Perspectives on Conflict (Free Virtual Workshop)

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A virtual workshop to help you work more effectively with others by improving your ability to navigate conflict.

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Conflict is a signal that something new is trying to emerge.

We often don’t think of conflict like this; instead we think of pointless debates, personality clashes, hurt feelings, and distractions from the “real work.”

But what if we got good at being able to disagree productively with one another? What if we could engage in passionate, unfiltered discussions around issues of importance without worrying that it would devolve into mean-spirited personal attacks? How much more effective would we be?

If you want to work more effectively with conflict, join me for an engaging, free, virtual workshop about perspectives on conflict, held via the Zoom video-conferencing platform. This workshop exists to help you work more effectively with others by increasing your awareness of what your current perspective on conflict is, of how that influences your experience of and the possible outcomes from conflict, and of what some of your alternatives are.

This is more than an webinar; over the course of 90 minutes, you will:

  • Delve into why working with conflict more effectively is important to you
  • Identify and discuss your current perspective(s) on conflict
  • Explore other participants perspectives on conflict
  • Apply two new perspectives to a conflict that you recently experienced to see what insights are revealed
  • Make plans for how to apply what you discover

Enrollment is limited to 24. I hope to see you there!

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