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Wendy Kay Have you discovered your life's purpose yet? If so, have you figured out in what capacity you will serve in it? Maybe you're at that point where you realize that you're able to help others grow through their challenges and break through to more personal fulfillment and wellbeing. Well, if that is you...

Have YOU ever thought about being a coach?

Lately I've been thinking about how grateful I am, not only to have the privilege to be a Life Strategy Coach, but to have been certified by, and now forever associated with, an organization that continues to support me in my efforts of assisting more people. When I say organization, I really mean the head of it, Barbara Wainwright, CEO and founder of Wainwright Global, Institute for Professional Coaching. Barbara is a Master Coach, serial entrepreneur and former worldwide president of the Certified Coaches Federation. 

Over the years, I've gotten to know Barbara far more as the generous and thoughtful coach and business owner/director that she is. What I admire most about her practices is that her exceptional success in the coaching industry is due to her desire for the success of others. She's definitely committed and dedicated to those she serves, and continues to offer growth and expansion opportunities long after a coach becomes certified. 

I'm telling you this today because I know that there are a handful of you associated with me that are "undercover" coaches - you're already doing it! And a handful that have the life experiences that can help others on a larger scale. If that's YOU, coaching may be your calling! And if you've never checked it out before, I can tell you that learning a proven methodology to become a Certified Professional Coach is probably a lot simpler than you'd imagined. I started coaching 2 years prior to getting certified; certification is currently not a mandate. But the fact is, that potential clients that do or don't know you personally, feel much more comfortable and confident in hiring you if you are certified (certification = more clients). 

This is your life. And today I've brought this opportunity into your awareness. If you feel that this may be YOUR calling, what are you waiting for? Check out the Introduction to Professional Coaching Webinar RIGHT HERE

Get the Free ebook to Learn about The 52 Coaching Niches that are Working Miracles Every Day! 

You can tell Barbara and her staff that I sent you. If you're passionate about seeing others live life more successfully, don't wait any longer to become the next Coach - the world needs You! 

To Your Success & Wellbeing always ~
Wendy Kay, CPC
Maurice Ball This class was powered packed and I was amazed at what I could learn in 16hrs. Berry and Barbara have done an exceptional job at providing an avenue to become a Certified Life Coach. I had the pleasure of being taught by Linda and Elizabeth and both were phenomenal, and the relationships that I develop during class changed my life. Sure there were several programs that I could have chose to invest in, but after my 6 months of research WGI was head and shoulders above the rest. It was well worth the investment and I have recommending this class to several of my friends. WGI believes in the success of its students and the support that you receive is incredible. Think about what is holding you back from getting started today, eliminate the excuses and become part of the team. You will be glad you did.
Cindy Hawk I checked into every coaching course available (researched for 18 months) and I highly, highly recommend taking Wainwright Global's CPC Course. It is the best and least expensive course available by far. Others that were within the same price range only provided books and CD/DVD's to study on your own. I knew I would never become certified if I did it by CD/DVD and it would be so boring! This course is interactive for "All 16 Hours" which is not what other courses offer. I was able to start coaching my first session with other students who attended the online webinar. Most courses have you reading material or listening to CD/DVD's about how to coach before you actually coach but this one had me on the phone using coaching material they provided so I could learn how to coach immediately! It eliminated my fear of having my first coaching session as I now had done it! I loved it and I made friends with the others in my class. I felt very comfortable coaching after I was done with the course. Don't waste your money or time on other programs as this one gives you it all for a quarter of what other ones cost. You also have a website once you are done so you can start earning $$ as a coach immediately. I don't know about you but I didn't have $2,500+ or 6 months+ to become a Certified Professional Coach.
Harry Kroner I was pleasantly surprised with the level of the other students attending this seminar. They were all very accomplished, intelligent and spiritual people that are in a similar stage in life. This was reassuring and made it interesting. Master coach Linda did a good job at making everyone feel comfortable and welcome immediately. Actually creating the vision statement and going through the interviewing process was extremely important for me and it cleared away one of my greatest stumbling blocks, thank you. Everyone will probably take something different out of the course. Personally, what I needed the most is a system, a method to start my interviews with. What was even more beneficial was the fact that I already had my first interview with a stranger and I do not have to fear it ever again. I would definitely recommend others to take this course as I found it to be very educational and practical for anyone who wishes to launch a new career as a life coach. Four days ago I did not feel ready to start and now I feel I have all the tools in my domain to launch my life coach business.
