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Peter Petersen's Qigong/Dance Facilitators Training Level 1

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Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Bello

Cabo San Lucas, BCS


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If you are a movement, music, and meditation nerd, and want to geek out with other passionate movers, then you have found your training!

About this Event

Are you interested in learning more about the healing and vitality giving movement practice of Qigong and want it to become an everyday part of your life?

Would you maybe like to start holding space for other passionate movers in your life? Are you interested in learning how to curate a badass dance set that takes people on a wild movement ride through the world's natural elements?

If you are a "hell yes" to these questions and movement, music, and meditation are some of your main passions in life, then this 7 day training is for you!

If you are reading this description, then you are probably familiar with the work that I do, which is I instruct Qigong, Dance, Meditation, and Tantra.

I have been teaching Sheng Zhen Qigong www.shengzhen.org for almost 20 years and started to infuse dance into my teaching sessions back in 2011.

I am a super passionate mover and love to hold space for other's who adore moving their body. When I am holding this space for other movement nerds I am in my highest bliss and joy.

Now because of the current living conditions we are in, I am making this sure this will be a small and rather intimate group to 16 people to attend this event, so if you are interested in attending this event in person, you will need to reach out to me and tell me your are interested, and I will need to prequalify you first, before you can attend.

First are you super passionate about movement, music, and meditation? Because we will be geeking out intensely on these 3 subjects for 7 days.

Second, what is your living situation right now, do you live alone, or with a partner, in a community house with lots of people, do you live with or are around elderly people a great deal?

Third, how is your health, how is your immune system, are you in excellent robust health? Or do you have any immune compromised conditions? Please, please, please, do not even think about attending if you are even a little bit worried about contracting COVID.

Only adults who sign a wavier saying you are taking full responsibility for your health during this training will be able to attend in person.

But if you live alone or only with one other person, and are in very good health with an excellent immune system, and you can be in Mexico, from Dec. 9th to the 16th, then this is probably something you would like to be a part of.

We will of course practice the movements a lot, and get proficient on how to remember them so you can do them on your own and gain the benefits of the movements.

We will have lectures on the functions and benefits of Qigong and how it can be used as a fountain of youth for yourself.

We will practice several kinds of meditation to help us integrate all of the energy and information that we cultivate during our practice sessions.

And we will have many discussions about music, partake in music sharing with one another and how to use it during our sessions to extract and cultivate the best movement class possible.

Since I also teach tantra I will sprinkle in some wisdom and rituals from that philosophy as well, and most importantly we will create a tribe of people who love to come together to move our bodies.

If any of this sounds intriguing and delightful to you, please contact me directly to ask any other questions you may have.

The cost is 1997 for the 7 days of training, and does include food for a lite breakfast and lunch, if you like. (I'll talk about early bird prices in a few paragraphs down below.) What else is included in the cost?

For starters you will be living in a condo in a gated community that is a 7 minute walk to a private beach with beautiful waves to swim in.

The venue has a hot tub and a heated salt water pool, where we can practice water qigong.

We will also partake in one water adventure renting a boat and snorkeling at a beach and hang out for half the day.

We will normally begin at 9:30 am everyday (except the first day of course) and will go till about 8 or 9 pm every-night, with ample breaks in between. The venue has a hot tub and a heated salt water pool, if you would like to partake, but please bring a bathing suit and towel if interested.

Now there is an early bird price if you pay in full by March, 24th, you will get 444 dollars off the normal price, so the tuition would be 1553, if you pay in full by this date April 24th you will get 333 dollars off and your tuition will be 1664, if you pay by May 24th you will get 222 dollars off and your cost will be 1775, and if you pay by June 24th you will get 111 dollars off and your total price will be 1886.

If you are someone who is doing well in this pandemic and can afford to pay more, I have a pay it forward ticket price of 2222. This will help me give scholarship tickets to those who cannot afford this price.

Also please know that your ticket for entry can be paid off in installments, just let me know what kind of down payment you would like to make and I will be able to accommodate you.

You can buy a ticket here on Eventbright I also accept Paypal and Venmo, please text me directly if you like to purchase a ticket or talk to me about any of these details I just touched on here. 619 305 3402

We are living in some of the strangest and most challenging time period of our lifetimes; and many people's relationships with family, friends, and lovers have been severely strained.

To have this ability to create calm and ease in the body, and to also bolster your immune system at the same time is priceless right now and could literally save your life.

I am also very aware about what is happening in the world now, and we will be taking every precaution possible to help you feel safe congregating in our facilitation space.

We will have lots of hand sanitizer available, taking people's temperature upon entering the space, the facilitation space has many windows and will have some of them open to allow ample airflow, also we will have fans turned on to help with this airflow as well and we are limiting this training to 16 students so each person will have enough personal space to spread out and feel safe to be in a room with other people.

I will not be demanding a COVID test before the training, but I would ask you to please be super mindful of your personal habits 7 days before the training begins. For example, please if you go out into the world and are around other people indoors, please wear a mask, please refrain from attending large gatherings, please only be intimate with your partner or lovers who you know are 100% not infected. Please eat well and take supplements of Vit. C and D and maybe even some zinc. Please get enough sleep to feel fully rested the final 3 days before the training.

What you will need to bring is a notebook, pencil or pen, and ipod or computer or some device that stores all of your personal music, and light clothes that you can easily move around in, and probably a water bottle.

So if you have made it this far in reading the description, you must really be interested in this training, thank you!

I am so excited and thrilled to have you possibly come be a part of this training. Sending you all so much love and I hope you are all well and wonderful.

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Date and Time


Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Bello

Cabo San Lucas, BCS


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