PERSONA Workshop: a fun journey of self-discovery through the music of BTS

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The Actors Group Studio Burbank

2813 West Magnolia Boulevard

Burbank, CA 91505

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Refund Policy

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NEW times & prices:

Option A: 11am - 1:15pm for $25

Option B: 2:15 - 4:30pm for $25

Option C: come to both for $40


What is Persona?

I define persona as the various social masks we wear to interact with the world around us, which is as normal and necessary as wearing clothes. Just as we have a closet full of clothes, we also have an inner closet full of various social masks that we mix and match with our personalities. And just as we favor wearing some pieces of clothing more than others, we tend to express some aspects of our persona more readily than others, either by preference or by habit—such as, the shy one, the hard worker, the pretty one, the creative one, etc.

But what about those clothes you rarely or maybe never wore, but you still love them so you keep them around for ‘someday’? Are there characteristics and attributes of your persona and personality that you’d like to take out of your inner closet and express more of in your daily life—such as, more confidence, authentic self-expression, courage, and enjoyment of life?

Who is this workshop for?

For the BTS Army (age 21 & up) who are genuinely interested in exploring for themselves BTS’s positive messages of loving yourself & speaking yourself.

What will we do in the workshop?

We’ll play theatre games that I’ve curated and fun exercises inspired by the music of BTS, to playfully yet deeply explore the fundamental question: Who are you?

Capping the number of participants to a maximum of 12, I create a safe, loving and supportive space for all participants to freely explore this basic question—sometimes solo, sometimes in partners or groups—without judgement or over-analysis. And we get to do this with fellow Armys who share a common interest and love for BTS, whose music has changed each of us for the better.

Please note that this workshop is NOT about formally analyzing and interpreting the music of BTS. The music is simply a catalyst—a starting point—for your own personal discoveries and insights about YOU and about what it is to be human.

So, come with an open mind and heart and a willingness to allow new discoveries to occur.



“Thank you again for the wonderful workshop. It has left me with a sincere optimism… The weekend helped me to recenter my focus and recall why I'm here, to realize myself in order to listen to others and access what I can give. To connect with the myriad of stories people have to share, without getting lost in my own wants, dramas and complaints. Thank you, Yuriana, for the extraordinary, rich conversations and opportunity to connect with others through growth.”

- Julia Richardson

“…We then dove courageously deeper into the layers of the onion, as a group, head first-into connection, deep listening and serenity. Yuriana was instrumental in leading us through these waves and layers of intention. She was inviting, loving and compassionate through to the last breath of our time together. Her investment to this work, to our experience was so inspiring and strong that it allowed us to truly feel supported as we let go into our consciousness. To feel the freedom and safety to come back to ourselves, our truths, and what it means to truly be alive. The experience was worth every penny and every minute. Thank you will never be enough, Yuriana.“

- Chelsea Didier

“Yuriana's workshop on Presence and Connection was such a delightful and an enriching few hours on a Sunday afternoon! She clearly had spent time considering what would be super fun, yet far outside our comfort zone, while also imagining what might be enlightening for our consciousness. Her activities brought the participants, none of whom knew each other, into such a sweet connection.

And if that isn't enough, for the early bird special you get a 1:1 coaching session with her in her mountain cottage, where for me, I sketched, literally with colored pencils, sketched out my future!!

I highly encourage anyone considering any of Yuriana's workshops; I've already signed up for the next on Grounding and Expanding.”

- Cynthia Rogers

“I cannot stop talking about the workshop, about Yuriana's teaching method which is so gracious and tailored to each individual's level of experience.”

- Su Castillo

“Yuriana’s playshop (on Grounding & Expanding) was a wonderful, nourishing experience and left me feeling calmer, quieter of mind and richer of soul. She expertly crafted a space for us participants to revert back to seeing & discovering with the eyes of a child, to explore our hearts & dreams, and to find ways to stretch into these new ideas and grow towards the future we want to create. Yuriana’s strong, yet loving & playful presence & guidance allowed us to feel safe, and, so importantly - seen & heard. She is a gifted facilitator and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her in this setting.”

- Francesca Manzi

"Yuriana's (Presence and Connection) workshop was a delightful invitation to play, to explore, to open up, to see the world in new ways. The exercises we did seemed simple enough at the outset, but they ended up unlocking deeper levels of meaning, both emotionally and creatively. Being encouraged to play like a kid in a safe, supportive environment and to stretch just a bit past the blocks that ordinarily hold us back was freeing and deeply satisfying. Thank you, Yuriana!”

- Z

“Yuriana’s workshop is extraordinary. It felt to me as if the cork, which was holding my true essence inside, had been removed. For several days after the workshop, I felt as if something bigger, wiser and higher was expressing through me, allowing that which was present in me to be revealed with spontaneity and serendipity. The result was an amazing sense of self-awareness through incredible metaphors and symbolisms, which applied perfectly in so many areas of my life. I felt empowered by such awarenesses. I also experienced a higher state of clarity and discernment as to what is important to me and the next steps for me to take at this time.“

- Inely Cesna

“I have been coached by Yuriana a number of times both individually and in a group setting. Yuriana is a wonderful facilitator and coach and she creates a warm, safe and supportive environment within which to work and play. Without being strict or stern, Yuriana has nurtured and encouraged me to move beyond my comfort zone, which is necessary for any real development and growth. She has encouraged me to move towards the heart of the matter, as it were, and this is allowing my self confidence and abilities to grow and flourish.”

- Paul McGrane



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Minimum age is 21

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Street parking

What can I bring into the event?

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can easily move around in.

A journal or notebook.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Shoot me an email with any questions at: theCreativityCatalyst@gmail.com

What's the refund policy?

All sales are final. Tickets are transferable if your plans change (just shoot me an email to let me know).

If you’re coming to both sessions, the balance of $15 can be paid in cash on the day of the workshop.

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Date and Time


The Actors Group Studio Burbank

2813 West Magnolia Boulevard

Burbank, CA 91505

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