Stephanie L. Sasnauskas I loved receiving all of the tools I need to get my coaching business started in a very quick but powerful 16 hour course. The methodology and tools are most valuable to me because I really feel I can set up shop with this information. I would and will recommend this course. I feel I gained all of the information and tools I need to launch my business. The exercises have made me confident and I am no longer feeling like I don't know what to do. I feel I can get out there and coach and all of this in only 16 hours. I will definitely tell my friends and family about this.
Sarah Seidelmann It exceeded all expectations! My own Coach Michelle Caron had recommended it highly- so I knew it would be good- but WOW! What an amazing bunch of women! Despite some minor difficulties with sounds, we bonded as tightly as if we had been on a trip together- it felt very safe! I love having this set up system to help me have a MAP to start my coaching- until I gain my own stride- so the 4 step thing is great! Info was very succinct and to the point. I loved the lab aspect- live coaching and being coached was thrilling! I found myself smiling as I coached and thinking this is just so much fun! I enjoyed it and my client said she really enjoyed it too! Vision statement- both creating one and receiving mine was incredible too- I cannot wait to share this process with my first client (hopefully tomorrow!!). I'd absolutely recommend this course! Great intro to coaching and perfect for those who (like me) learn by the "do one" "teach one" method- I can start coaching now. I have the tools!
Carmen Shearer The "hands on" training was great practice. It was awesome to be able to coach and be coached during the course. Writing the vision statement was I think the best part, because it's so powerful to see first hand, how you can really touch and change people's lives. I'd absolutely recommend this course! The trainer was fabulous, the material was very concise and the training was exactly what I needed and in just 16 hrs. Update: I am extremely pleased with the professional coaching training I have received from WGI. Thanks to their fantastic program I was able to get my coaching certification from the convenience of my house and at an excellent price. The instructor and material were first class, and I have been able to start my coaching practice with no problems after the course. 1/17/2010
Suzie Simmons The materials: goal setting, new client interview, the vision statement and self-discovery forms were my favorite. I now have a specific workable structure that will create a very professional and powerful beginning to the coach/client relationship. I loved the idea of getting certified in only 16 hours ... not to mention the cost compared to other programs! The course is brilliant and I would absolutely recommend it ... in fact, I already have ... to one of my clients who just spent $12,000 on Mary Manin Morrissey's one year course and she, so far, has been given NO experience of how to coach. Why would I recommend the course? Because of the length, cost, materials, presentation, flow, ease, integrity ... 
Update:"I was privileged to have graduated from the Wainwright Global coaching course in Dec 09. It was amazing to me that I could become a Certified Professional Coach in only 4 days at such a reasonable price compared to other institutions that were longer and more costly. We had plenty of opportunities to coach and be coached by the other course participants while using well-organized and cohesive materials. The coaching structure works like a charm; in fact, it allows for greater ease and confidence knowing that you are delivering optimal value to your clients. I am also delighted to report that I have filled a new weight loss coaching group in only 10 days. Thank you Berry and Barbara!" Love, Suzie 1/15/2010
Tonya Hunter I really liked the interaction with peers and the hands-on practice. Practicing the vision statement and new client interview was very empowering. Yes, I would recommend this course, it put things in perspective and it gives you a format to use when you finish that's awesome!
Brenda R. Deere I found the interactions very valuable, and liked that people were paired with different people throughout the course. Eight hour days are rather long, but the breaks help! I especially enjoyed the long interview and writing and presenting the Vision Statement. I can see how this tool will be very valuable to the client. The course was interesting and fast paced. The price was right. I wanted to become a Certified Life Coach, although I am still uncertain as to why the courses, prices and various programs found on the internet are so variable. It was rather confusing to pick out which course I wanted to take, whether one would be of more value than another, why some were so very expensive and required so many additional hours of "supervised" coaching and others didn't. Coming from a "Licensed" profession (psychologist) where rules, etc. are very black and white, this fairly new and wide open field almost has too many options, making one question whether a short course such as this one will "hold as much weight" as one recommended by the ICF. Update: The Wainwright Global Coaching Certification program was excellent. It is the 2nd Life Coach Certification I have obtained, as I wanted to check out a few others. Berry and Barbara were so supportive and their method of teaching gave hands on, or should I say "phones on," training that was both very practical and necessary, giving the students the opportunity to actually use the lessons. Their follow-up has also been unexpectedly remarkable, with update seminars, special offers for free help in getting established in the field, and almost instantaneous e-mail feedback when responding to e-mail questions. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering getting into the Life Coaching field.
