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PFlax Winter Sub Jam - London

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Ticket sales have ended
Thanks for registering - we'll see you there. More tickets may follow if demand is great enough. Cyni x

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Date and Time



Flight Club Shoreditch

2 A Worship Street



United Kingdom

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Thanks for registering - we'll see you there. More tickets may follow if demand is great enough. Cyni x
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Calling all subscribers and long-time viewers of one, Pyrion J. Flax - within the online gaming community.

Don your band of elvenskins (situational), and mosey on down to the smoothest and most professionally-executed event since the DOTA 2 Shanghai Major.

The inaugural PFlax Winter Subscriber Jam.


Taking off from:

  • ‘Flight Club’ in Shoreditch @ HIGH NOON (12:00pm) for ninety minutes of liquid courage and digital darts.

Proceeding onto:

  • Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park – For mulled wine, pork sandwiches, ice skating, unlicensed theme park rides, and authentic carnie gaming.

  • Escape London – A sixty minute themed escape room. We’ve booked out their entire venue, so we’ll divide up the group among the three available rooms.

  • Baller meal @ Restaurant, TBD. We’ll be getting individual bills (My daiquiris would schwreck your bank account). This isn't "included" in the price - but you only have to pay for your own order.

  • Golf With Your Friends, IRL EDITION – 9 holes across a choice of two superbly themed courses. (Reg gravity and jumping turned off). SABOTEURS (anyone who beats me) will be ejected from the premises.

  • Ending at Twitch London –’s second London meetup. Hosted @EXP Leisure - the new gaming bar. YOU NEED TO REGISTER FOR THIS - CLICK THIS LINK.

Bonus round:

Now featuring – the “morning after” breakfast, for those GLADIATORS who are staying overnight in the capital. A delectable deep-fried conclusion, to a night aboard the banter bus. 11:00am on Saturday morning - LOOK SHARP.

Assassins Guild

A new sub jam feature. Make sure to tick the box on your ticket application, if you want to participate.

Each opt-in “assassin” will have a contract to fulfill by the end of the evening. No one else will know if you are playing, or what your contract involves. It’ll probably be something pretty docile, I don’t want people falling out over this, but it adds a pinch of flare and subterfuge to the day’s proceedings.

For example:

  • “Peggy Mitchell” – Subtly attach five clothes pegs to another attendee.

  • “Liver damage” – Take a drink every time Frowning Clown takes a drink.

  • “Shit stack” – Take a photograph containing (exclusively) the worst five dota players in attendance.

  • “Three two two” – Make sure attendee ‘X’ wins every game they play.

  • “Not on me, lads” – coax Munt into including “I love lads” into three separate sentences.

  • Etc. etc.

If you are caught fulfilling your contract, you lose. For extra bants, you can reveal your contract and discuss your findings @ the end of the night.


Money? For this GARBO?

I know, I know. Unfortunantly things cost money. I’ve pre-booked and pre-paid for all the activities up front - this way, it ends up being cheaper per person. You just need to bring money for travel, food and drink.

In terms of costing:

  • Flight club (Included in ticket)

  • Winter Wonderland (This is free)

  • Escape rooms (Included in ticket)

  • Meal at restaurant or eatery (Not included - must pay on day)
  • Mini Golf (Included in ticket)

  • Twitch Event (This is free - but you need to register for that seperately)

If it's any consolation, the "value" (what it would cost to go by yourself) of these pre-paid activities is in excess of £50, and it's twelve hours aboard the banter bus. Live a little, bruh.

Where does my money go?

This is a not-for-profit, private event. I am not making any money, and the time and effort that goes into organization is done for free. The ticket price is essentially for you guys to reimburse me for the activities I've pre-paid for on your behalf.

I’m coming a long way – is there anywhere cheap to stay the night?

There are obviously, loads of hotels in the capital, but only a handful that are reasonably priced. If you want my personal pick: Generator hotels are new, super clean, and great value if you're on a budget. Prices start at £44 for a private room, and £9 for a bed in a shared room.

Plenty of people sharing accommodation if you want to make arrangements privately.


Unfortunantly, I cannot offer automated refunds as your ticket fee is used to secure bookings on activities. However, you can still apply for one under exceptional circumstances. If the event is cancelled, because we can't get enough people, or for any other reason whatsoever. All attendees will receive a full refund.

Who is welcome?

Subscribers and regular viewers, new and old. If you'd like to come, you're more than welcome! Please don't feel you're "not worthy" just because you're new to the stream.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

I will do my best to take care of you all - but 18+ only please. You won't be able to participate in most of the activities if you're not "of age". Also, I can't be liable for looking after minors. Sorry! :(

What do I need to bring?

  • Yourself.

  • Photo ID if you look under 25 (for bars/pubs). So help me god, if you come without photo ID – expect to spend the evening outside in the cold.

  • At least £15 for food and drink, but you'll probably want more.

  • London travelcard - for using the tube.

  • A hotel booking if you're staying in London overnight.

Why do I need a ticket?

So I have a full list of people committing to coming, an accurate headcount, contact information, and some assurance of payment.

Will there ever be more tickets?

If there's enough interest, I can do another release. Above 25 starts becoming problematic, we may have to find alternative venues, etc. We become less of a group and more of a horde.

I need to leave early because of X/Y/Z

Cowards! Of course, no problem at all. Please make sure you've all arranged travel/hotel plans ahead of time. Be safe.

Photos from the first sub jam

God bless the brave sub jam pioneers - many have perished since this photograph was taken.

Last Sub Jam - Umbrella Shot

Full Album Here

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Date and Time


Flight Club Shoreditch

2 A Worship Street



United Kingdom

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