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Pathway to Extraordinary Performance

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Plano, TX

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Pathway to Extraordinary Performance

Kenda-Le Pernin, Consultant of Mark Kamin & Associates, Inc., is a seasoned trainer, consultant, and coach, known for bringing rigor to her client engagements and has a track record of supporting clients in producing extraordinary results. Testimonial from a participant in the program: “Pathway to Extraordinary Performance” was extremely beneficial to the immediate growth of my business. The way I do business has remained the same, but the way it’s now viewed has dramatically changed. My book of business has grown sixty percent from my first year’s numbers.”

This program is lead in four four hour sessions every other week. The participants will be divided up into smaller groups who will meet in between the sessions for team building exercises and homework.

Session 1 January 5, 2018, 1:00-5:00 pm

The pathway to extraordinary performance requires being clear about the true source of performance. Unless you are clear why you produce when you produce, and why you don’t produce when you don’t, you cannot access truly extraordinary performance. We often use language like “being in the zone” or “on a roll”, but we don’t know how to replicate that experience. In this session, we will give you a direct access to the source of extraordinary performance.

Session 2 January 19, 2018, 1:00-5:00 pm

We have identified four barriers to taking effective action and producing extraordinary results. In this session, we reveal these barriers and thus distinguish a new access to increasing performance.

The four barriers are:

  • Our explanations
  • How we occur for ourselves regarding performance
  • Our decisions about performance
  • What we already think we know about ourselves and performance

Clients have reported that applying these new insights has led to significant improvements in their individual and organizational performance.

Session 3 February 2, 2018, 1:00-5:00 pm

Having effective actions and clarity of purpose do not always produce the results you are looking for. What is often missing is the ability to effectively lead, manage and coach people to support you in reaching your desired outcomes. Before you can do each of these effectively you have to be able to distinguish and know when each is needed. Even if you are a team of one, you may not see that there are still people you rely on to be successful: vendors, clients, strategic partners, family and your networking partners. This session will show you how to enroll others in taking your business to the next level.

  • Leadership - creating a future and enrolling others inside of that future so they take actions consistent with having that future realized
  • Management - getting clear commitments and managing people’s commitments. Most people try to manage people and you cannot manage people because people are chaotic.
  • Coaching - providing a safe space for people to be able to identify their gaps and work on their gaps. Coaching is about development and not always about being a cheerleader.

Session 4 February 16, 2017, 1:00-5:00 pm


In this session we will explore the often hidden relationship between masterful performance, gratitude and celebration. Truly masterful performance requires and includes allowing yourself to “have” and embrace the results you’ve achieved, creating an opening for even more to celebrate and be thankful for in the future!

Pathway to Extraordinary Performance $475.00 for first time participants

$275.00 for former participants in PEP 2015 or PEP 2016 Or PEP 2017

The sooner you register, the sooner you can get started. There is pre-work for the first session. This will support you in starting the program with a solid foundation to have it be as successful for you as possible. If you register with enough time prior to the program I will work with you on the pre-work!

If you would rather not pay by credit card, contact Kenda-Le Pernin directly and she will send you a registration that will allow you to send in a check to the home office.

Questions on this program, contact:

Kenda-Le Pernin 214-282-7905 k.pernin@mka-world.com

Testimonials from former participants:

Financial Advisor-

I took the Pathway to Extraordinary Performance course to advance my leadership skills in leading a team. However, I walked out of the course with the skills necessary to improve my personal performance, which I have put to use. I am having the best quarter of my career and the interesting thing is that my team’s performance has now started to improve. Kenda-Le does a great job of leading this course where it feels as if it is designed for you personally. I highly recommend this course and I’m promoting it to my team.


“I would encourage anyone to take this course to improve on any aspect of their business. I had several executive coaching programs under my belt and I am always ready to learn something new, no matter what it is. I am grateful to Kenda-Le for making me accountable in a way that I thought I was but not really. She coached me to leave my comfort zone and think about others and their time – for my word to have integrity. As a result of a hard long look at the way I do things, I now am better at time management and communicating with others and my word now has sincere and true integrity. This can only make me a better professional.”

Insurance Broker-

As I listened to Kenda-Le share the success stories from her coaching and training programs, it appeared to be another tool that could improve the way my business was conducted. Soon after the program began, it had dramatic effects that enhanced my professional life and it transformed me to a higher level of thinking and behavior. The results had an significant impact on my book of business. Growth to my business was evident on paper and each month proved to better that the last.

Upon entering the class, my thoughts were closed minded and was border line “not coachable”. That quickly changed as Kende-Le challenged me to examine what I was already doing effectively, broaden the scope of my capabilities and acknowledge my achievements. It became evident that the Pathways to Extraordinary Performances had got into my head and as each session had ended; It brought clarity and confidence to me that was instrumental to making my business thrive with growth and providing stronger customer service skills than I could have predicted.

Identifying your environment, building upon integrity and holding yourself accountable can sometimes be difficult. With the support of Kende-Le, this program was awe inspiring and making commitments (not goals) has helped me achieve great things both personally and professionally.

Serial Entrepreneur-

"I knew I would benefit from the Pathways class, just knowing Kenda-Le and hearing her speak at other programs; with that being said, I had no idea how much I would actually take away from each session.

Kenda-Le knows, and teaches, exactly what I needed to pull me out of my shell and set me on a path I never thought possible for me.

I applied for a job I was too timid to approach before; was hired, and with the skills I learned in her Pathways class, have been promoted and am exceeding my own expectations of myself.

I also walked away with a sense of feeling that I could now do anything I set my mind too, and am actually doing just that with an outside-the-box idea that I am putting in play.

I will never be the same, and am grateful that Pathways to Extraordinary Performance was available to me!"

Health Advisor

“I took The Pathway to Extraordinary Performance class thinking that I would learn technical aspects of how to run my business better. Instead, I learned how to have integrity with myself and the people around me. I learned how to take action instead of talking about it and many other concepts that not only improved my business but my life. I would highly recommend the class to anyone who wants to grow their business by growing themselves.”

Director of Accounting

I attended the Pathway to Extraordinary Performance with Kenda-Le last summer, and I could not be happier that I did! Since attending the course, and using the practical techniques Kenda-Le taught through the program, I have been able to increase my productivity and have clear communication with my team. I would recommend this program to anyone (business owner or employee) who wants to see their business thrive.

CEO Health and Fitness Chain

Kenda-Le and the Pathway to Extraordinary Performance has changed my business in all the best ways. I have changed the way I create tasks, manage them and execute accordingly. With it have achieved more than I thought possible while also reducing the overwhelming anxiety and fears that accompany change. I recommend Pathways to Extraordinary Performance for anyone that wants to master their goals and commitments, maximize profits and achieve new heights of success!

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Plano, TX

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