Rose Hardrict Learning how to help my clients and grow myself at the same time was a great tool for life as well as coaching. Now, I will be able to accomplish and achieve my goals and my clients will too.  This course has helped me to have confidence in coming out of my comfort zone. I would love to help other people do this as well.
Lori Barland I loved the one on one practice coaching. This was much more beneficial to me than if we had done group "role playing". The value of coaching each other with real situations was fantastic. Giving us an actual structured coaching session to build on was great. This is always the most difficult thing about starting something new, is where to begin. The Client interview questions and tools for each of the first sessions is wonderful. Absolutely, I'd recommend this course! This was an extremely beneficial base to start my new career. I now have the confidence that I can start working with clients immediately. I know that coaching (along with everything in life) is an ongoing learning experience. But, now I can actually be working in my new field while I grow within it. 10/29/2009
Update: I truly am thankful that I found the WGI program. I spent several years working with my own coach and working on myself, all while thinking "someday" I could actually do this as a career. After completing the WGI course, it gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to make that dream a reality. Now I have my own coaching business, work from home, and love every minute of it. Thank you! 1/15/2010
Katie Dyer Working on the practical exercises with a partner was my favorite. Not only did it help us bond as a group - it enabled me to really practice and become comfortable with the concepts we were learning. The practical exercises were excellent- especially creating the vision statement. These are things I will have to do regularly as a coach and it was nice to do them in a classroom setting they became less daunting. It was also fun! Will I recommend this course? Yes! It was long enough that I feel like I truly grasp the key concepts of coaching, and short enough that I was enthusiastic and fully-invested the whole time.
Ernest Leslie Gwinn III The intimate and fun setting: The warm and encouraging instructors (And the Information) made for an excellent environment to learn. The information, the system, and the affordability were great aspects. I'd recommend this course because it's easy to learn and allows more people to be certified.
Ingrid Holyoke I honestly liked everything about this course. I am so surprised by the impact it had on me. It is definitely a life changing experience. I also liked the length and the cost and the size of the course. The tools are incredible. The best part of the course was how we implemented the tools and learned from each other. Because we were paired up with each member of the class at some point we really bonded with each other. I know that this is not the last time I will have contact with any of the others in this class. That is truly the best part of this course. I'd absolutely recommend this course. What a positive experience. I got so much information out of the course and everyone was incredible. Harry is a great, positive and inspiring coach.
Rhonda Dallas The hands on material, the clarity of the material, and the ability to use these skill sets with each other was great. The most valuable aspect is the content and how it was written. It allowed me to be able to read and understand and put into practice immediately what I had learned. I have already recommended the course to 2 people who will sign up soon. I thought this to be one of the most refreshing experiences and laid back style of teaching.
Faith Ann Beatty The practice with the exercise and mixing up the people for client and coaching I thought was great. Everything, from the lecture, to the visual Information, to the practice, is important for understanding and knowing what needs to be done as a coach. The practice as a client is very valuable to know what the client is going through, so you can be empathetic and understand what they are going through when you coach them. Yes, I have already recommended it to a friend, who is very interested. I strongly believe that people need to know their own personal power. More people need to know the joy, happiness and beauty of positive energy. There is way too much negative energy out in our world and it does program you. The more people who are reprogrammed into positive personal power, the more we will have a peaceful environment. Update: ...I just know that I have been in hundreds of trainings and Wainwright Global's CPC training is one of the best I have ever experienced. Thank you and best of luck in all your endeavors. By the way, I have been telling everyone how kind, thoughtful, knowledgeable and thorough all the people are that I have worked with from this great organization.
