed in rope we can make that happen also. Or if you want your rope work/idea photographed we've got some great professional photographers on hand.

All classes will be instructional at the start, then followed by hands on and making your own images whenever circumstances permit. There will be individual help with technical help as needed. Each instructor will manage their class according to attendees skill level. Also house models can be made available upon request for a fee.

Prior to the start of classes we'll be covering a very important topic. Ethics and legalities of photography and how to manage releases and permissions.

And...Still not done!

Our location will be the Ev-Ry Place Estate and horse farm. Located in Mt. Laurel, NJ about 20 minutes outside Phila. This incredibly beautiful and picturesque location is where we've held past rope intensives. It's an upscale home with 25+ acres of horse farm, barns, woods, open fields and streams. Doesn't get much better if you're a shooter and lover of the outdoors. Please note that Ev-Ry place is a working horse farm with a strict no smoking policy throughtout the property. You are welcome to go offsite during the breaks if needed.

Who should come? Photographers, aspiring photographers, riggers, aspiring riggers, models, aspiring models and any combination of some or all of the above. There will truly be something for everyone. If you want to shoot some, or do rope in a bucolic setting, or care to be a rope bottom and polish up your skills. I know we're all going to go home with some amazing images.

Detailed schedule to follow shortly.

Lunch will be included each day.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Date and Time


Ev-Ry Place Estate

1333 Hainesport Rd

Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

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