PATH, Path of the Prophet- Be the Path -SUN Day 8 of 8 | 28 | Burbank, CA

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PATH, Path of the Prophet- Be the Path -SUN Day 8 of 8 | 28 | Burbank, CA

The greatest power that awaits man is to walk the Path of the Prophet, and ascend to the consciousness of an Ascended Master.

By christian|TOREN

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Sunday, October 8 · 9am - 6pm PDT


2500 N Hollywood Way 2500 North Hollywood Way Burbank, CA 91505

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  • 9 hours
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(310) 427-1700 | christian|TOREN www.christiantoren.LA | admin@christiantoren.LA

PATH - mastering the Path of the Prophet

The day shall come when the wisdom is given from within via the soul and shall be understood from the soul. Then cosmic attunement and consciousness will be obtained, and no book knowledge can substitute for that. The student is then an initiate, and will discover that Theosophy is the wisdom of the universe and that everything true and good is Theosophy. The language spoken by the Hierarchy is Theosophy and the wisdom that all Masters possess is Theosophy.

One must go through Initiation, then see the Path, walk the Path, and ultimately become the Path itself.

Learn how the constitution of man reflects its pure Spirit into the Trinity; which is then reflected into our Higher Self, and lastly into the physical plane man. When we recognize the fact that the average man is as yet fully conscious only on the Physical plane, nearly conscious on the Emotional plane, and only developing the consciousness of the Mental plane, it is obvious that his comprehension of cosmic data can be but rudimentary.

The physical centers such as the pineal gland and the pituitary body, will begin to develop rapidly, and he will become conscious of the awakening of the "siddhis," or powers of the soul, in the higher connotation of the words. He will be aware of the process of conscious control, and of the self-initiated manipulations of the above powers.

(see PATH of the PROPHET) on the www.christiantoren.LA training website 310.427.1700)



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(310) 427-1700 | christian|TOREN www.christiantoren.LA | admin@christiantoren.LA


Light came Out of the Darkness. When life fell from the Heavens, Wisdom began. The Archangels that were part of the Fall covered a third of the sky, ...they were many - and Archangel. But, this WAS NOT a negative, nor evil thing - quite frankly, it was the actual [INTENT] of the creation of the Physical Plane. Since the Fall, humans and life has been guided and supported by Archangels and Guides.

This is literally in the Bible, though you might need to know how to decipher the coded words. All [true] esoteric insight was buried deep within a fashionable discourse intended specifically for the uninitiated. This was both to preserve it, and protect it - true knowledge had/has the power to change the world.

christian|TOREN courses reveal the hidden secrets, along with its attentive methods and training - the student becomes a Master in the field.

(310) 427-1700 | christian|TOREN www.christiantoren.LA | admin@christiantoren.LA


the christian|TOREN development courses consist of 8-10 hour days. These are packed with many, and varied, training environments. The primary format is the fast-paced, multimedia, focused Training Lectures. Every course, and each day will have one or more these. Class size might vary depending on the course, but we rarely would have more than 16 participants since everyone will need to be interactively involved. We will extend the hours in the day if needed to ensure everyone is properly experienced.


Every course will have formal presentations in a comfortable and engaging environment. These are spellbinding performances where your instructor christian Toren will literally channel for an hour or more the scope of the course. Most students share that the experience was mind-blowing, and that it creates considerable excitement about undertaking the remainder of the program. This discussion format allows for considerable question and answer time which can prove mind-blowing, because - there is always an answer. You are in good hands at the christian|TOREN training center.


The christian|TOREN development courses all include a fair amount of actual practice and student participation. Every day, in fact, will include these real-world demonstrations of the skill sets being developed, and every student gets equal attention and focus. All courses WILL require the student prove they have learned and understood the skill set, and each student will demonstrate their new abilities throughout the course. The Project Room have ample development and project desks and space to perfect their craft, and to use the training materials. Every student will be interacting with every other student when demonstrating their progress, and each will get peer review. We deliberately make our environment more demanding than the real world so we, and you, have confidence in your new-found abilities, and training.


Christian Toren is the foremost clairvoyant psychic medium in America today. His 5 decades of experience has elevated him to master-class in the world. This will translate into the breadth and depth of areas he can broach. Christian is distinguished in the psychic world as the [problem solver]. If you need to transform your life, or situation, then a Reading by Christian is a blessing in disguise. “All problems are solvable.”

Path | Finding your SoulMate | Direction | Security issues | Health matters in the body | Family relationships | Moving | Connecting with family | Guides | Job Search | Aura

Clairvoyant phone session is $350. For 45-minutes. Call (310) 427-1700 to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

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Sought after for his expertise on “the Other Side”, Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr has been a focus of hundreds of interviews.  He is renown in the industry as one of the world’s premiere clairvoyant Psychic Mediums having performed over 50,000 Reading sessions. Dr. Christian’sexpertise in Clairvoyant Medical intuition is second to none in the world.  Dr. von Lähr remains the only practitioner of this style that is over-sold-out every weekend, wherever he appears in the country.