James C. Wylie Very well organized and great use of the internet to conduct the training. It was concise and touched on everything I needed to know about life coaching. It is a very good mix of lecture and exercise. Also you can have the opportunity to interact with people that you have never met and practice the techniques with complete strangers, something you will actually do when you start your business. Yes, I most definitely will recommend this course. It is priced very reasonably and the course schedule offered allows for anyone to pick and choose when you want to take it. It is very flexible.
Christine Kolenda What I liked was it was simple to attend and participate and it is a simple system that makes sense. The client interview and vision statement are excellent tools. Simple, easy to use, easy to explain and fun to use. Yes, I'd especially recommend this for people who want to keep it easy, someone who has been coaching, but needs a simple system to follow and for someone who comes from a teaching or training background who wants to go into coaching this makes it very easy to transfer those same skills. I have been using what I learned from your training and of course combining it it with other things that I have learned along the way. The course itself was easy to understand and apply. I had the opportunity to use it during the course and I was able to apply it right away with my clients. I especially like the first day in which I use the goals sheets and then write a vision statement for my clients. My clients love those vision statements and it gives me a way to connect with them on a deep level quickly. I would recommend your course to anyone who would like to have an easy to learn and use system for coaching. And yes you can learn it in one weekend.
Karl Radke I really liked working on the phone with everyone especially on the vision statement. The vision statement is so very powerful. Yes I would recommend this course. Its gets to the heart of coaching fast. Elizabeth did a great job. I hope I can do the same one day for someone who takes this course.
Robin Kissinger I like that I could do the course in a short period of time and have a certificate that is meaningful (because of the background of the founders). It also was very reasonably priced. The experience coaching is invaluable. Without that experience I wouldn't really be able to own that I have the skills and knowledge to be a good coach. I would absolutely recommend this course and will. I found it to be well run. Elizabeth did a great job relaying the information, keeping us on target and on schedule. The information is first-rate. It was great to be able to do it from home. I love that I have a coaching community now. I loved the coaching in the group and all of the people in my group.
Keith L. Watson The organization of the class and time spent was spectacular. A fresher, new knowledge keeps me on top of my game. Of course I'd recommend this course. Training, training, training.
Katherine Ann Pool I'd absolutely recommend this course! The purpose of coaching to help others and the vision statement; what an amazing tool- a tool for the self and to help others for life!
Laurie Giles I loved receiving and developing a vision statement. The interactive nature of the presentation was amazing, because it helped me to really understand concepts from a practical point of view. Yes, I would recommend the course. I found it enjoyable and very informative.
William "Mike" Leatherwood I loved that it was so practical. Learning how to do the initial interview and write the vision statement will make my coaching more valuable to my clients. Yes I'd recommend this course, I thought that it was very practical and gave me the basic tools I need to be an effective coach. Now I just need to practice.
Elizabeth M. Jordan "The openness" and the "hand's on" exercises were exceptional and I loved getting to know the people in the group. The Socratic Questioning as a coach was priceless, now I have the template which gives me a place to start with a definite destination point of success for my clients. Yes, I would recommend this course. Although intensely packed into only four days, it is a thorough approach and expansion of what I have been doing all my life- a very good match.
James Mayo Where you had us use the client information to do actual coaching was great. We had an excellent instructor who has a working knowledge of being a coach and establishing a business. Yes, I'd definitely recommend this course. Well worth the money for the information on coaching, coaching experience, and contacts with other coaches.
Laura Newhart The theory and the process of creating and reading the vision statement was excellent. The interactive exercises with the various members of the class was a valuable aspect of the course. Yes I'd recommend this to anyone, it is very effective, reasonably priced, delivers the necessary information in a relatively short amount of time; very helpful. I feel very well prepared for my first professional coaching session.
Stephen Swecker I liked its interactive component and all of the participants! The simple but very powerful system for coaching that it provides was priceless. I would definitely recommend this course, for several reasons: quality of instruction, cost, compact packaging, efficiency, practical benefits.
Jeralita Costa The ability to use the tools on each other was very empowering and insightful. The tools and the succinct, targeted approach were a valuable aspect. These tools enable us to profoundly impact people's lives and to empower them to make positive changes in their lives and the world. Yes! I have already recommended it. It is succinct, targeted, and affordable! And, it helps people make profound shifts!
Stephanie Mansour I loved the presenters and how the material was presented. Everyone was very down to earth and presented the material in an easy to understand and uncomplicated manner. Yes I'd recommend this course, because it gives a very concise but comprehensive explanation about how to be a life coach and equips you with the appropriate tools.
Bob Locascio I liked the completeness of the system, and the interactive nature of the process was great. Getting the basic framework for intake and ongoing sessions was a very valuable aspect. Yes I'd recommend this course, it covers all the basics, in a fun and efficient way.
Lauren Owen I definitely recommend this course: it not only helped me grow my career, it helped me understand my life! The course information was presented in a clear format with concrete, relevant exercises. It was a great way to start my coaching career: I learned how to coach, started coaching, and then went for additional training. The community-building was priceless and the people I met continue to help me grow as a life coach.
Rick D. Giovengo It was very focused and well put together, yet interesting, the time flew by. The material given, the interactions and exchange of ideas among the class members were very powerful. Yes I'd definitely recommend this course, because it has everything you need to become a life coach at a very reasonable price.
Angela Chase The interaction with other students and the exercises were great and it built confidence. Performing the exercises helped me realize what it's going to be like when I actually do this with a client. It was uncomfortable at first, but it showed me I could do this course. Yes, I will recommend this class. I learned a lot of valuable and practical information. I learned how to apply what I learned and didn't spend time on material that really didn't matter. The cost was what attracted me to the program as well.
Bonny S. Ellis The different responses from everyone as well as sharing and networking with each other were excellent. The most valuable aspect is gaining relationships and being able to still be a coach/client to each other, because it will not only help the client, but it will help you and give you the tools to benefit someone else.
Marianne Raz Diaz Role playing with other aspiring coaches in the program was great along with being able to practice the things that were taught through role playing. I believe that experience is your best teacher. Yes, it is very informative and experiential. I would definitely recommend this class.
Genevieve D. Kohn I loved all the positivity displayed by the organizer and by my classmates. It set the tone for a really successful experience for me. I feel the most valuable are the exercises that we did in pairs. It was great that we had 5 students plus the instructor. I got to know everyone in the class personally. It is done in such a convenient way for folks who have busy everyday lives. I loved that I could go to class right from my home office! I also loved that I got such a great education in only sixteen hours. Thank you so much! Taking this course was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Idara E. Bassey The hands-on opportunities to coach and be coached coupled with the clarity of the supporting course materials were a very powerful learning tool. Yes, I'd recommend this course, it is a clearly articulated and compact learning experience. Absolutely no filler which was much appreciated.
Gwendolyn Louchouarn I so appreciated being in a class with experienced adults who were so open and honest and present throughout. The opportunity to build confidence as a coach so immediately was very valuable. I'd recommend this course, because it is concise, experiential and accelerated.
Erum Azeez I liked how it was interactive and that we worked with different partners. The system was great. Coaching is something I understand, but how to go about providing it as a service was unclear. Not anymore! Yes, I would recommend this course, because everything you need to know to start coaching is laid out very well.
Suzanne Smith I think the pace of the course is excellent. I like the variety: lecture, interaction and exercises. The coaching process and tools provided were excellent and they provide a great framework for the first several sessions which will help me build my confidence in coaching others. Yes I highly recommend this course! I've taken other coaching courses but have not had such a great framework and tools provided. This is a great course for coaches.
Chioma Adaku-Griffin I liked how it is user friendly, interactive, and very organized. Interacting and conducting coaching was great. I enjoyed this because it allowed me a chance to practice and to learn what my strengths and weaknesses for communicating with others. Yes, I would recommend this course, because it is very unique, powerful, and empowering for anyone who takes it, whether you are pursuing a coaching certification or not.
Marjorie Hope Gross I enjoyed the interactive format and the course provided me with a very thorough "working frame and format" which is exactly what I wanted to expand my current practice as a therapist into coaching. I'd definitely recommend this course. The promotional price was very attractive, as well as the ability to have a web page and continued contact and guidance with the CII staff.
Bernette Sherman The opportunity to practice with the other students, write and receive the vision statement is my favorite part. Wow! The most valuable aspect has been the client interview and preparation of the vision statement. I also appreciate having the tools to do all the sessions. I would recommend it and may even choose to retake it at some point for more practice.
Kelly Claussen I absolutely loved the practical experiences! The chance to experience as a coach and as a client were invaluable! The ability to see things from the client's perspective is priceless - you cannot effectively coach if you have never been coached yourself! I would recommend this to any aspiring coach. It is everything a coach could ask for and every aspect can be taken away to help others.
Suzann Pilcher I felt that the course was very well thought out and it was presented in a sequential manner. This makes it straight forward and easy to understand the "goals" of the coach and how to achieve them. I feel the most valuable aspect was the experiential learning. The booklet was well laid out and easy to follow and the exercises were very helpful as they give you an opportunity to be in the role. I would most definitely recommend this course. As a matter of fact I already have told two of my friends- one a teacher and the other a personal trainer.
Wendy Wolski I enjoyed the quick pace and practice break out sessions. Of course the vision statement was immensely valuable both to create one and to receive it. Very powerful! The vision statement and the opportunity to be paired with several different people were outstanding. It was valuable to see how others approached the questions/worksheets when I served as the client, and each partner serving as the client had different challenges. It was good practice both ways with a variety of styles and modalities. Definitely, I think it was a jam-packed program and I do feel confident to go forward and put this system and these skills to work immediately. High value for my training dollar.
Justin Higgins I liked the ability to see that there are many tools to help others. None of them will work if you do not pay enough attention to the client. The best aspect of the course is the willingness of the instructors to make themselves available to the students outside of class. Yes, of course I'd recommend this course! The course was inviting and inspiring.
Maryjo Bartsch The opportunity to do a lot of practice with the other participants was my favorite part. Writing, delivering and receiving the vision statement was I think the most valuable aspect of this course. You can't understand the impact of that until you go through it yourself. Yes I would recommend this course! I think it recognizes that there are professionals out there with a lot of education and experience that want to become certified to coach who don't need 60 hours of classroom!
Lily Schumacher The format, the instructor, the duration and the experience of getting to know my fellow classmates were my favorite things. The coaching tools were a valuable aspect because they seem to give the coach the head start they need in getting to the core of coaching. I would recommend this course, because it's a great fun and interactive way of experiencing the concept of coaching in a short amount of time in a very professional way.
Michelle Linton This course has practicality, a very pragmatic approach, with lots of immediate hands-on application of learning to focus on skill development and tools to use now. This provided me with practice of the "real thing", gave me a chance to use the real tools with real people and built confidence and skills to get started immediately. Yes I would recommend this class, it's a great use of time, intense course learning and very focused use of instructor/participant time.
Jeff Kerr I liked the interaction with the classmates and how we got to practice what we learned. The chance to be both a client and coach was great, it helped prepare me for life coaching. Yes I would recommend this course, I liked that you get lots of information in a short amount of time. I also liked how the cost is not a major investment.
Rosemary Rein I liked the review of a different coaching model which adds client value to my practice. The value of the "pair sharing activities" and adjusting my style to the different personalities of other participants, similar to the actual client experience, was great for me along with observing and participating in the virtual coaching process. Creation of the personal vision statements was an important aspect, the practicum was excellent. I would recommend this course, because this course gives you not only an effective coaching model but global practicum in virtual on-line coaching. You also receive certification valuable to the HRD Coaching Professional.
Audrey Reese Johnson The tools for coaching were excellent. The different perspectives of the students and teachers allowed me to get answers to questions that I wasn't aware I had until I heard them voiced by others. Yes, I'd recommend this course! The tools and skills outlined can be applied to growth to anyone in every day life.
Elpida J Joyce I really like Harry, our instructor. His enthusiasm is really catching. I feel the most valuable aspect of the course was the one on one exercises. Participating as a coach and a client really solidified the process and information for me. I would definitely recommend this course. The system is simple yet powerful and all the forms are ready for you to use. I feel that anyone completing this course is ready to see clients and I would be their client.
Bette Lawrence-Water Our instructor was phenomenal. He was personable, knowledgeable, and confident. His cordiality made everyone feel "at home" in the electronic environment. Conducting personal assessments with our peers was my favorite. It enabled us to experience the process and handle unexpected challenges. I would highly recommend this course! It exceeded my expectations in every way. It was well organized, informative, and highly interactive. Our assignments were interesting, and our discussions helpful and full of insight. I feel equipped to get started in my new career right away!

Tim O'Connor What I enjoyed most about the course was working from home. It still felt like a conference. I didn't expect the interaction with other students, but I still heard them as if we were in a room together. Harry Shade was an excellent instructor. The content was extremely valuable and practical. The exercises really allowed me to put the methods in practice. I feel I know how to complete a session with a client already. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques are invaluable in providing the client with a new way to look at him or herself in order to achieve goals. The techniques are not just logical and thought-provoking, but also shift one's paradigms. It has the potential to change someone's life. I would never have thought the instruction would have accomplished that in 16 hours. I have two residential graduate degrees and this was one of the more valuable courses I have experienced. I would absolutely recommend this course. The course involves learning a different technique to transform one's life. It gives the student a fresh approach to accomplishing goals. It provides the student with a great coaching format and forms with depth, emphasis on the "depth".
Lissette de Raucourt Gaylie

There are many aspects of the Fowler/Wainwright International (formerly Coaches Institute International) Life Coaching course that I enjoyed. For one, the instructor during my course was LaTerra. Not only was LaTerra a highly knowledgeable and experienced Life Coach herself, she was an incredible Master Coach of the course. She was remarkably keen and empathetic. I always felt that she was taking in every word each one of us spoke throughout the lessons. She had incredible insight. The program was delivered in a no-nonsense approach. The practical experiences that were accomplished throughout the lessons were the most revealing aspects of the course. It allowed you to gain the ultimate experience of what it takes to be a Life Coach. The incredible group of ladies, that I had the privilege of taking the course with, were absolutely wonderful too! They were all like-minded professionals, and they truly inspired my new career as a Life Coach! The fact that I was amongst such an awesome group of people, made it the ultimate learning environment! I would highly recommend this course. The four days of classes were very well structured and defined. Upon graduation, I was set to launch my new career as a Life Coach. Empowered to do so, I did. It really was that simple.
Curtis Boam What I liked was that it was simple and to the point. A good step by step approach. What I felt the most valuable aspect of the course was the focus on the client's behavior through NLP. It helps get to the point and to the goals a client wants to achieve. I would recommend this course; it simplifies the coaching process.
Patty Boam I liked all that I gained from this course. I was surprised at the impact it had on me. I was pleasantly surprised at the growth I received from this course. I think coaching and being coached gave me a real feel for what it is like on both sides of the coaching process. It is a simple process that has profound results. I would absolutely recommend this course, (I already have) just for the value that it has given to my life.
Esther L Hammond I think FWI’s Certified Professional Life Coach Course was an excellent class. The training method ensured complete student participation and provided tools that could be used immediately. The class size was just right which enabled great exchange and comfort among the group. I believe the most valuable aspects were the various exercises; specifically developing and delivering the vision statement. The vision statement process is the groundwork for establishing a good rapport with your clients and sets the foundation to begin a trustworthy working relationship. I would highly recommend this course. I think it is designed for individuals who have an established professional background and are looking to enhance what they bring to the table. Thank you for an awesome experience, a solid platform and incredible innovative tools. I am confident with my new arsenal of knowledge and I am well on my way to building a successful Life Coaching experience.
Louise Gallagher The vision statement process and the opportunity to practice the tools with the other trainees was excellent. Getting to know each other, (what a diverse group) made it really interesting. The affirmation of self and the understanding that I have already coached people was my favorite part. Now I have tools to make me stronger and more effective. The course provides a wonderful foundation and success structure that I can follow so that I feel confident and deliver my best to every client. I'd absolutely recommend this course. It is clear, concise, professional and solid -- I like the idea that there is no guess work. Following the structure is simple which protects the quality of my coaching, as well as ensuring I deliver consistent and professional support at all times. I believe those attributes make it something other people want as well. I believe that even without the intention of becoming a coach, someone would get enormous value out of the course if only because of the knowledge gained about NLP, and in particular -- the vision statement.
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